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Speech pathology essay graduate school

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Speech Pathology Essay Example for Free

Speech pathology essay graduate school

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Personal statements for graduate school speech pathology

apphelp isb essays ISB essay questions for class entering in 2014 ( class of 2015) have been released. There are 3 mandatory and 1 optional essays. Here are the ISB essay questions for speech pathology essay school 2014-2015 batch. ISB essay question 1: Attitude, skills and knowledge differentiate people. Elaborate with two examples on how you would differentiate yourself. Essayist All Disrespect? (300 words max) ISB essay question 2: How does the speech graduate ISB PGP tie-in with your career goals? (300 words max) ISB essay question 3: Pick the most significant achievement (professional or personal) you have had and elaborate on the key learning you took away from it. Abbaye? (300 words max) ISB essay question 4 (optional) : Please provide additional information, if any, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to essay graduate, the ISB. (300 words max) Note: There is no video required this year.

ISB essay questions 2011-ISB Essays 2011. Here are essay questions tips for applicants for the class of 2013 (ISB session starting in essay 2012) ISB 2011 Essay 1: Please detail, your two most significant achievements. These could be either professional or personal but relevant to speech pathology, your application to the ISB. (300 words max) Essay Tip: This question is a marked difference from the one’s asked in the prior years. To tackle this question we would suggest the following approach: The Process: List down each of of with all disrespect, your achievements in your professional and pathology graduate, personal life (However small or big) and rate them on a scale of 0-10 in essay on doraemon for kids order of importance. Define ‘achievement’: Now let’s ‘define’ an achievement: Laurels, awards, academic honours and any other significant advancement (Professional and Personal) in life. You can also list instances where you had to come out of your comfort zone; you overcame an obstacle, created a demonstrable difference to speech pathology essay graduate school, folks around you. Apply Texas Essay? Contextual: Head student, Gold medallist on UG, State Tennis Champion, Received a national award for humanitarian contribution, Best serving army cadet – These are examples of graduate, tangible achievements. Situational: Created a sustainable scholarship model for 10th grade students in my village, Conceptualized a micro credit scheme for personal rural sculptors in my native, Overcame a personal shortcoming in spite of significant constraints (e.g. completed my education only through scholarships even though parents were daily wage workers, won a national level debate championship in spite of pathology graduate school, a stammer that I overcame in my high school) Rating: Once you do this, score each of your achievements on a scale of 0-10. Consider various aspects like: How important was the achievement to you; What did you learn/achieve from it; Difficulty and challenges involved, If you benchmark the same achievements with other achievements typical of your age group/education how high would it stand etc.

Once you are through the rating process list down 3 important achievements. Structure: Once you identify 3 important achievements of your life, articulate you achievements in the following structure: Context: Explain the apply texas context, circumstance and elaborate on the achievement. Speech Essay Graduate? This is personal essay like a headline statement and should not take more than 30-40 words. Speech Pathology School? Articulation: This is the core of you Essay. Talk about what actions you took, challenges you faced, how you overcame those challenges (80 words) Result: Talk about what you learnt, your learning’s, end result (20 words) Once you do this for the 3 achievements (each achievements should be described in 120-140 words); pick the best 2 in on doraemon for kids terms of its appeal. Top your essays with a good introduction and also a strong ending (budget 20 words for this). ISB 2011 Essay 2: Where do you see yourself three years after you graduate from the speech pathology school ISB? (300 words max) Essay tip: This is typical short –term career goals question disguised in a different manner.

Remember this is the most important question amongst all your essays and should demonstrate your motivation to do an MBA. Structure your essay carefully in the following manner: 1. Write about your career progression till date. Give a high level overview of the activities, skill sets gained through your professional and personal experiences till date. 2. Now talk about the positives and negatives of your career and personal life in terms of: experience, career progression and satisfaction(the need for change) and talk about what you want to do going forward. 3. Link your past and future with the necessary skill sets, experience, exposure that you will need to essay, gain in pathology essay graduate school order to of with, achieve your goal. 4. Articulate how an speech essay graduate MBA will help you gain the requisite experience and skill sets. PS: The Past, Motivation for change and futuristic aspirations should have a common thread and a clear articulated flow of thoughts should be demonstrated. Apply Texas Essay Requirements? In the previous years the question was modelled as what are your short term and long term goals.

99% of the speech pathology essay students ended up writing entrepreneurship as long term goals and de lessay, ‘5’ years as timeframe post MBA to engage in entrepreneurship. Speech Essay Graduate? The inside scoop is that, ISB has done away with the long term question because of abbaye de lessay, cliched answers. Essay Graduate School? You will be appreciated for originality and purposefulness of your goals rather than choosing to write popular or cliched answers. ISB 2011 Essay 3: lease provide additional information, that will significantly affect the consideration of your application to the ISB. (300 words max) Essay Tip: Please highlight things that you have not been able to highlight in other parts of the addiction application. Remember when we say “other parts of the application” , it not only pathology essay school, includes the essays but also the extra-curricular sections, hobbies, description about your job, achievements etc. You could highlight an achievement; describe your motivation in essayist all disrespect life, your beliefs, your aspirations etc. Reasons for speech school break in education, below average score etc if needs to essay on doraemon for kids, be articulated could be done here. Please see that if you don’t have a central theme, but disparate things to highlight, please ensure that you limit your description to speech essay graduate, 2-3 line items. If you are describing an character analysis essay achievement please follow the structure as described in essay-1. Reapplicant essay : How has your profile changed from the pathology essay school time you last applied to the ISB? (300 words max) Essay Tip : To answer this, actually list down what you have done since your last application. Think about your new responsibilities, promotion, some business venture that you might have started or some opportunities abroad.

Then select 3-4 most important and the strongest additions. If you received a feedback from essayist all disrespect, ISB for rejection last time and you have improved in that area then talk about that. Speech Pathology Graduate? But make sure that after the adcom reads this essay they should get a feeling that this applicant has really improved his/her profile and should be given an interview call. They should not get a feeling of analysis, marginal improvement. Pathology? This is the most important essay for reapplicants.

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Internet/Visual culture, New Media Art term paper 41833. 4.1 The Visual Image - Logos. Symbols, colour, words, font, imagery and design have a profound effect on our understanding of any visual image we look at (Holtschue, 1997). There is, in pathology essay graduate, other words, a text and a subtext to every painting, page, advert, flyer, billboard, film frame, website or televisual image. The text is what is seen consciously; the image or scene depicted, the requirements, words written down. The subtext is what is perceived, but perhaps not seen consciously, as a result of the careful use of the elements detailed above. Malcolm Barnard (1998) states that; i??society would not exist, and continue to exist in the ways it does were it not for visual culturei?? (p167). By visual culture, Barnard means all of the signs and codes which a culture recognises and understands, like a red light meaning stop and a green light meaning go, or a razor designed in pastel colours with a curved shape being identified as a womani??s razor, even though there may be no difference between its blade and one designed for a man.

Barnard discusses the conflicts of understanding, ownership and accessibility of signs and speech essay graduate school, codes between subcultures such as hip-hop, zooties, mods, rockers, casuals, hippies or punks. Requirements! These signs and speech school, codes include dress, music, language and lifestyle, but are most clearly identifiable by the visual codes they employ. A member of the punk subculture, for example, is clearly identifiable as such from only the visual clues of his or her dress, make up or hairstyle and the idea, or essence, of the punk subculture can be identified by a simple sign, such as a safety pin. As members of this visually-coded society, we are inclined to texas essay requirements quickly and automatically accept signs or codes, such as the i??lifestyle symboli?? of the bird under which the various parties to the North American Fair Trade Coffee Network came together, as emblems of something more complex. This is why corporations like Coca-Cola and Starbucks are susceptible to culture jammers hijacking their own i??lifestyle symbolsi??, or logos and the simple answer to the question of why this tactic is speech graduate, (relatively) suddenly so effective is texas essay, that there is now commercially available graphic software like Adobei??s Photoshop which enables activists to convincingly reproduce a close approximation of the speech pathology essay graduate, original image, either from a saved or scanned version, or from scratch. Essay For Kids! Herland states that; i??By integrating written, oral and audio-visual human communication, the character of the communication changes fundamentally, thereby changing our cultures with new systems of speech pathology essay school, interaction, belief and codesi??. (Herland, n.d.) The integration of different communication forms is a major feature of the Internet and tends to support the theory that the signs and format answers, codes Barnard speaks of as being so important to the functioning of society are in the process of being changed in their nature by the application of pathology graduate school, digital media technologies. 4.2 The Dubitative Image. Peter Lunenfeld, in his book Snap to Grid (2001), talks about the semiotics of dubitative images, by which he refers to the dubious truth of a photographic image. Lunenfeld quotes avant-garde film-maker and photographer Hollis Frampton, who stated that the photographer i??fiddles around with the picture till it looks righti?? (p61). All Disrespect! In other words, a photographic image represents only a version of the truth, the one preferred by speech school the photographer. Nowhere is the abbaye de lessay, issue of the dubitative image more significant than in speech pathology graduate, the arena of digitally produced art.

Artist and digital activist, Mamta Herland points out that i??Digital technology and Internet raise critical questions about the concepts of addiction essay, originality and authenticityi??. (Herland, n.d.) She notes that photography had already raised these issues, in line with Lunenfeldi??s statement above. Baudrillard argued that i??contemporary cultures is increasingly determined by an array of pathology graduate, technologically produced i??simulcrai?? (signs which are copies of other signs) which has come to hijack reality itself.i?? (Murphy and Potts, 2003, p15) The websites of Adbusters and the Billboard Liberation Front, as well as countless other culture jammer sites demonstrate the focus placed on the dubitative visual image by culture jammers. The Adbusters web page provides a visual clue to the significance of the dubitative image for culture jammers. This page lists a series of galleries featuring adverts which have been manipulated using, for the most part, digital media technologies to achieve the essay on doraemon for kids, visual effect. The book by school Kalle Lasn, founder of abbaye, Adbusters; i??Culture Jam: How to Reverse Americai??s Suicidal Consumer Binge i?? and Why We Musti?? illustrates his concentration on visual advertising images as misleading and even potentially dangerously inaccurate.

Similarly, the Billboard Liberation Fronti??s focus on subverting the visual images of billboard adverts suggests a concern over the misleading impression given by school the image of the original advert, the dubitative image. The Billboard Liberation Fronti??s guidelines, found at provide a clear description of the importance of analysis, digital media technologies to their work. Computers with desktop publishing software offer many advantages to the modern billboard liberator. Fonts and colors can be matched precisely, professional-looking graphical elements can be added to your text message, and scale and spacing become much easier to calculate. There are many software packages suitable for producing overlays, including PageMaker, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw, and various CAD programs. Adobe Photoshop gives you the additional flexibility of being able to preview your hit - just scan in a photograph of the original board and apply your modification over it as an independent layer. (Billboard Liberation Front, n.d) 4.3 Infinite Reproduction. Digital media technologies record information on a digital medium, whether that be digital tape, a hard drive, or a memory card. When the recorded information is speech pathology essay school, manipulated, the original recording remains unchanged until the manipulations are applied to it.

This means that the digital information can be reproduced as it was originally recorded from the source files with no decrease in quality (Herland, n.d.). Because the information is stored in texas essay, binary form, it does not erode unless the storage device is pathology graduate, damaged. Short Answers! A photograph held in a computer hard drive can be copied an infinite number of times with no damage to the original file. The term i??infinite reproductioni?? means something else as well. It means that should an artist in one country develop an image by means of digital manipulation, not only that image, but the instructions for manipulating the essay, original image, can be sent around the essay, world via the internet, allowing anyone, anywhere, to re-create the manipulations carried out by the first artist.

What this means in speech pathology essay school, practice is that artists like Stencil Revolution ( can develop stencils based on graphics software and texas essay, then make the instructions for re-creating it available on their website so that other artists anywhere in the world can create exactly the same image and so the same piece of graffiti can be found in speech pathology essay graduate, California, New York, Glasgow, London, Madrid, Bonn, Naples, Istanbul and de lessay, so on. In other words, the stencilled image, once described in technical terms, is infinitely reproducible by humans thanks to the capacity of the Internet to transmit information in visual, auditory, image and text forms. This capacity for pathology essay infinite reproduction is personal essay, both a useful practical tool for the digital activist and also a potentially revolutionising influence for pathology graduate the field of art as well as activism. i??Digitised art and digitised copies of artworks originally created by traditional methods, can be perfectly multiplied in infinite number, manipulated and made available to others without the owners knowledge. Digital art and Internet ideology can therefore be seen as an anti-commodity, with questionable authenticity and little or no copyright protectioni??. (Herland, n.d.) Herland also points out the tendency of collectors to view art as an investment and her point above suggests that the digitalisation process may render that facility of art obsolete and thereby force a change in the economic structure of the art world. 4.4 Critical Mass and Flash Mobs. The notion of i??performance arti?? took a whole new turn with the arrival of the Internet into general use. Not only does the de lessay, term now refer to the performance of the artist, or indeed, the performance of the user, the speech pathology essay graduate school, Internet can now take credit for enabling the essay on doraemon, orchestration of global performances of presence and identity. This takes the form not only of one-off demonstrations such as the Global Week of Action Against Starbucks or the essay graduate school, Battle in essayist all disrespect, Seattle referred to in Chapter 1, but also to smaller scale, but ongoing demonstrations.

Critical Mass and Flash Mobs are phenomena organised via websites and mobile phones but without any formal structure or organisation. Speech Essay Graduate! Critical Mass generally takes place on the last Friday of the month and involves groups of essay, people meeting at a certain location and cycling, en masse, through whichever city they are in following a route which may or may not be generally available beforehand. Pathology School! Critical Mass rallies take place in dozens of abbaye, cities around the world. They are performances of graduate school, presence in which every participant may be taking part for different reasons. Generally, the view is apply, taken that Critical Mass rallies are an objection to the amount of motorised traffic on the streets and the generally poor treatment cyclists receive at the hands of car drivers, but that is a subjective opinion only based on essay graduate school the statements of de lessay, individuals who have created websites to celebrate the pathology essay graduate school, performance.

There is of with all disrespect, no formal organisation to Critical Mass and therefore there is no single ideology which drives it. It is, simply, a performance of presence. (see Flash Mobs are organised via websites and mobile phones and involve individuals who have provided their mobile phone numbers to an appropriate website or who have simply encountered the phenomenon through contact or word of mouth, turning up at a given location, behaving in a certain, unusual manner and leaving again (see Fig 5). Like Critical Mass, Flash Mobs have no formal organisation and what takes place is usually the responsibility of whomever called that particular Mob. The websites which exist to record the performances of Flash Mobs are created by individuals. Since there is no formal organisation, there is no single motivation behind the performances. (see

A group calling itself Whirl-Mart infests the halls of commerce with site-appropriate dance: The ritual consists of interested humans arriving at a predetermined Wal-Mart at 12 noon on the first Sunday of every month and proceeding to push empty shopping carts slowly and silently through the aisles. Eventually, all of the participants locate one another and speech essay graduate school, form a single-file chain of anti-shoppers which weaves, wanders, and whirls throughout the different departments of the essay answers, store for about an hour. Speech Pathology Essay Graduate! Overall, it is essay, a soothing and fun experience for the actors, and perhaps a memorable spectacle for shoppers. It is a collective reclamation of space that is otherwise only used for buying and speech essay graduate school, selling. It is a symbolic display of the will to resist the capitalist ideology. Abbaye De Lessay! And, it is a living, breathing, moving, evolving sculpture. (, n.d.)

Both Critical Mass and Flash Mobs are digitally-enabled phenomenon in speech essay graduate school, that it would not be possible, without the use of the Internet or mobile phones, to orchestrate such large and de lessay, spontaneous performances. They merit inclusion here because they represent an application of digital media technologies for the purposes of protest and activism. Carnivore in its original form was a digital wire-tapping software application used by the Federal Bureau of pathology essay graduate, Investigation to monitor traffic through the servers of Internet Service Providers. It allowed its users to read email messages and eavesdrop on chat-room discussions. CarnivorePE (Personal Edition) was created by a collection of artists known as Radical Software Group (RSG). Essay On Doraemon! CarnivorePE i??uses an open-source tool called a packet sniffer to listen in on the network on which it is installedi??it invisibly detects the packets of speech, data that make up emails sent and received, text and images posted online and Web sites browsed by apply texas essay individuals on the networki??.

Whereas the original Carnivore was intended to spy on citizens, CarnivorePE harvests data as raw materials for speech essay artistic interfaces. One of these interfaces, called Clients, is Amalgamatosphere (2001) by Joshua Davies, Branden Hall and Shapeshifter, is a Flash interface. Brightly coloured circles represent each active network user and the colours change depending on what the character analysis essay for macbeth, user is doing. (p78). In other words, the raw information harvested by essay CarnivorePE is de lessay, much like the basic data used to create a web page while the clients operate like cascading style sheets, each rendering a different interpretation of the data in a visual form. Speech Essay Graduate! Carnivore uses C, Director, Flash, Java, Objective-C, PacketX, Perl, Pd, Processing, tcpdump, Visual Basic and wincap and can be found at 4.6 New Media Art. There is a long standing relationship between art and activism dating well back to the Neo-Classical period and beyond. In the last century, art movements like Dadaism and Pop Art focused on issues such as mass media, communication and consumption in order to comment on cultural and sociological concerns about dehumanisation by technology and mass consumption. The Dadaist and Pop Art movements have not only essay requirements, inspired contemporary artists in terms of subject matter but also in terms of graduate school, style.

New Media Artists have used digital media technology to update the Pop Art technique of using screen-printing to remove all traces of the artisti??s brushwork in short essay answers, order to render the images anonymous and easily reproducible while Dadaist techniques like photomontage, readymade political action and speech essay graduate school, performance, irony and absurdity, designed to jar complacent audiences, (Tribe and Jana, 2006, p8) have also been adopted by New Media Artists and updated by essayist the incorporation of digital media technologies such as graphic software packages, digital video, mobile phone technology and Internet programming codes to pathology essay school create a new artistic movement. i??New Media Art often takes hybrid forms, blending arti??s emphasis on aesthetics and creativity with the imperatives of format answers, other disciplinesi?? (Tribe and Jana, 2006). In other words, the Internet, the World Wide Web and the process of digitisation offer new environments and pathology graduate, i??new conditions for artistic creation, practice, distribution and apply, perceptioni??. Speech Graduate School! (Herland, n.d.) As a successor to the Dadaist movement, New Media Art is de lessay, a response to the information technology revolution and speech graduate, the digitisation of of with all disrespect, cultural forms (Tribe and Jana, 2006). The internet enables the appropriation of other work for incorporation in a new work and New Media Artists utilise this technique in very much the same way that musicians within the hip-hop, rap, house, dance and techno fields use samples of other tracks in pathology graduate, their compositions. This may mean incorporating part of an image, code or words from one website in another, or it may mean using other websites in their entirety to create something new, as exemplified by Shredder 1.0., created by Mark Napier. Shredder 1.0 is a software application using HTML, JavaScript and Perl which allows the user to enter a web address in the interface and then have that website deconstructed, much like a printed page being shredded.

Shredder 1.0 works by i??passing the code in which a web page is written through a Perl script i?? before handing it on to your web browser.i?? (Tribe and Jana, 2006, p 50). The result is an entirely new interface which destroys the veneer of the for kids, original website, exposing and re-working the source code which created it. Shredder 1.0i??s creator, Mark Napier, says that his works; i??are not objects but interfaces. The users become collaborators in the art work, upsetting the conventions of ownership and authorityi?? the user is an integral part of the design.i?? (Tribe and Jana, 2006, p50) Mark Napieri??s comments about his work upsetting the conventions of ownership and authority also raise issues of the pathology school, democratising nature of the internet, which will be looked at in the essay on doraemon, next chapter. Shredder 1.0 can be seen as an example of the use of the Internet and the web site which is passed through the Shredder code as an application of digital media technology for a purpose other than that which was originally intended. The user becomes the artist by appropriating the graduate school, chosen website for use in the creation of a new piece of on doraemon, art. i??The viewer is empowered as his Internet interactivity levels artistic authority. Pathology Graduate! It can even be argued that the participatory mode of the for macbeth, Internet heralds a culture where everyone can be an pathology school i??artisti??i??. (Herland, n.d.) Shredder 1.0 also illustrates the collaborative nature of New Media Art.

Many artists create work which is designed to character be modified by others. Douglas Davisi??s work, i??The Worldi??s First Collaborative Sentencei??(1994) illustrates the opportunities for speech school participation and collaboration which the Internet allows. Thousands of people contributed to the piece.(Herland, n.d.) The examples described above demonstrate one of the most significant influences that digital media technology has had on the field of art. By appropriating digital media technologies into apply texas the artistic process, that process has, itself, been changed. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to essay graduate work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and essay, professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind.

Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the pathology essay school, writer throughout the entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private. We guarantee that the paper will adequately meet your guidelines and personal, be done by speech pathology school the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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Personal statements for graduate school speech pathology

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Law Reform. Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMCG’s) inhabit an active presence in all states and territories in Australia. Some members of these gangs are responsible for serious organised crime and yet the total gang and membership numbers of Australian OMCGs is rising. According the Australian Crime Commission1. (ACC), Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs are among the most detectable components of Australia’s criminal landscapes and because unlike other criminal organisations who try and keep themselves anonymous, OMCGs on the other hang maintain websites, openly represent themselves through gang patches, tattoos, leather and publicly fight amongst themselves. We will write a custom essay sample. on Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Law Reform or any similar. topic specifically for you.

These gangs have two sides; one legitimate operation of business (transport, private security, entertainment and construction industries) and graduate, then the other in the production and distribution of illegal substances and activity such as vehicle rebirthing, serious assault, serious frauds, arson, high tech crime, organised theft, property and traffic offences, money laudering, drug and firearms trafficking and much more. Essayist! Fourty-four gangs in Australia are being of interest, with a total of 179 gangs and 4,480+ members in Australia2.. There is a string Pacific Islander and Middle Eastern presence in a number of these gangs and in some instances some gang members don’t even ride motorcycles. Numbers of speech school, individuals and motorcycle gangs argue that motorcycle gangs are constantly being unfairly targeted. Mr Errol Gildea, President of the Hell’s Angels Motorycycle Club opposed suggestions that motorcycle gangs were involved in organised crimes and commented, “the club does not break the laws as a rule, if individuals do, that is their business. They should be dealt with. But we are not an organised crime outfit. ” 3. Gang members say they’ve noticed an increase in the public’s and police officer’s attitude towards them, and blame the government and media, who especially stereotypes and dehumanises them. However, it is noted that the ‘code of silence’ adopted by OMCGs contributes to the negative perceptions of the clubs and make it difficult for law enforcers to bring justice to individual bikers engaged in criminal activity. OMCGs mainly make their income from the manufacturing business and distribution of essay on doraemon for kids, illegal drugs, and by having.

Page 2 Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Law Reform Essay. a business, mostly being tattoo parlours, they can put some of the income derived from speech, those illegal activities and addiction essay, declare it as income through the speech pathology graduate school, business, basically disguising the mass amount of money. “Across Australia, outlaw motorcycle gangs are entrenched in the tattoo industry. Police conservatively estimate 1 in 4 tattoo parlours are bikie-affiliated. In NSW alone, police have recorded 189 crimes at tattoo parlours over the past 3 years”, says Alex Mann from Abc 7:30 investigation4.. Tattoo parlour businesses that aren’t owned by bikies say that they’ve been branded a bad name. They’ve also seen as big competitors for other businesses. Character! These gangs make up only a small percentage of Australia’s crime rate by speech graduate yet this small percentage is troublesome to the government.

They are financially a stress to the government and are hard to expose. To police they’re views are negative as they stuff up society, meaning more they have to domesticate and essayist all disrespect, take care of. Speech Essay Graduate School! Legal Issues Increasing prevalence of short essay answers, international connections, with gangs cooperating with other regions overseas and with sophisticated and high-threat organised crime groups operating in Australia and internationally. OMCGs are evolving in speech essay, response to changes in criminal environment and attempts by law enforcement to addiction personal essay counter their criminal activities. Members play a leading role in pathology essay, Australia’s domestic production and involvement in illicit drug markets; particularly of amphetamine type stimulants. OMCGs also hire external expertise when needed, such as lawyers, accountants, chemists and real estate agents. Pose a serious risk and nuisance to public and their safe being because they are liable to essay react violently to rival OMCGs to harass their members or for trespassing on their territory (Gold Coast Syd Airport) They are problem in speech graduate school, which is growing as both social and financial cost related to gang violence and crime in both Australia and essayist, NZ. The issue costs the Australian Government over $15 billion dollars annually. The Australian Crime Commission conservatively estimates that serious and organised crime costs Australia $15 billion every year. This cost comprises loss of business and taxation revenues, expenditure on speech pathology essay, law enforcement and regulatory efforts, and short essay format, social and community impacts of crime.

Raising public awareness of crime issues is an important step in minimising the essay graduate school, impact serious and organised crime can have on the community. The Government has introduced many initiatives aimed to dismantle and addiction essay, investigate OMCGs in Australia. The most recent tasks include; The Attero Task Force, established by pathology school the Serious and Organised Crime Coordination Committee, an initiative between state and territory law enforcement and Commonwealth agency partners to target, disrupt, disable, dismantle and investigate the apply texas requirements, criminal activity of the Rebels OMCG in Australia and was the first of is speech pathology graduate school kind to tackle a specific Australian OMCG. June 2012 National Anti-Gang Task Force, which fights gang related crime as well as an Australian Gang intelligence centre to provide national criminal information and trends on gang activity across Australia and its links overseas. The force includes members from the Australian Federal Police, State and Territory Police Forces, Australian Customs, Border Protection, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the Australian Taxation Office, Centrelink And the Australian Crime Commission. March 2013. Addiction Personal! Australia’s first national security strategy, ‘Strong and Secure: A Strategy for Australia’s National Security’, which provides a principle framework to guide Australia’s security improvements over the next 5 years. Speech Essay! Jan 2013. The Commonwealth Organised Crime Strategic Framework (OCF) and the National Organised Crime Response Plan (OCRP) strengthen varied approaches, organisation, information sharing and combines activities to combat organised crime. As organised crime in Australia continues to grow and transform over time, Australia’s response strategies will also develop and transform to counter new challenges in the fight against organised crime.

In recent years, most States and Territories have enacted legislation that gives authorities greater powers to tackle gang related crime. Often the stated aims of governments when introducing such laws has been to target the activities of outlaw motorcycle clubs. Essay Format Answers! However, the legislations never. refer specifically to pathology organisations and also applies to any person or group that meet the terms active in addiction personal essay, the corresponding Acts. Each State and Territory has there own legislation to combat organised crime groups, including OMCGs. The table5. contains some brief information regarding the provisions of each Act, the lawsuit that has taken place in relation to the legislation in Western Australia, South Australia, NSW and Queensland, and some of the amendments that have been made to some of these Acts since they were first introduced. The table starts with South Australia, which was the first jurisdiction to introduce a control order regime for “criminal organisations”. New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Victoria later followed this regime, however Tasmania and the ACT are the only remaining jurisdictions without a control order scheme targeting organised crime. The ACT does not appear in the table; but Tasmania does, because it has a legislative scheme for the making and enforcement of pathology essay school, fortification warning and removal notices in format, place. The following is speech pathology essay school a brief history of recent events:

• February 2008 – the South Australian Government introduced the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Bill 2007 • September 2008 – the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008 came into on doraemon, effect in SA. Under the Act, a group or club can be declared an ‘organised crime group’, which enables various orders to be made to restrict the movement and associations of the group’s members. The legislation was introduced to specifically suppress motorcycle clubs, which are viewed by the South Australian Government to present a major organised crime threat in speech pathology essay, SA. Responses to the legislation were divided with a number of motorcycle clubs, academics, legal organisations and individuals strongly opposed to the legislation, which has been described as ‘draconian’ and restricting human rights. • March 2009 – a violent confrontation between members of the Hells Angels and essay for macbeth, Comancheros Motorcycle Clubs on 22 March resulted in the murder of Anthony Zervas at Sydney Airport. Essay School! His brother, Hells Angel member Peter Zervas was shot and seriously injured in an attack a week later.

These events were seen to be a culmination of on doraemon for kids, escalating OMCG violence in essay, New South Wales (NSW), which has included drive by shootings and the bombing of an OMCG club house. Essay On Doraemon For Kids! • April 2009 – The Crimes (Criminal Organisations) Control Act 2009 came into effect in NSW. The legislation was introduced as a direct response to OMCG violent criminal activity and provides a mechanism for declaring an organisation a ‘criminal organisation’ and strengthens the ‘capability of the New South Wales Crime Commission to take the proceeds of crime from these organisations and their associates’. • April 2009 – The Standing Committee of Attorney-Generals (SCAG) discussed ‘a comprehensive national approach to combat organised and gang related crime and to prevent gangs from simply moving their operations interstate’ in response to public concern about the speech graduate, violent and illegal activities of outlaw motorcycle gangs. • June 2009 – The Attorney-General, the Hon. Essay Format! Robert McClelland MP, introduced the school, Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious and Organised Crime) Bill 2009 into Parliament on 24 June. The Bill provides for measures agreed to by state and abbaye, territory Attorneys-General at their April meeting. The Attorney-General stated that the measures will: ‘target the school, perpetrators and profits of organised crime and will provide our law enforcement agencies with the tools they need to combat the of with all disrespect, increasingly sophisticated methods used by organised crime syndicates’. The most recent issues are from the arise of the new Firearms Laws particularly Bar Lock Out Laws. 2013 Fire Arms The Firearms and speech pathology graduate school, Criminal Groups Legislation Amendment Act 2013 (NSW) received assent on 23 October 2013. This legislation, when it commences, will: amend the Firearms Act 1996 (NSW) to empower police officers to enter and search premises occupied by essayist of with all disrespect a person who is subject to a firearms prohibition order to determine whether the person is complying with the speech pathology essay graduate school, order, to prohibit such persons from acquiring or possessing firearms, and from residing at premises where firearms are present, and from attending certain other places such as gun shops and shooting ranges and to create an offence to give possession of a firearm or firearm part to a person who is not authorised to possess it. Amend the Restricted Premises Act 1943 (NSW) to increase penalties for offences relating to reputed criminals attending premises and to essayist of with all disrespect allow police to speech pathology essay school search such premises for firearms and de lessay, other weapons.

Amend the Crime Commission Act 2012 (NSW) to speech graduate enable the short essay, Crime Commission to investigate matters relating to the criminal activities of a specified criminal group. The NSW Parliament has passed legislation that will give police more power in managing criminal groups and speech pathology essay, firearm ownership. Analysis Essay For Macbeth! 2013 Bar Lock Out Law. As part of wide ranging new legislation on pathology graduate school, outlaw motorcycle gangs, new obligations in the Liquor Act 1992 on licensees and their staff to not knowingly allow persons wearing or carrying prohibited items (such as outlaw motorcycle gangs’ “colours”6. ) into licensed premises. The new laws, which came into effect on 17 October 2013, provide that licensees, permittees, their employees and de lessay, approved managers must not knowingly allow a person wearing or carrying a prohibited item into licensed premises (this includes, clubs, pubs, restaurants or any other licensed premises or premises to which a permit relates). The maximum penalty for a breach of this provision is essay graduate school $11,000. 00 (or up to $55,000. 00 for all disrespect a corporation). Pathology Graduate School! The legislation in NSW stretched from Wollongong to Lake Entrance and essayist of with all disrespect, was placed into pathology school, action promptly as discussed in the Daily Telegraphs article “Pubs, clubs ban bikies’ colours”7. Some say its effective and others say it’s discriminative, for example the Shoalhaven police say its been effective in on doraemon, the reigon as shown in the abc’s article “Shoalhaven police say bans on bikies colours have been effective”8. Effectiveness The death of several people should not have to be the essay graduate school, reason for review of organised crime laws, and shows that Australia attempts at preventing the problem have not been very successful.

Although New South Wales has legislated specifically against organised crime, the murder in an airport9. area showed that the gangs are often willing to personal essay commit crimes even in graduate, highly monitored and policed zones in addiction essay, Australia. Laws are not enough to prevent and protect Australia from the school, increase in essay requirements, gang activity. Australian police and speech graduate school, lawmakers should also look at countries such as the USA, where OMCG crime is even higher by copying the same successful tactics to prevent gang crime. Abbaye De Lessay! Australian police should be able to combat and prevent organised crime. Pathology! Some ideas include strict curfews in specific urban areas, high police awareness in identified gang areas, and anti-loitering laws.

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agnostic essay Sanctimonious Fence Sitters. Have agnostics found the best way to describe how we should tackle religious belief? In today's scientific world is becoming an agnostic the intellectually honest stance that we should all be adopting? In this essay we will show that agnosticism as adopted by the layperson is essay, a false belief. It is abbaye de lessay, based on a corrupted understanding of what agnosticism actually means. Speech Essay? We will show that many are deluded when they profess to apply texas requirements being an agnostic and that others use the speech pathology, tag solely to deceive. We will also demonstrate that a great many agnostics are actually closet Christians. I'm not an atheist.

I'm an agnostic. The above is a quote from essayist all disrespect, NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark and was widely reported in the media. Ms Clark makes no secret of the fact that she sees herself as an agnostic. Religious commentator Ian Harris in his column Honest to speech pathology God tells us that Ms Clark was also once asked: Do you believe Jesus Christ is the son of God? She evidently replied, I have no religious convictions. Essay Requirements? I respect those that do. I have no opinion to offer. I'm an agnostic.

This essay is not about essay school Ms Clark but her comments are representative of agnostics in essay general and will serve as an introduction. Mr Harris goes on to state: Agnostics, in contrast to atheists, do not deny flatly the speech graduate school, existence of all disrespect, God, or that supernatural forces play any part in the universe, but do not affirm them either. They leave the question open: such matters can never be finally known, so why bother? Many people share this view. Essay? But what do these statements really tell us about Ms Clark, her view of God and agnostics? Contrary to what we suspect she intended to convey with her I'm not an atheist.

I'm an agnostic statement, which was simply to hide any suggestion that she was an atheist, something it doesn't pay to admit to if you're a politician, it actually translates to, 'I believe in all disrespect God, although I don't think we can ever prove that he exists'. Does Helen Clark really have a belief in God? We don't think she does, but in effect that is speech pathology essay, what she did by abbaye, denying being an atheist and instead labeling herself an agnostic. Why? Well if you're not an atheist then you're a theist, a believer in pathology essay graduate school god. If a human says, I'm not a female , then logically they must be a male since there are only apply essay requirements, two options. However many people believe that along with theists and atheists we have a third option agnostics. Speech Essay Graduate School? And obviously Ms Clark is abbaye de lessay, one of speech essay graduate, these. So why when we talk about a belief in God or gods do we believe we only have two options, theists and atheists? Why aren't agnostics a third option?

Let's start with theists. A theist is essay, someone who believes in speech essay graduate school theism, which according to my dictionary is: Theism. Belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world. Of With? [1] Put simply, a theist is speech pathology essay school, anyone who has a belief in God or gods. A theist is a believer. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews etc are all theists. This is not a familiar term because people normally want to express more than the simple fact that they believe in personal God, they want you to know exactly what God they believe in, thus they specify Christian or Muslim for example. Speech Essay Graduate School? Before we go further we better define exactly what that above definition means by apply texas essay, the words God or gods. Graduate School? My dictionary defines god as follows: God . De Lessay? A being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the essay school, universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions. A being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in short essay format answers and worshiped by a people, especially a male deity thought to control some part of speech pathology school, nature or reality. [1] So if a theist is anyone who has a belief in God or gods a believer then what is someone who's not a theist, not a believer, what are they called?

What is the simple term that describes someone without a belief in God or gods? Surprising as it may seem to essay many, that term is atheist . We say surprising because while atheist is speech essay, a far more familiar term than theist, many use it incorrectly. You may have noticed that the word atheist is simply theist with the letter a stuck in front. Apply Texas Essay? The prefix a means without and modifies the word that follows. For example you have amoral, meaning without morals. Remember that theism means a belief in God or gods , therefore a-theism simply means without a belief in God or gods. Thus a theist is a believer and an atheist is a non-believer. Quite simple really. You only have two options theist or atheist, believer or non-believer. As much as many people hate to admit it, Christians especially, all babies are atheists.

The same with certain aliens from outer space or some isolated primitive tribe in some rainforest. This is because anyone that has no concept of gods obviously can't have a belief in gods (in the same way that our primitive natives have no belief in Einstein's 'Theory of speech pathology essay school, Relativity' simply because they have no concept of Einstein's 'Theory of Relativity'). You can't believe in something that you have no concept of. Thus, if they don't have a belief in god, they're atheists. That's not to essay for kids say that once you explain the concept of god to speech pathology graduate school them they won't immediately become believers, but until they do, they're atheists.

Technically your cat is an atheist. If you're not a theist, that only of with, leaves one option you're an atheist. A rejection of speech pathology, theism leaves no other conclusion. It's like the phrase dead or alive, on or off or the word pregnant. Texas Essay? You are either one or the speech pathology essay graduate, other. Either dead or alive, on or off, pregnant or not pregnant, there is no middle option.

No doubt some will claim that we have given too broad a definition of atheism, one that only appears to essay format provide two options. Speech Graduate School? This is because a large proportion of the population, especially those of a religious persuasion, believe that atheism really means: The belief that God or gods do not exist. Unfortunately a large proportion of the population are mistaken. It is true that many atheists do have this belief, including myself, but this is personal, merely an extra belief that some atheists hold, not a definition of atheism itself. For example many scientists are physicists but this doesn't mean that all scientists are physicists. You need to think of atheism as a broad spectrum, with one basic definition applying to graduate all atheists that is, someone without a belief in god or gods . At one end of this spectrum are some atheists who have added to this basic view with the positive assertion that there are no gods . At the other end of this spectrum are atheists who do not make this extra claim. They are known as 'implicit' or 'weak' atheists, those at the other end are known as 'explicit' or 'strong' atheists. And of course you have a big range in between. Essayist All Disrespect? The same spectrum analogy can of speech pathology essay graduate school, course be applied to theism, with 'weak' theism and 'weak' atheism forming the boundary between the two. A 'weak' theist could be a young child who has been given just the character for macbeth, vaguest suggestion of God, believing in God in pathology essay the same way she believes in the Tooth Fairy.

While every theist from 'weak' to 'strong' believes God does exist (it's their strength of belief that varies), remember though that not every atheist believes that God doesn't exist. It's important to note that the personal essay, continuum that exists between 'weak' and 'strong' does not extend across the boundary where 'weak' theism and speech essay school 'weak' atheism meet (at the centre of our diagram.) Theism and atheism are discrete states. Think of changing states as a quantum leap, you can be on either side of this boundary but you can't be on the boundary itself. Like electron orbits and of with energy states you are one or the other, but you do not traverse slowly between states. There is no continuum between the states.

Once you leave one state you instantaneously appear in pathology essay graduate school the other, there is no stopover for refreshments and reflection. For example babies, aliens, primitive natives etc, anyone that has no concept of gods, are 'weak' atheists. They have no belief in god simply because they have no concept of god. De Lessay? They don't claim God doesn't exist because they have no idea what God is. Speech Pathology Essay? (Admittedly most primitive natives do have a concept of, and a belief in gods, but not all do. Essay? We're referring to a theoretically possible group of natives.) Move towards the speech graduate, middle of the spectrum and you have atheists who definitely understand the addiction essay, concept of gods but quickly decide that they don't believe in them. They can seldom provide good arguments as to speech pathology essay graduate why they don't believe, they simply don't. Essayist Of With All Disrespect? This is similar to speech pathology graduate people that don't believe in ESP or those that vote for a particular political party or against genetic engineering but can seldom explain why. At the other end you have the 'strong' atheists, and essay these are the speech pathology graduate, atheists that many people incorrectly use to apply texas requirements define atheism. These are atheists that have seriously considered the arguments and evidence for speech graduate and against the existence of gods and have decided that, in addition to essay having no belief in pathology essay school gods, they now also believe that gods do not exist. (Note that they do not say that they can prove that gods do not exist.

More on that shortly.) Many people answer this with the argument that the belief that God does not exist is addiction personal essay, basically the same as without a belief in God and we're merely being pedantic. However it is essay, easy to demonstrate how wrong this view is. Look at the following two statements regarding atheism: I have a belief that gods do not exist (strong atheism) I am without a belief in gods (basic atheism) Now let's put these statements into short, everyday terms by speech essay graduate, replacing gods with aliens: I have a belief that aliens do not exist. Essay? I am without a belief in aliens Many people would state that they're not convinced that aliens exist elsewhere in the universe because they haven't seen any good evidence that they do.

At the same time many of these people would add that this doesn't mean they do not exist. They may exist, we just haven't seen them. If they turn up tomorrow we'll start believing in speech essay graduate school them. Format? This group would subscribe to the second claim: I am without a belief in aliens (for the moment) . Another group would subscribe to both claims: I am without a belief in aliens because I believe aliens do not exist . They would claim that we haven't seen any aliens for the simple reason that they don't exist, in the same way that we haven't seen any real Easter Bunnies. So it should be clear that both statements do not imply the same meaning. Thus 'explicit' or 'strong' atheism is merely one type of atheism. Claiming that the belief that gods do not exist is the real definition of speech school, atheism is as silly as claiming that belief in Jesus Christ is the real definition of essayist, religion. Others would correctly state that this is only one type of atheism and one type of religion. Unfortunately many people define all atheists as 'strong' atheists and all religious believers as 'Christians'. This is mainly because we only pathology essay school, see outspoken people in the media etc. 'Weak' or 'middle-of-the-road' atheists and religious types can never be bothered to speak out on things they know or care little about. So what can we conclude from this discussion?

First, there are only two possibilities when it comes to describing belief in God theism and atheism. If someone is personal essay, asked the question, Do you believe God exists? and they reply, Yes , then they are a theist, regardless of how strong that belief is. Anyone that can't honestly answer, Yes, I believe God exists , is obviously without a belief in God and is therefore an essay atheist. They may only essay, be a hair's-breadth away from believing in pathology essay school God, but until they make that leap of conviction they will remain an on doraemon for kids atheist. Pathology Essay School? As much as they may hate or fear or abhor the idea of being called an atheist, that is what they are.

Their denial does not change this fact, nor does calling themselves an analysis essay agnostic. Any theist that gives up belief in God immediately becomes an atheist and vice versa. There is no holding pattern, no mythical land called Agnosticism that one must cross between theism and atheism. Yet agnostics claim that God may or may not exist, but we'll never know for pathology essay graduate school sure, so refuse to commit one way or the other. For this very reason agnostics won't admit to essayist of with a belief in essay God. The very fact that they will not admit to a belief in character analysis God, regardless of their reasons, means they're not theists.

Therefore they're atheists. So where does this leave agnostics? Out in the cold actually. There just isn't anywhere for essay school agnostics to fit in the belief spectrum. Does all this mean that agnosticism is a bogus term? No, only that, like atheism, it's being used incorrectly. Let's look at essay for kids the dictionary definition: Agnosticism. The doctrine that certainty about first principles or absolute truth is unattainable and that only perceptual phenomena are objects of essay school, exact knowledge. The belief that there can be no proof either that God exists or that God does not exist. [1] Agnosticism simply means that we can't prove whether God exists or not. Note that it does not say whether we may have a belief that God exists or not, merely that we can not prove this belief. So we can still form opinions on whether we think that it is likely that God exists.

The popular layman's definition of agnosticism simplifies and analysis essay corrupts its real meaning. Agnosticism doesn't stop us thinking about God, it just places an extremely high ceiling over essay our thinking. Some also claim that agnosticism also states that we can have no knowledge whatsoever of God. For Macbeth? Agnostic was a word invented by speech pathology essay graduate school, British scientist Thomas H. Of With All Disrespect? Huxley in the 19th-century. Gnostic is a Greek word meaning knowledge , especially higher, esoteric knowledge of spiritual things. In the same manner as atheism, Huxley put the prefix a, meaning without , in front of gnostic and speech school formed a-gnostic , meaning without knowledge. He actually coined the word almost as a joke with fellow intellectuals, but it has survived, unfortunately. This new narrow claim that we can have no knowledge whatsoever of God and the supernatural is actually self-defeating. Saying that we can't have knowledge of the supernatural because it works differently to of with the natural world means we already have some knowledge of the supernatural, that is, that it works differently. They also base their argument on the fact that God is graduate, a supernatural being, which is more knowledge about God, and addiction personal essay that he lives in the supernatural, yet more knowledge.

This clearly shows that we can have knowledge of God and the supernatural so the essay, no knowledge definition fails. Essayist All Disrespect? The very nature of the supernatural may certainly limit our knowledge of it, but again it doesn't stop us thinking about pathology essay it. Therefore the essayist all disrespect, following statement makes perfect sense: I am a theist (or atheist) and I believe that God exists (or doesn't exist) but I'm also an speech essay graduate school agnostic in all disrespect that I accept that I can never prove my belief. Speech Pathology Essay Graduate School? Thus it would be perfectly reasonable to character ask someone who claims, I'm an agnostic , as to whether they are an agnostic theist or an agnostic atheist. Speech Pathology Essay School? For example I'm an short essay answers atheist, specifically a 'strong' atheist in that I don't believe god exists, but I'm also agnostic because I accept that we can never prove my belief. In the pathology school, same way the Pope is agnostic, he knows that he can never prove his unshakeable belief that God exists. Personal? If both the Pope and I accept that we can't prove the existence or non-existence of God, why do we still have opposing views? For this we need to look at why agnosticism believes we can't provide proof for God and what this means in the real world. We appear to have two options. Prove God does exist or prove he doesn't. Pathology Graduate School? There have been many, many arguments put forward by great thinkers throughout history regarding God, mainly attempting to prove the existence of format, God.

Some have stood for considerable time then other great thinkers have shown the speech pathology essay graduate school, arguments to be flawed for one reason or another, especially so with the advance of essayist all disrespect, science. Pathology Essay Graduate? Regardless of what some religious fundamentalists claim, there are no arguments that prove that God exists. The words atheist and agnostic would be meaningless if there was. Likewise there are no arguments that prove that God doesn't exist. Let's start with some reasons why you can't prove God does exist. Essayist Of With? The main problem as we see it is what we're trying to speech pathology essay graduate school prove the supernatural. By its very definition it exists beyond the apply texas requirements, natural universe, beyond natural laws. None of our instruments, none of our physical laws and rules, none of our science, none of speech pathology essay school, our logic, reasoning, critical thinking etc work in the supernatural. Essay? If they did then it would be no different than here, it would be natural not supernatural. Thus a procedure that would be accepted as proof in speech the natural world can't be used to prove something in the supernatural world because we could never be sure, never prove, that the procedure worked the same way or meant the same thing when dealing with the abbaye, supernatural world.

We might be pretty confident that it did but we could never prove that it did. We can't prove the supernatural exists, God is speech essay graduate, supernatural so we can't prove God exists. What about the on doraemon, old claim, Well, what if God turned up on your front lawn, you'd have to believe then. That would be the essay graduate school, ultimate proof. Essay On Doraemon For Kids? Well, no it wouldn't. Someone turning up, performing the speech essay school, odd miracle and claiming to be God isn't proof because it could, for example, be a Hindu god just pretending to be God.

As long as the Hindu god had supernatural powers he would always be able to outsmart our attempts at checking his identity. This being wouldn't even have to be a supernatural being at all, he could just be an extremely advanced alien. Pretending to be God would be an easy way for an alien to get our obedience. As Arthur C Clark said, Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic . There is plenty of evidence for this in abbaye our own history, where European explorers have been taken as gods by primitive natives due to their appearance, knowledge and miraculous technology. Pathology School? So no matter who turns up claiming to be God, no matter how convincing they are, we could never prove that they really were God. On Doraemon? So what evidence could we accept as proof of God? We don't think there is any.

We can't trust natural world evidence to apply to the supernatural and while we could choose to trust the supernatural being themselves, this is trust and not proof. Now to some reasons why you can't prove God doesn't exist either. There are two obstacles as we see it. Again it involves the very nature of the supernatural and pathology school the fact that you can't prove a negative. (We agree that there are actually cases where you can prove a negative, but in essay the case that we're trying to argue here, we believe it is nigh on impossible.) In the natural world it can (theoretically) be quite simple to speech pathology essay graduate school prove something exists. This is proving a 'positive', proving something does exist.

For example, if you claimed that black sheep existed all you would have to do is produce a black sheep and your job is complete. However trying to prove a 'negative' is trying to prove something doesn't exist. It's impossible. Imagine you claim that black sheep don't actually exist. You look throughout your neighbourhood and find no black sheep. Analysis? Are you entitled to now claim they don't exist?

No, because there are plenty of neighbourhoods that you haven't searched that might contain black sheep. Even if you searched the speech pathology essay graduate school, entire country we could still claim that there might still be black sheep in other countries. Searching every square metre of the analysis essay for macbeth, entire planet is impossible so you could never claim that you had looked everywhere. Even if you did search everywhere, you don't know that very shy black sheep aren't just a few kilometres away from you and they keep moving to stay ahead of you. Due to speech school your inability to abbaye find any black sheep you may be quite sure they don't exist, but you certainly haven't proved that they don't exist.

They may just be extremely rare. You may stumble across one tomorrow. Looking for speech school black sheep is a cinch compared to looking for God. You could never say, I've looked everywhere in the universe for God and I didn't find him, therefore he doesn't exist . God is essay, supposedly an all-powerful supernatural being. He could hide anywhere in the universe, behind a quark, in speech pathology the past, in the future, in a parallel universe, all places that we have no hope of searching. Others tell us that God is actually outside space and time, another place that we can't look. No matter how sophisticated our technology becomes, no matter how many searches fail to de lessay find traces of speech pathology essay school, God, no matter how much we believe that it would appear that God doesn't exist, we certainly haven't proved this. He could be invisible and standing right next to us. Thus you can't prove a negative. As we've already seen, the on doraemon, fact that God is a supernatural being is a problem in itself.

Black sheep and other natural world things that we may look for speech pathology essay graduate school can't alter the laws of nature, they don't know what we're thinking, they don't know the future, they aren't everywhere at once, they aren't all-powerful. Black sheep can't manipulate our experiment results without us being aware, God could. Short Format? Even if we manage to design an experiment that appeared to speech pathology graduate school prove that God doesn't exist, we can't be sure that God hasn't forced this conclusion onto us. Maybe God doesn't want to be found. Why? Who knows, after all they say God works in essay mysterious ways. Our point is that even if you appear to prove God doesn't exist, you can never be completely sure that God just isn't manipulating your thinking. Essay? Illogical as it sounds, if God actually existed he could make you think you've proved that he doesn't actually exist. Essay For Macbeth? After all, with God all things are possible, or so they say.

So, as extremely confident as you may be that God doesn't exist, you can never actually prove it. In the natural world you can prove things don't exist because you can show that if they were to exist they would break physical laws, and this is impossible. However God is part of the supernatural world and speech essay school our laws don't apply there, therefore our proofs don't apply there either. So you can't prove that God does exist or that he doesn't exist. Where does that leave us? Should we all become agnostics? Many take this impossibility of proof as meaning we can't know one way or the other, believing that we should remain agnostic and admit our ignorance in regard to God's existence. Obviously we don't.

We definitely can't prove with 100% certainty the on doraemon for kids, question of God's existence, but where does the evidence point? Strange as it may seem, we also can't prove that the Sun will rise tomorrow, yet nearly everyone is extremely confident that it will. Speech Graduate? Our science and of with all disrespect our experience give us great confidence that it will rise and speech we get on with our lives accordingly. Think of essay format, proof as being 100% certain and yet science says that we can only be 99.9999% certain that the Sun will continue to rise. Do you go around saying you don't know whether the Sun will rise, that you're agnostic about the possibility of the Sun rising? Of course not. Pathology Essay? You look at character analysis for macbeth the evidence available and it all points to the conclusion that it is very, very, very, very likely that the Sun will rise tomorrow. Thus you tell everyone that the Sun will rise tomorrow. You can't prove it, but this is where the evidence points. With the speech school, question of God's existence we can look at scientific theories and evidence, philosophical and character analysis essay for macbeth theological arguments, personal experiences, historical records etc and decide where the evidence points.

Does the pathology essay graduate, evidence suggest that God exists or not? The Pope obviously believes that there is good evidence for God's existence, whereas we interpret the evidence as indicating that God doesn't exist. We are both so confident in the way we interpret the evidence that we are prepared to say we are sure we are right. In the texas essay, same way that we are sure the Sun will rise tomorrow. Pathology Essay? However, as extremely confident each of us is with our respective views, neither of us is prepared to say that we can prove this claim. The suggestion by agnostics is that if we can't get absolute proof, 100% certainty, then we shouldn't accept 99.9999% either, or 90% or 75%.

This is ridiculous. This is a silly 'all or nothing' mentality. Character For Macbeth? We either prove it conclusively or we say we have no idea. Speech Essay? Apart from agnostics nobody in character analysis the real world works this way. You examine the pathology essay graduate, evidence for of with all disrespect and against a certain claim and pathology essay graduate make your stand accordingly. You look at the evidence supporting leprechauns and you decide that they don't exist. You look at apply texas essay the evidence supporting DNA and you decide that it does exist. It's the same with God. You look at the evidence and take a stand. You don't claim, I accept that I will never be able to prove this debate 100% so I'm just not going to speech bother. As regards God, I have no opinion . So even though the Pope and I accept that we can't prove the existence or non-existence of God, we still find ourselves in opposition because we realise that absolute proof is only one part of the genuine inquiry into God's existence.

But in stark contrast to the agnostic, we are both prepared to express an of with opinion. Our mention of leprechauns actually highlights a major flaw in the agnostic's claim. Speech School? It clearly demonstrates that their agnostic pretensions are a farce. Apply Essay? Their basic claim is: I maintain that we can't prove whether God exists or not, therefore we must remain agnostic. Neither yes or no. This doesn't seem to present a problem until you remind the agnostic that God is a supernatural being. You then remind them that Zeus, Apollo, Thor, Maui, Osiris and Quetzalcoatl are also supernatural beings, gods in fact. Of course the speech graduate school, crucial difference is texas requirements, that they don't believe these other gods exist, or ever existed. But why are they not agnostic about the existence of Zeus and Thor? Their argument for being an agnostic rests solely on their claim that you can't prove the existence or non-existence of pathology graduate school, a supernatural being. Zeus and Thor are supernatural beings.

Thus they should accept that when we attempt to investigate them we should run into texas essay requirements, the same problems as when we investigate the Christian God. But they don't accept this. Speech Pathology Essay School? Agnostics are only ever agnostic about the Christian God (or Muslim or Jewish God etc, depending on their community). Or maybe an unknown deist god. Show us one agnostic that is of with all disrespect, agnostic about speech essay graduate school Zeus and Thor, or that even mentions Zeus and Thor as part of the short essay format answers, debate. Yet if they really believed in their argument they would mention them, since they would be agnostic about thousands of gods, thousands of supernatural beings. And not just gods either, but fairies, leprechauns, incubus and succubus, demons and pathology graduate school even the tooth fairy. But they're not. De Lessay? We'd challenge anyone to produce a sane, intelligent, informed adult that claims to be an agnostic that sincerely argues deep into the night that each and everyone of these supernatural beings might exist. We'd argue that in reality they would have likely dismissed most of them, or at essay graduate school least one of addiction, them. Pathology Essay? And let's think about what that means.

If an agnostic can find enough reason to dismiss a single supernatural being, even a minor one, one that perhaps only children now believe in, or one that only some long dead civilisation believed in, then that proves that the abbaye, concept is flawed, that it is possible to essay amass sufficient reason and evidence and analysis essay for macbeth take a firm stance on whether supernatural beings gods exist. If ten years ago an agnostic decided that the pathology graduate, tooth fairy wasn't real, and last week she decided that the god Zeus wasn't real either, taking the format, entire ancient Greek pantheon with him into oblivion, she has demonstrated that it's possible in practice to rationally declare a specific god, a specific supernatural being, to be someone that exists only in our imagination. And if she can dismiss the tooth fairy, then why not leprechauns and Santa Claus? And if her dismissal of the ancient Greek gods was because of what she'd learnt about pathology essay graduate school science and history, might she not also come to believe that there's likely enough evidence to justify dismissing the format answers, gods of numerous other ancient cultures too, such as the Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians, Aztec etc? Starting off by considering whether minor supernatural beings existed, such as the tooth fairy, and then continuing to speech school use reason and evidence to examine the plausibility of requirements, supernatural beings claiming more powers, such as the Norse god Thor with his powerful hammer, might not our agnostic, small step by small step, slowly start to speech believe that most of the on doraemon, gods featured in the history of mankind are mythical, that there is no good reason to believe that they were ever real? But it doesn't matter if our agnostic stopped with the tooth fairy. All it takes is one, and the argument for agnosticism is essay graduate, defeated. As soon as you feel justified in dismissing a single supernatural being, even a minor one such as the tooth fairy, while still not having absolute, categorical proof, then you can longer argue that, because of their very nature, the evidence needed to essayist of with all disrespect decide about supernatural beings gods will forever be denied us. Speech Pathology Essay School? You've demonstrated that with reason and given sufficient evidence it's possible to consider a god and then justifiably declare that god fictional. And if it's possible with one god, why not two gods, why not all gods?

Beyond a childish desire to keep the gods of your parents near, what would make some gods immune from rational inquiry but not others? Once you've dismissed someone else's god, even a child's, it's illogical to format answers then say that it's impossible for them to attempt the same with your gods. What makes your favourite gods impervious to consideration? According to Dr Michael Shermer, anthropologists estimate that over the past ten thousand years humans have created roughly ten thousand different religions. [2] And these have splintered into speech essay school, 100,000 different sects. Since nearly all of addiction, these religions had multiple gods, even assuming an average of 10 gods each means over 100,000 different gods. Some accounts claim that Hinduism alone contains over graduate school a million gods. That's a hell of a lot of gods. And yet agnostics have, we believe, rejected nearly every single one. Apply Essay? They've rejected gods called Zeus, gods called Thor and gods called Osiris. But they stumble when they encounter another god called Jehovah, Yahweh, or to speech pathology his friends, simply God. Texas Essay? What's happened?

Why do they apply two standards? Why have they turned into speech graduate, hypocrites? Their unwillingness to reject the Christian God, while happily rejecting all the others, consciously or subconsciously, demonstrates that a great many agnostics are nothing other than closet Christians. Their agnosticism regarding Christianity is nothing but an excuse. They use the word as a shield. This agnostic is someone who when asked about the abbaye, existence of God is unwilling to commit. Speech Pathology Essay? They sit on essay, the fence, they don't want to speech pathology essay take sides, they don't want to offend.

Why? Well, some are just too lazy to think about it. Others are too stupid to think about it. Others are playing safe. They don't want to anger God just in case he does exist. Still others seem to have a real fear of the 'atheist' tag, being too scared to reveal their honest opinion since it may affect relationships, employment, political aspirations etc.

This is the true definition of popular agnosticism. For Macbeth? It's a cop out. They're certainly taking a position, but it's a position of speech pathology graduate school, apathy, ignorance or deception disguised as intellectual honesty. Ian Harris takes a similar view: 'Agnosticism can end up providing a complacent perch for anyone who has neither the inclination nor the imagination to wrestle with the central religious questions of an age.' Likewise Laurence Twaddle in his book 'Making Sense of English in Religion' , had this to say: 'Agnosticism is often expressed as an essay for macbeth indication of an open mind but it could equally be interpreted as the pathology essay, last refuge of a lazy mind, unwilling to pursue the arguments to one end or the other.' In 'Atheism: What Everyone Needs to Know' , Michael Ruse wrote: 'Without being condescending . could it be that going all the way to atheism requires a certain book learning to realize exactly what is entailed, whereas being an agnostic can be basically a matter of texas essay requirements, indifference?' And Jesse Bering in 'The God Instinct: The Psychology of Souls, Destiny, and the Meaning of Life' , argued that: 'We are the speech school, first generation, in format answers the history of our species, to be confronted directly by pathology essay, the full scientific weight of an argument that renders a personal God both unnecessary and highly unlikely. Answers? The many loopholes of a more humble agnosticism have suddenly become unreasonable places to continue burying our heads.' Arguing for atheism and against agnosticism, Stefan Molyneux in his book 'Against the Gods?' wrote: 'It is not rational to even entertain the speech pathology essay graduate school, possibility of the existence of irrational entities. Personal? We do not accept agnosticism about unicorns, fairies, square circles, pixies or the proposition that two and two make five why do we create a special exception in the realm of deities? Surely it is because the speech essay graduate, social cost of rejecting Gods is for kids, far higher than the speech graduate, social cost of rejecting goblins.' And this from PZ Myers: 'Our culture is currently divided between three groups: Atheists, who think the truth matters, and want our problems addressed with real-world solutions; theists, who want a god or supernatural powers to solve our problems with magic; and fence-sitting parasites . who see a personal opportunity to pander to character the believers for their own gain, who will ride the conflict while pretending to be aloof from it, and win popularity with the masses by trying to tell everyone they're all right.' Agnosticism is pathology essay, supposedly a position you reach because you have thought about de lessay religion, science, philosophy etc but more often than not it shows just the opposite. Agnostics are often ignorant of the very reasons you can't prove or disprove God. Likewise they are usually ignorant of the theistic arguments that try to show God does exist and the atheistic arguments that attempt to demonstrate he doesn't. We have tried to show that on the belief spectrum there are only theists and atheists, believers and non-believers. Pathology Graduate? Thus the character, concept of agnosticism, a mythical land between the essay, two is just that, mythical.

We've shown that the real meaning of agnosticism only talks about the absolute proof of God's existence, and essay on doraemon that it does not prevent us from looking at speech pathology graduate all the available evidence, and in doing so, forming opinions about God. This inquiry, deep or superficial, turns us all into believers or non-believers. There is no other option, no middle path. We've also shown that the apply essay, popular concept of agnosticism is seriously flawed since agnostics are only agnostic about one god, maybe two, out of possible millions. Also that the majority of agnostics use the term as a shield, as an excuse not to reveal their real views.

They use it to deceive. Pathology Essay Graduate School? It's time to grow a backbone and form an requirements opinion. This is speech pathology essay, what intellectual honesty really means. Face your fear. You may well be an atheist. Learn to live with it. Authors: John L. Texas? Ateo, Rachel C. Speech Pathology Essay School? Copyright © 2007, by the 'SILLY BELIEFS' website. All rights reserved. Agnosticism / Atheism. Agnosticism / Atheism. Essay Format Answers? Agnosticism / Atheism. [1] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition.

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We may use information we collect to contact You about our and/or third-party products, services, and offers that We believe You may find of interest. We may contact You by essay telephone, postal mail, e-mail, or other methods. You may see advertisements when You visit our Website. We may help advertisers better reach our customers by pathology essay graduate school providing certain customer information, including geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from other companies. This information is personal, used by advertisers to determine which ads may be more relevant to You. However, we do not share Personal Information outside of our corporate family for advertising purposes without Your consent. WHEN WE SHARE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. We do not sell, license, rent, or otherwise provide Your Personal Information to unaffiliated third-parties (parties outside our corporate family) without Your consent.

We may, however, disclose Your information to unaffiliated third-parties as follows: With Your Consent. We may disclose Personal Information about pathology essay, You to third-parties with Your consent. We may obtain Your consent in addiction essay, writing; online, through “click-through” agreements; when You accept the terms of disclosures for certain Services; orally, when You interact with our customer service representatives. We encourage You not to share Your password.

If You provide Your user account password and/or security question responses to third parties they will have access to graduate school, Your Personal Information when they access Your user account with Your account password. To Our Service Providers. We may disclose information to third-party vendors and apply essay requirements partners who complete transactions or perform services on our behalf (for example, credit/debit card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and pathology essay graduate school marketing). In a Business Transfer. We may sell, disclose, or transfer information about You as part of a corporate business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, joint venture, corporate reorganization, financing, or sale of de lessay, company assets, or in essay, the unlikely event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership, in which such information could be transferred to third-parties as a business asset in the transaction. For Legal Process Protection. We may disclose Personal Information, and other information about essay format answers, You, or Your communications, where we have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary: to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request; to enforce or apply agreements, or initiate, render, bill, and collect for essay school, services and products (including to collection agencies in order to obtain payment for our products and services); to protect our rights or interests, or property or safety or that of others; in connection with claims, disputes, or litigation – in court or elsewhere; to facilitate or verify the appropriate calculation of taxes, fees, or other obligations; or.

in an essay, emergency situation. We may provide information that does not identify You personally to speech essay graduate, third-parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes. HOW WE STORE AND PROTECT THE INFORMATION COLLECTED ABOUT YOU. Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure while it is under our control. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to on doraemon for kids, be completely secure.

As a result, although we will utilize such measures, we do not guarantee You against the loss, misuse, or alteration of Personal Information under our control, and You provide Personal Information to us at Your own risk. Speech Pathology Essay School. You should always take care with how You handle and disclose your Personal Information and should avoid sending Personal Information through insecure e-mail, social networks or other internet channels. Retention and Disposal. We retain information only for as long as we have a business or tax need or as applicable laws, regulations and/or government orders allow. When we dispose of Personal Information, we use reasonable procedures designed to abbaye de lessay, erase or render it unreadable (for example, shredding documents and speech essay school wiping electronic media). PRIVACY POLICY UPDATES. How We Communicate Changes to This Policy.

We may update this Policy at any time to provide updates to or clarification of our practices. Apply. If we make changes we may provide You with additional notice (such as adding a statement to the homepage of our Website or sending You a notification). You should refer to this Policy often for graduate school, the latest information and short answers the effective date of any changes. This web site is speech pathology essay, owned and operated by Viatta Business Ltd . A Partner is an individual who refers customers. For Macbeth. A Referral is an individual who requests a service via the referral link given by a Partner. With the speech graduate school, first order, a Referral acquires a 15% discount on the order, while a Partner receives $50 to the Referral Balance. With further purchases, a Partner earns 5% of the Referral’s total order price. All money earned with the abbaye, Referral Program is stored on your Referral Balance. A Partner can transfer the money to the Bonus Balance and use it to purchase a service.

It is possible to transfer the sum to the Partner’s PayPal account (no less than $20).