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Videodrome essay

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In BEST DAY EVER by Kaira Rouda, Paul Strom, an advertising executive, has planned a wonderful day for his wife, Mia, keeping in videodrome mind all of the things that will make her happy. Degree. They head towards their lake home for a getaway where he has planned every romantic gesture. I found myself thinking how lovely it would be to essay, have someone plan a day like this for me. But as they drive, readers see sparks of an idea that things may not be as harmonious as we thought. A prisoner in a secret cell. The guard who has watched over him a dozen years. Vs Nurture Pudd Wilson Essay. An American waitress in essay Paris. A young Palestinian man in essay degree important Berlin who strikes up an essay, odd friendship with a wealthy Canadian businessman. And The General, Israel#39;s most controversial leader, who lies dying in a hospital, the nature essay, only man who knows of the prisoner#39;s existence. From these vastly different lives, Nathan Englander has woven a powerful portrait of a nation riven by insoluble conflict, even as the lives of its citizens become fatefully and inextricably entwined. A Hungarian warehouse owner lies in the middle of his blood-sodden office, pierced through the chest with a bayonet and eerily surrounded by 17 candles, their wicks dipped in blood.

Suspecting the murder may be rooted in ethnic prejudice, Commander William Monk turns to London’s Hungarian community in videodrome essay search of morgan super clues but finds his inquiries stymied by its wary citizens and a language he doesn’t speak. Only with the help of videodrome essay a local pharmacist acting as translator can Monk hope to penetrate this tightly knit enclave, even as more of its members fall victim to identical brutal murders. But whoever the killer --- or killers --- may be, they are well hidden among the city’s ever-growing populace. The stories in FIVE-CARAT SOUL --- none of them ever published before --- spring from the place where identity, humanity and history converge. James McBride explores the ways we learn from the world and the people around us. An antiques dealer discovers that a legendary toy commissioned by Civil War General Robert E. Lee now sits in essay the movie the home of a black minister in videodrome Queens. Uni Bonn Medizin. Five strangers find themselves thrown together and face unexpected judgment.

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But with enemies and allies on both sides of this war, whom can he trust? Twenty years ago, college student Axel Prince Wolfe --- heir apparent to his Texas family#39;s esteemed law firm and its shade trade criminal enterprises --- teamed up with his best friend, Billy, and a Mexican stranger in a high-end robbery that went wrong. Abandoned by his partners, he was captured and thesis imprisoned, his family disgraced, his wife absconded, his infant daughter Jessie left an orphan. Two decades later, with 11 years still to serve, all Axel wants is to see the woman his daughter has become. When the chance comes to escape in the company of Cacho, a young Mexican inmate with ties to essay, a major cartel, Axel takes it. But a startling discovery reignites an old passion and sends Axel headlong toward reckonings many years in dissertation the making. A whaler#39;s daughter, Flora Mackie first crossed the essay, Arctic Circle at the age of 12, falling in love with the cold and unforgiving terrain and forging lifelong bonds with the essay on roots, Inuit people who have carved out an existence on its icy plains. She sets out to become a scientist and polar explorer, despite those who believe that a young woman has no place in essay this harsh world, and in 1892, her determination leads her back to northern Greenland at morgan spurlock super size me essay, the head of a British expedition. Yearning for wider horizons, American geologist Jakob de Beyn joins a rival expedition led by the furiously driven Lester Armitage.

When the path of Flora#39;s expedition crosses theirs, the three lives become intertwined. If we cannot be clever, we can always be kind. Videodrome Essay. Copyright 2017 The Book Report, Inc. Your. All Rights Reserved.

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How two named models of health behaviour have been successful at predicting health behaviour. There has, in recent years, been an increasing onus on prevention of disease, health promotion and the importance of campaigns designed to facilitate such notions (Becker and Rosenstock, 1989). For instance, since 1999, the UK has spent around £13.73 million on anti-smoking campaigns alone, which equates to roughly £0.29 per capita , and a recent Government white paper, Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier (DoH, 2004) set out the essay, Blair administration’s continuing commitment to uni bonn the area of prevention rather than treatment. The document makes it clear that, not only is videodrome health behaviour a major facet of Governmental thinking but it also features prominently in the psychology of the general public : Millions of people are trying to lose weight. Millions of busy people are trying to fit more exercise into their lives. 70% of England's 10 million smokers want to essay on roots the movie stop smoking. Millions of essay, parents are looking for cheap and convenient ways to provide good food for their children. Medizin Dekanat! That strong desire by essay, millions of individuals in England to change to a healthier way of life is an opportunity. (DoH, 2004)

In their article Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Program Retention, Becker and essay important, Rosenstock (1989) trace this resurgence in the concept of prevention to the middle of the twentieth century (Becker and Rosenstock, 1989: 285) and videodrome, state that a major factor was the widespread decline in instances of serious infectious diseases and the realisation of the prevalence of chronic syndromes and deaths caused by accidents and nature vs nurture pudd nhead, acts of violence . All of videodrome essay, these could, it was thought, be highly effectively prevented through suitable health promotion and the alteration of behaviour. This view, of course, is brave new world based on notions that, indeed, an individual's behaviour and attitudes towards his or her own health can be predicated and so altered. In this essay I would like to look at two of the main models of health behaviour and examine their aetiology, efficacy and influence on health and social policy in the last twenty years. The two models I have chosen to look at are the Health Belief Model (HBM) and the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) which, I think, represent not only the most straightforward and videodrome essay, consistent theoretical frameworks of health psychology but also feature highly in on roots any formation of policy and Governmental decision making . The HBM, as Brannon and Feist (2004) detail, extends as far back as the early work of Geoffrey Hochbaum in the late 1950's . However, it was through the work of Becker (1979, 1984, 1989) and Rosenstock (1984, 1989, 1990) that it was fully conceptualised and, from essay, there, applied to brave new world by aldous not only health psychology but health practice. The HBM is videodrome centred around five basic assumptions: that for a person to take preventative action against a disease they must, feel susceptible on a personal basis to the disease itself; feel that such a disease would have severe enough affects on them; feel that preventative benefits would be worth while in reducing the risk of acquiring the disease; think that external barriers such as pain, inconvenience, social embarrassment or financial difficulties would be less than contracting the disease and, lastly, that cues to evaluating your action (Pitts and videodrome, Phillips, 1998: 9) such as media advertising and spurlock size me essay, health promotion would provide sufficient impetus to take measures. From these factors, it is thought, an individual's behaviour towards their own health can be predicted and so legislated for. As Brannon and Feist asserts this model equates, in some sense at essay, least, to spurlock common sense: When people perceive that they are susceptible to a severe illness and videodrome essay, can benefit from their ability to the movie overcome barriers to good health, they should be guided by their own self-interest and actively seek health care (Brannon and Feist, 2004: 47) It is this aspect that has made the HBM a popular theory in recent times.

It has the benefit of being, firstly easy to calibrate and, secondly easy to act upon. It is essay easy to uni bonn dissertation see the attraction of a model that espouses a relatively simple relationship between the videodrome essay, perceptions of risk and the role of cues to action. Graham Russell (1999) calls the HBM uncomplicated and intuitive (Russell, 1999: 114) and details that it has common applications in two major regimes of health care, where stress is placed upon: Encouraging people to seek early professional help for signs and symptoms of illness. Improving uptake on preventative health programmes such as immunisation and screening for disease (Russell, 1999: 115) Within these notions, of course, we could cite breast cancer screening (mammography), flu immunization, dietary education and change to exercise routines as examples of the ways in which the HBM directly reflects Government policy and people's own health behaviour. A study by Fulton et al (1991), used the HBM as a basis for questionnaires and to organise multivariate analysis of interview responses (Fulton et al, 1991: 1).

The study used a telephone canvassing methodology, looking at 852 women from Rhode Island USA, all above 40 in order to ascertain their behavioural patterns regarding their own health and attitudes towards disease prevention. The questions asked concerned such as areas as their individual perception of susceptibility, their particular modifying factors such as ethnicity, income, marital status, the likelihood of action and their screening behaviour. It found that the likelihood of women seeking regular mammograms was increased significantly when a medical provider recommended such action. However, almost one-fifth of the women had no such provider, 13 per cent had no source of gynaecological care, one-fourth felt susceptible to breast cancer and a third thought mammograms were too uncomfortable to undergo. (Fulton et al, 1991) Fulton et al (1991) also stress the importance of what they call modifying factors such as ethnicity and access to brave by aldous huxley cues to action. There was a direct relationship, they found, between exposure to cues to videodrome action and the willingness to undergo preventative screenings . Your! This is essay also bourn out in such studies as Hyman, Baker, Ephraim, Moadel and Phillip's 1994 study that showed that being an African American women - rather than a European American woman - was a better predicator of mammography use than any of the four elements of the health model belief. (Brannon and Feist, 2004: 47). It has also been suggested that external contingent factors such as opportunity and poverty is a better predictor of medizin dekanat, health behaviour than the HBM.

One of the most effective and useful applications of the HBM is in the predictive take up of essay, screening for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. A study in the US by Hergenrather and Rhodes (2003) of the essay important, MSM (men who have sex with men) community and videodrome, their willingness to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, found that men who reported high levels of communication with their healthcare provider about essay on roots the movie their sexual orientation and videodrome essay, risk behaviour were more likely to be vaccinated (Hergenrather and Rhodes, 2003:1). Policy could then be directed to specifically address such findings, targeting fiscal and communicative concerns in important specific demographic and psychosocial areas. The Theory Of Planned Behaviour. The TPB is videodrome essay derivative of an earlier concept; the Theory of Reasoned Action and both appear in the works of evaluating, Icek Ajzen.

Ajzen stresses the importance of 'perceived behavioural control' (1991: 103) in affecting people's attitudes and choices relating to their health. Ajzen postulates that it is videodrome essay possible to predict an individual's behaviour through knowledge of, firstly, their attitude towards that behaviour, secondly, their 'subjective norm' and, lastly, their perceived behavioural control. Vs Nurture Pudd Nhead Essay! All of these factors combine to produce an individual's intentions. Perceived behavioural control is the extent that one feels one can alter the essay, outcome of essay degree important, a situation, it is based on a number of videodrome, influencing factors including past experience, access to spurlock size me essay pertinent knowledge and a perception of one's own ability to videodrome overcome obstacles (Brannon and essay the movie, Feist, 2004:50). Ajzen cites studies such as Alagna and Reddy (1984) that suggest there is essay particular pertinence to the area of health regarding this particular theory: When reduced to the level of specific response tendencies, perceived self-efficacy or perceived control over performance of a behaviour is essay on roots the movie found to correlate strongly with actual performance.(Ajzen, 1991: 107) In this view, it is thought that those who feel as though they can easily complete a task or overcome an videodrome, obstacle are more likely to have intensions to do so. Studies such as Orbell, Blair, Sherlock and Conner (2001) and Maher and Rickwood (1991) have suggested that the TPB can be especially effective in predicting behaviour concerning the purchase and consumption of illegal drugs by the young, for essay degree, instance, or the up-take of smoking.

Knowledge of an individual's attitudes on, for instance, cannabis (Armitage et al, 1999), their perception of their own level of control and essay, the subjective norms of their peer group can all aid in the prediction of their behaviour. In Attitudes, Personality and Behaviour, Ajzen gives us a suitably succinct summation of his theorum: With varying implications, attitudes and personality traits can be reduced to essay on roots the movie the level of a particular behaviour, and such behaviour-specific dispositions are found to correlate well with compatible action tendencies. (Ajzen, 1991: 109) He stresses the notion that behaviour is a planned function of the individual and that any decision concerning health and disease prevention can be predicted with knowledge of videodrome essay, such intentions. Of course as many commentators have pointed out your thesis (Pitt and Phillips, 1998, Armitage, 1999) the main difficulty with this model is videodrome that it only identifies intentions of behaviour, intentions that, may or may not result in your actual behavioural outcomes. There are many reasons why an intention may not be acted upon; it may be unsuitable at the time, for instance, or there maybe other contingent external factors (Pitt and Phillips, 1998:13). In an videodrome, Australian study carried out by Kashima and McCamish (1992), it was found that past experience played a considerable role in forming intentions regarding condom use in the prevention of AIDS and HIV: The role of past behaviour, in morgan spurlock particular, appears to be central to essay understanding sexual practice in general, and the use of condoms in particular. Our studies show that past behaviour stabilizes the your thesis, intention to use a condom (or to practice another form of safer sex, such as nonpenetrative sex). Essay! (Kashima and nature nhead wilson, McCamish, 1992: 40)

The importance of videodrome essay, such notions of 'temporal stability' (Ajzen, 1991: 99) is also stressed by Ajzen who cites studies concerning smoking as indicators that specific response tendencies can be both a formative influence of future behaviour and a reliable predictive tool for the health authorities. Behaviour that can predicted, it is dissertation thought, can lead to better targeted and videodrome, so cost effective health care prevention. If we take smoking, for instance, we can see that, using the nature vs nurture nhead essay, TPB, it would be beneficial to suggest that smoking behaviour can be changed and essay, smoking stopped rather than continually stressing its detrimental affects on health. A recent NHS initiative stresses the behavioural control a smoker has over the outcomes of their action and the degree to which they can expect to overcome the obstacle of giving up cigarettes. The Giving Up Smoking campaign website and literature constantly features people who have been successful in giving up smoking rather than images of those smokers who suffer from smoking related diseases. There are testimonials and plans dedicated to help the smoker give up, each of which reinforce their control and essay, target their sense of autonomy over the addiction.

As detailed in Hardill, Kofman and Graham's (2001) Human Geography of the UK, the Labour Government's 1998 white paper Our Healthier Nation (DoH, 1998) not only pledged more money and resources to campaigns that promoted strategies of lifestyle management (Hardill, Kofman and Graham, 2001: 124) but obviously reflected such health behaviour predictors as the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Planned Behaviour: The government has announced a plan to save 148,000 deaths from stroke and coronary heart disease by 2010. Videodrome! Funding will go on training more cardiac surgeons, creating a number of 'chest pain clinics' and 'stop smoking clinics'. (Hardill, Kofman and vs nurture pudd nhead wilson essay, Graham, 2001: 124) The inference in this statement is clear: behaviour, according to the Government at least, can be predicted and health policy adjusted accordingly. Here, the onus on 'stop smoking clinics' and chest pain clinics stress the importance of early detection and prevention, an obvious outcome in a faith in behavioural models as they relate to the health service.

However, not every study agrees with the notion that health predictors are successful in predicting health behaviour . Heaven (1996) cites a study in Australia that looked at essay, the responses of dekanat, 18 year olds to the threat of essay, AIDS , it predicted, using health belief models that the more severe the threat and the more at risk the participants thought themselves in the greater the chance that they would practice safe sex. On Roots! However, this was only partially true, as Heaven states: Although there were no significant differences between the sexes on measures of health motivation and susceptibility to essay infection, these factors did not predict males' sexual risk with casual partners. Females who saw themselves at risk of infection tended to take increased risks with casual partners. Essay Degree! Thus, their perceptions of risk were not matched by preventive behaviour. (Heaven, 1996: 35) Allied to this is a study conducted by Conner and Flesch (2001) that suggested there was strong external reasons, such as alcohol and peer grouping that contributed more to young people ignoring contraception advice than planned behaviour and videodrome, Brannon and Feist (2004) suggesting outright that Research has shown that the health belief model has only limited success in evaluating predicting health-related behaviour (Brannon and Feist, 2004: 54).

The success of health behaviour predictors, then, seems to rest in their ability to be translated into public health policy. It is easy to see how relatively simple structures such as the health belief model form the basis of essay, Government thinking on such areas as giving up smoking, screening for breast cancer and evaluating thesis, use of contraceptives. Essay! As many commentators have suggested (Brannon and Feist, 2004; Freeman and essay the movie, Levine, 1989; Pitt and Phillips, 1998) the actual picture is, perhaps, more complicated, with an-ever growing network of essay, influencing factors constantly at play. However, given constraints such as economics and demographics, it is not surprising that health services rely so heavily on predictive models even though their success rates may be in nature nhead wilson essay doubt. Ajzen, Icek (1991), Attitudes, Personality and Behaviour, (Milton Keynes: Open University Press) Ajzen, Icek and Fishbein, Martin (1980), Understanding Attitudes and Predicating Behaviour, (New Jersey: Prentice Hall) Armitage, Simon, et al (1999), Different Perceptions of Control: Applying an Extended Theory of Planned Behaviour to Legal and Illegal Drug Use, published in Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Vol. Videodrome! 21. Becker, Marshall (1979), Understanding Patient Compliance: The Contributions of Attitudes and Other psychosocial Factors, published in Cohen, I.(ed), New Directions in degree Patient Compliance, (Lexington: Lexington Books) Becker, Marshall and Rosenstock, Irwin (1989), Health promotion: Disease Prevention and videodrome, Program Retention, published in Freeman, Howard and Levine, Sol (eds), Handbook of Medical Sociology - Fourth Edition, (New Jersey: Prentice Hall) Becker, Marshall and essay on roots, Rosenstock, Irwin (1984), Compliance With medical Advice, published in videodrome Steptoe, A.and Mathews, A. On Roots! (eds), Health Care and Human Behaviour, (London: Academic Press) Beisecker, Analee (1991), Interpersonal Communication Strategies to Prevent Drug Abuse by Health Professionals and the Elderly: Contributions of the Health Belief Model, published in videodrome Health Communication Vol. Brave New World By Aldous Huxley! 3. Brannon, Linda and Feist, Jess (2004), Health Psychology: An Introduction to videodrome Behaviour and Health - Fifth Edition, (London: Thompson and Wadsworth) Choosing Health: Making Healthier Choices Easier, (DoH, 2004) Conner, M and Flesch, D. (2001), Having Casual Sex: Additive and Interactive Effects of Alcohol and Condom Availability on the Determinants of Intentions, published in The Journal of vs nurture nhead, Applied Social Psychology, Vol.31 Fulton, John et al, A Study Guided By the Health Belief Model of the Predictors of Breast Cancer Screening of Women Ages 40 and Older, published in essay Public Health Reports Vol. 106, 1991.

Hardill, Irene, Kofman, Eleonore and uni bonn medizin dekanat, Graham, David (2001), Human Geography of the UK, (London: Routledge) Heaven, Patrick, (1996), Adolescent Health: The Role of Individual Differences, (London: Routledge) Hergenrather, Kenneth and Rhodes, Scott (2003), Using An Integrated Approach to essay Understand Vaccination Behaviour Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men: Stages of Change, the Health Belief Model and Self Efficacy, published in Journal of Community Health, Vol. 28. Hochbaum, Geoffrey (1958), Public Participation in Public Screening Programs, (Washington: DHEW) Kishima, Yoshihisa and McCamish, Synthia (1992), Predicting Use of Condoms: Past Behaviour, Norms and the Sexual Partner, published in Edgar, Timothy et al (eds), AIDS: A Communication Perspective, (London: Lawrence Erlbaum) Lewis, K., and uni bonn, Bradley, C (1994), Measures of Diabetes Specific Health Beliefs, published in Bradley C (ed), Handbook of Psychology and Diabetes, (London: Harwood) Maher, R and Rickwood, D., (1997), The Theory of Planned Behaviour, Domain Specific Self Efficacy and Adolescent Smoking, published in Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, Vol. 6 Orbell, S. Videodrome! et al (2001), The Theory of Planned Behaviour and Ecstasy Use: Roles for medizin dekanat dissertation, Habit and Perceived Control Over Taking Versus Obtaining Substances, published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. Videodrome Essay! 31. Our Healthier Nation (DoH, 1998) Pitts, Marian and Phillips, Keith (eds), The Psychology of uni bonn dissertation, Health: An Introduction - Second Edition, (London: Routledge) Rosenstock, I., (1990), The Health Belief Model: Explaining Health Behaviour Through Expectancies, published in Glanz, K., Lewis, F.M. and Rimer, B.K. (eds)., Health Behaviour and Health Education: Theory, Research and Practice, (San Franciso: Jossey-Bass) Russell, Graham (1999), Essential Psychology for Nurses and Other Health Professionals, (London: Routledge) If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Pyschology essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you.

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American Industrialization from Civil War to videodrome, WWI Essay. Uni Bonn Dissertation? Between the Civil War and the end of World War I, industrialization played an ever increasing role in videodrome essay, the economic, social, and political development of the United States. Industrialization had a huge impact on American in all of these ways, such as many Americans moving from the uni bonn, rural areas to urban areas, living the videodrome, big city lifestyle with Industrialization on the rise. Social Darwinism also known as Survival of the fittest took an impact during this time period, the essay on roots the movie, nation was facing great changes causing many people to begin new lifestyles. People began working in factories and videodrome, big buildings instead of on farms.

Labor unions also were formed to protect the workers from unfair wages, long days, unsafe conditions, etc. Although there were positive effects during this time there were also negative effects on the social, political, and essay important, economic, aspects of the United States. First I will go over how industrialization affected America economically. Industrialization was at a rise during this time many “Big Shot” industrialists became quite wealthy from this, although most industrialists used ruthless business tactics to accumulate their wealth. Andrew Carnegie believed in essay, the moral duty of the rich giving back to the community so he spent much of his wealth paying for libraries, universities, trust funds, and Carnegie Hall to be built also creating more jobs (Shown in Document 8). Another Economic effect on the United States was the spurlock super size me essay, American entry into WWI. The army for the United States wasn’t as prepared for the modern campaigning military action like other European nations. America’s productive strength made up for that by boosting billions of dollars and our industrial potential caused its share of world manufacturing output to be 2 and a half times that of Germanys. Our entry transformed the videodrome, balances and compensated for the collapse of Russia at the time (Shown in Document 9) this being a positive of American industrialization.

Next I will discuss the evaluating, social impact industrialization on the United States. Due to essay, such the high demand for employees and work at the time working conditions weren’t always so great. Vs Nurture Wilson Essay? Clara Lemlich a labor union strike leader sparked the 1909 walkout of shirtwaist makers. The strike occurred because workers were making about $6 a week on a good week, are constantly at their machines from 7am to 8pm daily with only one 30 minute lunch break. This strike gathered the public’s attention fueling the creation of essay, labor unions and labor laws (Shown in document 6A).

Due to vs nurture pudd nhead wilson essay, poor working conditions, unsafe and unhealthy work environments, and children working started the creation of labor laws. One of the first of these was the Laws of the state of Illinois and their passage of the 38th general assembly. Some of these laws were if upon inspection such workshops shall be found unhealthy/infectious orders will be given and actions taken as the public health shall require. Another law passed was children under 14 are prohibited from being employed; also no female shall be employed in any factory or workshop for more than 8 hours a day or 48 hours a week (Shown in document 4). Industrialization from the Civil War to videodrome, World War I affected the social aspect of the U.S. by drastic changes, changes the American people were not used to this is where Social Darwinism comes into play. Next I will cover the political changes industrialization caused during this time period.

The “Captains” of Industrialization during this time were arrogant, such as Mr. Rockefeller they believed they were above the Government and politicians. Essay Degree? This created Bad Trusts that reduced competition and drove up prices. Theodore Roosevelt the president at videodrome essay the time became a trust buster, by creating the nature vs nurture nhead wilson essay, Sherman’s Antitrust Act in videodrome, 1890 this declaring all combinations of in restraint trade now illegal (Shown in document 7B). New World Huxley Essay? Another example of the political impact was the essay, Boss tweed and Tammany Hall scandal. Tammany hall was a political organization formed in 1786, and played a major role in controlling New York City and New York State politics. Boss Tweed was an American politician and the “boss” of Tammany Hall. Boss tweeds control over the political patronage in NYC through Tammany Hall as well as the tension between political leaders an industrialization “kings” lead to Boss tweed having and unfair add vantage over essay on roots, other candidates, ensuring loyalty of voters through job offerings. The outcome of this later resulted in Tweed’s conviction for stealing an estimated $25-$45 million dollars from NYC tax payers due to political corruption.

In conclusion the era between the Civil War and World War I’s industrialization played an ever increasing role in essay, the economic, social, and medizin dissertation, political aspect of the United States in both negative and positive aspects. Economic changes ranged from where the people mainly lived and types of jobs to essay, how they changed. As well as labor unions and nature wilson, labor laws changing working conditions, to videodrome, the American entry into WWI. Social changes ranged from the era of reform, the women’s rights movement and the 19th amendment and their right to vote, as well as women causing rallies and strikes. Lastly the political changes ranged from Theodore’s Roosevelt’s “Trust Busting” to political greed and corruption. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 17 March 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on American Industrialization from Civil War to WWI. for morgan size me essay, only $16.38 $13.9/page.

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Videodrome essays

Digital Clock using PIC Microcontroller and DS1307 RTC. A Digital Clock can be made easily by videodrome using PIC Microcontroller, DS1307 and a 16?2 LCD. Evaluating Your? I have already posted about Interfacing DS1307 RTC with PIC Microcontroller. The DS1307 RTC can work either in essay 24-hour mode or 12-hour mode with AM/PM indicator. Medizin Dekanat? It automatically adjusts for months fewer than 31 days including leap year compensation up to year 2100. DS1307 comes with built-in power sensing circuit which senses power failures and automatically switches to back up supply. We can provide a 3V CMOS Battery for that. Communication between PIC Microcontroller and essay, DS1307 takes place through I?C Bus. I recommend reading following articles before going further. Digital Clock using PIC Microcontroller and DS1307 RTC – Circuit Diagram. I hope that you can easily understand the circuit diagram.

The circuit is powered using a 5V power supply. 8MHz crystal is the movie, connected to videodrome, PIC Microcontroller to provide necessary clock for the operation. An RCR (Resistor-Capacitor-Resistor) made using 10K?, 0.1µF, 4.7K? is connected to MCLR pin of PIC Microcontroller as recommended by Microchip. It will work fine even if you tie MCLR pin directly to VDD but Microchip doesn’t recommends it. DS1307 RTC is evaluating thesis, connected to PIC microcontroller via I 2 C bus.

Pull up resistors connected to I 2 C bus is very important, please make sure that you are using correct values for it. An additional power supply (usually a battery or button cell) is connected to DS1307 RTC for running the clock during power failures. This circuit will function even without that battery also but the clock will stop and videodrome essay, reset during power failure. You can download the MikroC Source Code and Proteus Files etc at the end of this article. Here I explains the Source Code and different functions used in it. The Three points to your, be noted while editing or creating program for essay this project: DS1307 RTC is fully Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) clock/calender. So the data read from DS1307 should be converted to required format according to our needs and evaluating your, data to be written to DS1307 should be in videodrome essay BCD format.

Library for the movie Interfacing LCD With PIC Microcontroller of MikroC needs Character or String Data. So data to be displayed in the LCD Screen should be converted to Character. Videodrome Essay? Addition and vs nurture nhead wilson, Subtraction cannot be directly applied on BCD. Here I first convert BCD to Binary. Then addition and subtraction can be simply applied on Binary. Then the Binary is converted back to BCD.

Functions that are used for reading and writing data from videodrome, DS1307 are explained in uni bonn medizin dekanat the article Interfacing DS1307 with PIC Microcontroller please refer it. BCD2UpperCh() and BCD2LowerCh() are the two functions used to convert BCD to Character. Hour, Minute, Second, Date, Month and Year data are stored in videodrome essay DS1307 in separate 8-bit registers in BCD format. We read the dissertation, data of videodrome essay these registers to access time/date. BCD2UpperCh() converts most significant 4 bits to corresponding character and thesis, BCD2LowerCh() converts least significant 4 bits to videodrome essay, corresponding character. The BCD2Binary() converts the uni bonn dissertation, BCD data read from the RTC to corresponding Binary for addition or subtraction and Binary2BCD converts the Binary back to BCD.

Bit 6 of Hour register is defined as the videodrome essay, 24-hour or 12-hour mode selection bit. When this bit is made high, 12-hour mode is selected and essay, Bit 5 will represent AM/PM (Logic High represents PM). Note : During the first setup, you might need to videodrome essay, set the time to nature pudd wilson essay, clock to start running. If you have any doubts regarding the Program please do Comment. Here is the photograph of videodrome essay this project tested in our lab. Digital Clock using PIC Microcontroller and DS1307 RTC.

You can download complete project files here. I am a technology enthusiast who likes to work with circuits, microcontrollers, linux, RTOS, IoT etc. You can hire me for your project, just drop a mail to pudd nhead, [emailprotected] I do research and developments in hardware, software and firmware. Follow Me on LinkedIn. tienes los codigos de c compiler’? Yes. the compiler…..MikroC Pro for PIC. as for Proteus File, which version you used?, because MikroC Pro v4.6 can not open this file. waiting you ASAP.

I am using MikroC Pro v4.60 …………..Open the dc.c file in text editor and videodrome, copy paste, then compile………. it is OK now, but i want to morgan spurlock size, enhance on my project “Smart incubator. Machine with Temp, Humidity, Fresh Airing, Motor for flipping, serial. Interfacing and RTC for calculating Hatching Time Interval”. But the mikroc pro V4.6 with me is Limited in Code editing, is there any idea instead of buying Mikroc Pro, could you help me. Thanks for replying.

Some of essay my friends said that, crack is nature vs nurture wilson essay, available… …search for it……… it is OK now, i replace my version by cracked one. characters for set is not blanked ? I don’t understand you…Please elaborate……. I successfully loaded this program on videodrome, a PIC16F877a chip and it does work so long as the PICKIT 3 that is used to program the chip remains connected. As soon as I disconnect the PICKIT, the time on the LCD stays fixed. Thesis? If if flip the power off and back on (on the PIC16) then it will refresh the time back up to date. My question is videodrome essay, why doesn’t the PIC16 seem to run when the PICKIT is no longer connected. I’ve tried playing around with the registers and so far have no luck #128577; Any ideas?

Mycircuit is the same as the nature, one in the article. I just figured out what the videodrome essay, problem was, I was using a PAD trainer for my 5 volt power supply. Essay Degree Important? When I switched to another variable power supply I have, the clock now works as it should with or without the PICKIT connected. FINALLY! It may be the videodrome essay, problem of power supply………PICKIT3 supply’s the 5v supply needed for essay the pic……..when it is disconnected the sudden change in the supply voltage affects it working………Use a 100uF capacitor across the VCC and videodrome essay, VSS…….I think it will solve it.

i have this p`roblem. function main not definied. if yes…… a new project, copy paste the code there and compile…… HELLO SIR…..i have done my proteus simulation and and it works properly but in hardware lcd doesnot show any thing ….is there any precaution or special arrangement to connect DS1307 IC to 8051 kit….. to 8051 kit ? ……..

DS1307 and its crystal are very sensitive to noise…So please read the your, datasheet of DS1307 before designing the pcb …… i have read sir ..i am getting where is prob….8051 kit is videodrome, working properly but only DS1307 kit is not working properly as i think …….please suggest me what can i do. pls, can you tell me the size of crystal for the PIC . check whether the sda scl pins are connected properly and pull up resistor is connected properly……….. sir, can you tell me what is the your thesis, specific component of i2c in proteus…where i can get that hardware… help me sir… thanks. can I put the alarm for this circuit but I don’t know how to program.. can you help me on videodrome, this… Yes, for alarm you may connect a Buzzer to PIC Microcontroller…..

but i don’t know which pin that connect to PIC… help me sir…pliss. what is pullup and nature vs nurture pudd nhead essay, pulldown in proteus?? You can connect a buzzer to any of the output pin of the PIC…………and program it………For eg: if you connect buzzer to videodrome, 1st pin of PORTD (19th pin) PORTD.F0 = 1 makes its output 5v while. PORTD.F0 = 0 makes it output 0V. Pull up and Pull Down are two resistors………….. Evaluating Your Thesis? As its name indicates pull up is essay, used to make a pin (or node) high while Pull Down is used to medizin, make a pin (or node) low……..But in the circuit I used 10K ohm resistors instead of Pull up and pull down…..

PORTD.F0 = 1 makes its output 5v while. PORTD.F0 = 0 makes it output 0V. there is the program that you mentioned or such to understand me about connection. PORTD.F0 = 0 makes it output 0V… I don’t understand this… to make a pin high for 3 seconds at a particular time : This code makes 19th pin of microcontroller high at 5:40. I will try that… hope you can follow up my question because I don’t know about PIC… there is the hardware for pullup and pulldown resistor or just use the common resistor?? Pull up and pull down are common resistors ………..A resistor is videodrome essay, called pull up when it is used to make HIGH a node……… while a resistor is new world by aldous essay, called pull down when it is used to make a node LOW. sir is BCD2upperCh/lowerCh are library routines present in mikroC?

No they are used defined libraries……….. You can download it above.. The program is lengthy so I didn’t included in essay the article……… good morning sir. i was fortunate by downloading this project and im very happy for degree that but i got a little problem thats when the lcd dispalying time i see that theres a difference between the real time and your time on lcd in second digit its not running at the same time with the real second clock please can you help me to essay, figure out this problem and realize my personal seven segment clock?? Sorry, it was a problem with proteus design….. I edited and upload the new file…. Please redownload the file…….. good afternoon sir..

can i know what version of proteus that you use? because the proteus file cannot be open at my laptop.. I created the file using proteus 7.6… but before 1 week I edited the file with proteus 7.9 ………. Sir how to change time using Set,+,- switches? when I try to nature vs nurture pudd essay, change date changes! Time settings are like a digital watch…. 1 press at set switch then you can change hour.. then 1 more press you can change minute.. Sir..i have tried your program in my project.,but i am using a pic18f4550 so i modified a little with the ports in videodrome essay the code..i was able to get the time running in essay my lcd but the problem is it seems that the rtc was synchronized with the clock in my pc.,i use my pickit2 in supplying voltage,but when i use a separate power supply, time in videodrome essay rtc does not display on degree important, lcd..what seems to be the videodrome essay, problem? Proteus simulation will show the time in essay your PC. When comes to actual hardware, when you switch on the power supply it will show time 00-00-80… then you need to set the time..

Ah i see..thank you very much..i’ll try it out..i’ll update you if it is essay, ok now..thanks a lot! I have tried to make alarm in this project by pudd essay modifying your code. Like I have used a int variable and converted your hour variable data to Decimal by using BCDTODEC16 in Mikroc as shown below: The Dhour is videodrome, variable and I have used it in Main : if(Dhour==12) // checking if its 12 o clock. Light=1; then switch on light. But practically its not working! will you please help me sir? Sir..I have tried it with my actual doesn’t show anything on degree, the LCD only a series of small rectangles (like this ==============) on top of the videodrome essay, LCD..i am very sure i followed everything in nature pudd essay your program and me pls.thanks!

Check your LCD data pins connections…… interchanging data pins results in unexpected characters… Pull UP resistors of videodrome SCL and SDA should be close to 2K….. Yes, i used 1.8K resistor as pull ups for my SCL and morgan super size, curious because when i use PICkit2 as a supply voltage,it displays time but not stable (the time and date changes almost every second) and as i said earlier when i supply it with an external power supply for my actual hardware,the time doesn’t appear anymore..thanks by the way for the help..i’ll try checking again my pin connections. thank you. You may use a good power supply. or Try after adding a 100uF capacitor near to pic microcontroller to filter ac voltages… Keep the length of I2C (SCL SDA) between pic and videodrome, RTC as minimum as possible… It is difficult to essay important, find out the problem of your code by videodrome evaluating this segment only…

Where did you turn off the light. Ok sir..i’ll try it then..ill update again if i encounter problems..thank you very much,.i had a wire connection for SCL SDA almost it ok? 12 inch is very large……. Evaluating Your Thesis? Make it short as possible.. Ok sir..thank you very the way what is the value of the 3 pull ups on the switches and the Var Resistor? i followed the value on your proteus design, thanks again for the help. I didn’t turn off the light first I am trying to make just a routine which will check time and if it matches the videodrome, routine time then it should make the “light” to logic one. but its always on! You can use 10K.. as in proteus design. Try this: first turn off the light……….. then turn on medizin dekanat dissertation, it when needed… sir I have set light to 0 or off and then burned the program but its again on always but not at that time! I can’t find the real problem without the circuit and entire program…. Try this : turn light off when needed and on otherwise..

sir..i wasn’t able to come up with the essay, output you were saying earlier (00-00-80) the time and date displays on the lcd as soon as i plug it in with a supply..but the time and pudd nhead wilson essay, date was not stable,.keep on changing almost every second. plss help..thanks.. It may be due to noise, these devices are very sensitive to noise. Essay? First make your power supply free of noise by adding filtering capacitors………. Huxley Essay? Shorten the distance of I2C lines and essay, place it close to pic microcontroller.. Ok sir..thanks,i’ll try fixing it again,hopefully it would work now..thank u very much for the help..i already made the I2C lines shorter,,about 1.5 inch the way with your code in converting BCD, do i still have to change anything there coz im using a pic18f4550(4mhz crystal)..and in your proj you used a pic16f..thanks, is it possible to morgan spurlock me essay, display month and day with its name ? sir here is the modified code: sir I have tried your code with PIC16f628A using soft I2C and was succesful.

But not working what I am trying. // Software I2C connections. sbit Soft_I2C_Scl at videodrome RB4_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Sda at RB1_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Scl_Direction at size TRISB4_bit; sbit Soft_I2C_Sda_Direction at TRISB1_bit; // End Software I2C connections. // LCD module connections. sbit LCD_RS at RB0_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RA1_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RB3_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RB5_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RB6_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISB0_bit; sbit LCD_EN_Direction at TRISA1_bit; sbit LCD_D4_Direction at TRISB2_bit; sbit LCD_D5_Direction at TRISB3_bit; sbit LCD_D6_Direction at essay TRISB5_bit; sbit LCD_D7_Direction at TRISB6_bit; // End LCD module connections.

sbit Sett at RA2_bit; sbit Inc at RA3_bit; sbit Dec at uni bonn dekanat dissertation RA4_bit; unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) unsigned short r_data; Soft_I2C_Write(0xD0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 followed by 0 – 0xD0. Soft_I2C_Write(0xD1); //0x68 followed by videodrome 1 – 0xD1. void write_ds1307(unsigned short address,unsigned short w_data) Soft_I2C_Start(); // issue I2C start signal //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for read) 0x68 followed by 0 – 0xD0. Soft_I2C_Write(0xD0); // send byte via I2C (device address + W) Soft_I2C_Write(address); // send byte (address of DS1307 location) Soft_I2C_Write(w_data); // send data (data to pudd nhead essay, be written) Soft_I2C_Stop(); // issue I2C stop signal.

unsigned char BCD2UpperCh(unsigned char bcd) unsigned char BCD2LowerCh(unsigned char bcd) unsigned short Bcd2Dec(unsigned short bcdnum) unsigned short tmp = 0; tmp += (bcdnum 0x0F); int Binary2BCD(int a) unsigned short set_count = 0; unsigned short set; unsigned short i; unsigned short Dhour; unsigned short Hcnt; void Check_time() //here I am converting bcdtodec. Dhour=Bcd2Dec(Hcnt); //saving the value in variable. unsigned short counter; counter = 0; // reset counter. counter++; // increment counter. INTCON.T0IF = 0; // Clear Timer0 overflow interrupt flag.

CMCON = 0x07; // To turn off comparators. // ADCON1= 0x06; // To turn off analog to videodrome essay, digital converters. Lcd_Init(); // Initialize LCD. Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CLEAR); // Clear display. Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); // Cursor off. Soft_I2C_Init(); // Initialize Soft I2C communication. hour = hour + set; hour = hour 0b11100001; hour = hour ^ 0x20; else if((hour 0x1F) = 60) write_ds1307(5,month); // write month 6 June. year = year + set; write_ds1307(6, year); // write year.

hr = hour 0b00011111; ap = hour 0b00100000; Lcd_out(1, 6, time); Lcd_out(2, 6, date); Check_time(); //here i am checking time. if(Dhour==11) //if its 11 then make RB7=1. but its not working.

means only month and day or with time and date? if yes then its possible… for conversion you can also use the built in library routines of mikroc pro. Yes… just program it… if(month == 1) print January etc… Ok sir..thank you very much.. PORTB.RB7 ?? use PORTB.F7 = 1; Thank you sir! but I am using PIC16F628A so its PORTB.RB7. I will try with it.

No, PORTB.RB7 is not valid, for every pic microcontroller PORTB.F7 is valid… in mikroc.. Uni Bonn Dekanat Dissertation? pro. Sir its not working.its just showing logic 0. worked!!thank you very much..just want to ask,how do you configure the clock to be 12-hour clock not 24 hour clock? thank you.. Sir, Now its working. but not the correct way. I have tried to put the”hr” variable in essay Bcd2dec(hr) instead of direct reading from RTC and then made portB.F7=1; and its now working. But then is the brave new world by aldous, data from RTC is not BCD? or “hr” variable is BCD? I did’nt understood! I guess in hr = hour 0b00011111; you are masking some bits of BCD… this is the essay, comment that I gave before but now its working. Yes you are right, we need only the last 5 bits of hour…

Press the set button 1st, then you can change hour using + – buttons, then press set button, then you can change minute so on, DS1307 can work in 12 / 24 hour mode by uni bonn using the essay, bit 6 of spurlock super hour register.. Hey mr. George,,thanks again with the help..will you please help me again,i would like to count every change of minute on the time..but i’m confused how to make a somewhat like counter variable which will hold/count the videodrome, value of the pudd nhead, change in minute..ex,time is videodrome essay, 9:00:00..if min became 01..the counter should count 1..and so on..please help me..thanks… Actually I don’t get your question,…… I think you may store minute in essay on roots a separate variable…. i already did..i tried storing minute in a separate variable..(like j = minute..) but im confused how to count the next change of minute.,sorry if you dont understand my question..i want to make a counter variable which will increment everytime the value of minute changes..i’m really confused..please help me..thanks..

Store current and previous minutes in two variables…. Ok then..i’ll try it…thank you very much sir! it doesn’t seem to is what im trying to do..example: if a port is videodrome, high at 9:00:00, i want to nhead, store the 00min in essay a variable and essay on roots, when it changes to 01 and the port is still in high state, a counter variable will increment(count++) problem is how will i know if the minute has already changed from 00 to 01?i tried storing minutes in separate variables but it seems like it does not recognize the minute data i stored..please help me…thanks. it doesn’t seem to videodrome, work..i tried storing minute in 2 separate variables like what you’s what im trying to do..example..if a pin goes high at uni bonn medizin dekanat 9:00:00, i will store 00min in a variable and if it changes to essay, 01,and the evaluating your thesis, pin is still in high state, a counter variable will increment(count++). my problem is how will i know if the minute has already changed from videodrome, 00 to 01. Uni Bonn Dekanat Dissertation? im really confused..i tried what u said, but not working..(maybe i did not do it correctly)..please help me..thank you. if(previous != current port == 1) thank you sir..i’ll do it again..hope this time it will work..ill update again with the progress..thank you very much! Sir..i just tried a piece of code,but it does not work..pls inspect: minute = read_ds1307(1); //i tried to essay, read the time where the 2 ports where high.

previousMin = minute; ///stored min to previous. if(PORTB.F4 == 1 PORTB.F5 == 1)///check again if the pudd nhead wilson, ports are high. minute = read_ds1307(1); //read again the videodrome, minute. currentMin = minute;//stored the minute to current. if(previousMin != currentMin (PORTB.F4 == 1 PORTB.F5 == 1)) //compare the uni bonn medizin, 2 variables and videodrome, check 2 ports state. counterM++; //increment the counter. if(PORTB.F4 == 1 PORTB.F5 == 1) //check again the new world essay, ports.

if(counterM == 2) ///check the videodrome, value of counter. pls help me..i really wasn’t sure with the part (minute = read_ds1307(1))..pls help me,.thank you.. previousMin = minute; this statement wil execute more than one time when f4 f5 of portb are high….. It should be executed once to essay, work this program correctly…. .. Instead of using of 2 buttons for increment and decrement can I use 4?3 keypad in essay your code? BTW thank you to your site I learned alot. #128512; Yes, of-course you can use. but a keypad just for your thesis setting a time makes an unwanted expense … ok thank you, question sir. how can I see the cursor while doing the setting mode in LCD and videodrome, how can I set an brave huxley essay, alarm in videodrome ur prog. Try after removing Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); For setting alarm you may store the time in PICs EEPROM, and compare with time reading from RTC.. I tried that before my cursor blink at new world end of the essay, date, basically it appear in 2nd row, 9th col. do you have a simple example of EEPROM. if I’m mistaken it is evaluating thesis, like NVRAM store data when the essay, power is lost.

BTW thank you! #128512; Use other cursor control commands… Move cursor to evaluating your thesis, the 1st row_LCD_SECOND_ROW. – Move cursor to the 2nd row. Blink cursor on.

– Move cursor left without changing display data RAM. – Move cursor right without changing display data RAM. For using can use mikroc functions.. Eeprom_read() and Eeprom_write() … Still not blinking. First I Use the command _LCD_BLINK_CURSOR_ON and put the _LCD_MOVE_RIGHT. The cursor will be shown on videodrome essay, the LCD if you don’t turn off it..

IC1_Init(100000); //DS1307 I2C is running at 100KHz. Lcd_Init(); // Initialize LCD. Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CLEAR); // Clear display. Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_BLINK_CURSOR_ON); // Blink Cursor. hour = hour + set; hour = hour 0b11100001; hour = hour ^ 0x20; else if((hour 0x1F) = 0x00) hour = hour | 0b00010010; hour = hour ^ 0x20; write_ds1307(2, hour); //write hour. that#039;s my code and still not working… Isn’t you tried in Proteus?… I think it will work in real hardware…. try it…….

Yes, I’ll work on real hardware but the output is the same, not blinking when setting the brave new world huxley essay, HH:MM:SS, MO/DD/YR. Sir will i be able to use the CCP module of pic16f877A with the ds1307 as the videodrome, timer? hi sir. is it possible to replace ds1307 with vs1307. i looked up the morgan spurlock size me essay, pin config of the two and it’s just sam bu when i tried to use it the lcd, it only videodrome essay display (Time:10:=0:=0 AM) (Date:=0-=0-=0) I think you can use vs1307. Error may be due to noise…. Try shortening the distance from PIC to RTC. Which are the pull up resistors that you used?

You should use 2.2K or 1.8K… My proteus shows blinking cursor when I remove Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); Sir. Uni Bonn Medizin Dekanat Dissertation? how can I message you privately so that you can see my code It’s kind a long when I post it here…? sir i still got the same output..what should i do. Sir I got the essay, output but it is not stable and continuously changing. time 00-00-80 i got this output but i cant edit the time using button. ok i’ll try..i didn’t succeed with my other experiment with storing the minute, and thesis, i realized maybe i could use this CCP module..but im a little bit confused because it says there that it uses the internal timer of ill try expermenting it with the ds1307..if you have any sample programs for these hope you can help me..thanks. DS1307 RTC doesn’t use internal timer of videodrome PIC, so you can use the internal timer for other purposes. This is the first time output when you power the morgan spurlock size, clock….. Check connections of videodrome essay switches… When you reset the second to 00 the clock will start running..

You may have some noise problems………. Shorten the distance between pic and rtc and use recommended pull up resistors.. Ah, i see..but can i store (example) a minute data in EEPROM?and later i will retrieve the minute data and compare it with the another one? is EEPROM capable of storing the time data of the ds1307. thank you very much again mr. Uni Bonn? george! yes you can store time date etc in videodrome essay pic’s eeprom…. Ok in store the evaluating your, time date data of ds1307?im still newbie with this EEPROM,ill try it out,hope it will work.thank you very much.ill post an videodrome essay, update later.. Sir, is it possible to take control of spurlock super size me essay a specific interval of time in ds1307?(example) i want my device to be checking a sensor from videodrome, 9:00:00am until 1:00:00pm..i want that my sensor should recognize the 4hr- time interval on which it would be checked over and over by the system..plss help me,thank you very much.

You can compare the time from RTC with a predetermined time for that.. done sir..thank the way how do you set the rtc into evaluating thesis 12hr mode??im having a hard time understanding the 6bit and videodrome, 5bit of the registers.. There is a bit in the hour register to set 12/24 hour mode. good morning sir. please can you help me to realize it with 4 sevent segment?? This link may help you..

thank you sir its ikay now. but when i copare seconds of uni bonn medizin dissertation this project and seconds on essay, my laptop i see that theres a differnce and thats can effect the shown time can you correct it please to make no difference between this RTC and all otherRTC?? I don’t get your question.. the time on this project it not running same like real time. seconds on this projects is running very slowly when we copare it with the clock of my house or my laptop and later it will effect the minutes my question is can you try to make seconds running like real time. and thank you again because you are the only one who answer my stupid questions. You are welcome.. It is running real time in my laptop… When did you download the zip file? Before a month there is a problem with the proteus design.. and brave new world by aldous huxley, I corrected it…

Check the proteus: Which are the Pull Up resistors connected to videodrome essay, SCL and SDA ?…. Essay Degree? use 2.2K or 1.8k…. in proteus better to videodrome, use the PULL UP resistor from their library… sir, i download your new zip file and it running slowly than normal time.please kindly help me and re-post the proteus design. It is essay degree, working fine on my proteus.. It may the problem with proteus version.. Videodrome? I am using 7.10 ….. Just try after changing the value of I2C pull up resistors to 1.8K or 2.2K..

yes sir,it is new world huxley, proteus problem.proteus animating time depend on animating options frames per essay second value.sorry for vs nurture wilson essay my mistake.your project is very useful. To GAZ; change the frame value and run the essay, project #128578; Thanks for uni bonn medizin dekanat dissertation your feedback.. i have construct the videodrome, circuit in stripboard. When I put the IC and test the circuit, I found that the spurlock super size, circuit didn’t work. When I press the videodrome, push button there is no output in the lcd. I have troubleshoot the circuit and I found that there is connection at your DS1307, between pin 5 and pin 6. I have reconstruct the circuit and videodrome, the problem is me essay, still same. Essay? Can u give me the nature vs nurture pudd, opinion how to solve the problem? Hope u can help me. There is no connection between 5 and 6… check the pull up resistors that you have used for SCL (6) and SDA (5). Videodrome Essay? Use 2.2K or 1.8K… what about the resistor at DS1307.

Which resistor that i should use?Is it okay if I use 20 KH for crystal value. I don’t get your questions.. Which resistor?? sorry sir. resistor that connected with pin 5 and pin 6 at DS1307. For crystal value is it okay If I used 20 000 H for both IC?

Use Standard 32.768kHz Quartz Crystal for evaluating your thesis DS1307 and 8MHz crystal for PIC… Use 2.2K resistors… Thank u so much sir for ur information..i really appreciate it.. hye sir..sorry for interrupting.. Sir can u send me the hex file?It is because the existing hex file not working in my proteus. It is working fine…. What is the problem in essay your proteus?

when i click the push button there is no changes at the LCD. 1st click on the set button.. then use other buttons to adjust hour… then click on the set button again.. then use other buttons to adjust minute… and by aldous, so on.. Sir ,make your clock and pic 16f877a does not out put in hardware.why? sir can read ds1307 without write time ,date, in essay first time. It is 100% working.. Brave New World? we have tested it… In the first time.. the default time will be 00-00-80. .. and the clock will not be running.. We want to reset the second, to make the clock running.. What is the output of your hardware. seven segment sir. What is the error in output? no pic out put signal.i write PORTD.F0=1; like code with clock code after power supply i check the videodrome, F0 pin it is no out put signal.kindely help me. Did you connected Vdd and Vss of evaluating pic microcontroller which are not shown in the above circuit diagram? First check your pic by videodrome doing LED blinking..

thank you sir for degree your reply, i write your clock code under the while loop.i dont use do-while loop.that is affect my programme?what is the different of essay do-while and while? but my code work in proteus. You can use while or.. do while.. for making infinite loop.. Evaluating Your? It will not affect the videodrome essay, program.. The only difference between them is.. condition is checked before entering the nature vs nurture pudd, loop in while() .. Essay? but in.. do..while() .. Essay On Roots? it is checked after the execution of the segment…. Essay? The program segment will execute once in your thesis do..while() even if the condition is essay, false.. sir clock work perfectly.thanks for your help.sir i try to make 60 led (circle led indicate second) clock and led drive with 74hc595 but 60 led not indicate anything. how to write in mikro c code for this(led on one by one according to second). hope your help.

i need this project .but i need a lil modification to it . Essay? if u can help me with this i will be thank full to u … i need an additional output port which will be triggered from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm or 8.00-20.00hrs. i need to trigger a 5v relay with the time .. if any1 can help please i m not into programming but if i get the code and videodrome, hex with crt diagram i will be thankfull. i need this project .but i need a lil modification to it . Important? if u can help me with this i will be thank full to u … i need an additional output port which will be triggered from videodrome essay, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm or 8.00-20.00hrs. i need to essay on roots, trigger a 5v relay with the essay, time .. if any1 can help please i m not into programming but if i get the code and huxley essay, hex with crt diagram i will be thankfull. Ligo, absolutely amazing circuits with great explanation.

This is one of the best site in essay digital electronics world. It’s a great service to spurlock super me essay, the community. Well Done. Thank you very much .. Hi thank you very much, your website is awesome, i would like to feed this circuit with a 3.7v battery using a 3v LCD, but I’ve search a lot on internet regarding PIC’s on batteries but there’s little information about that, every one wants to use voltage regulators but that’s very inefficient, i think using a 3.7 v battery would be the best approach but there’s almost no information about the essay, considerations of doing that, what do you think? Use PIC 16LF877A, a lower voltage version of pic 16f877a…. It can work at 3.7V…. Your? For operating LCD, you can drop about 0.7V by connecting a 1N4007 diode in essay series.. Hi, thanks.

I read that Li ion batteries doesn’t have to go below certain voltage 3.2v aprox to prevent over discharge, so i think i need some under voltage lockout circuit to prevent that.. Medizin Dekanat Dissertation? or not? It is essay, better to add over discharge protection…. You may use a voltage comparator for that… how much the value of the crystal for degree important the microcontroller and the DS1307? Use 8MHz crystal for PIC and videodrome essay, use Standard 32.768kHz Quartz Crystal for uni bonn dekanat dissertation DS1307… First, thanks for your explanations. I tried to use your code on pic16F887 (instead of 877) it gives me compilation error on essay, include library – include (line 4) I tried to eraze this line,finaly looking on my LCD I don’t see anything (resistors forSDA and SCL attached).

I use as power an old Nokia charger (5v output) Can you , please, help me. This code is meant for PIC 16F877A not for PIC 16F877 and evaluating your, the compiler used here is MikroC. If you want to videodrome, use 16F877, I hope that no code modifications are required but you should compile it after changing the new world huxley, microcontroller in project settings… What are the videodrome, values that has to be written to hours register if 12 hour format is selected. Mention all the nature vs nurture pudd wilson, values for 12 AM to essay, 11 AM and 12 PM to 11 PM. DS1307 is a BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Clock.. so you should write hours as BCD..6th bit of the hour register determines whether the clock is 12/24 hour….. and 5th bit determines whether it is AM or PM when it is evaluating your thesis, running in videodrome 12 hour mode… The program given along this article is 100% working… I have this error when compile c: “Error 128 dc.c, Line 2(1,3): A #DEVICE is important, required before this line” The code is written for MikroC Pro for PIC Microcontrollers…

I think you are using some other compiler.. Ups, I?m programming with PICC CCS #128577; i am using your micro c code,but lcd only display character “Time:” and videodrome, “Date:” only…can you help me to correct the code and solve my problem to nature vs nurture pudd wilson, make this simulation successful? i really need your help…i am using pic16f877 and crystal 11.0592Mhz… Did you tried my project files. Videodrome? It is 100% working in proteus and dissertation, hardware….. Essay? You needn’t connect I2C debugger if you are using correct pull up resistors… Use resistors that labeled PULL UP in proteus libraries.. check… Check stage by stage instead of testing it after wiring the essay, whole circuit… fist time… then add motor.. etc.. Can you help ds1307 with 7 segment 6 digit.

sir, why button doesnt work? when i push each button nothig happen. but clock is running, in proteus i mean. im using your code and schematic. i found it, button must be pressed much longer than usual because of “delay”, in proteus, i think…… #128578; I will help you, but please don’t ask me to design it completely.. I will help you technically…….. Use 4511 7 segment decoder.. Yes.. you are right.. .reduce the delay in the program as per your requirement.. sir, i want to combine two shematics: digital clock and digital thermometer. i adjusted the shematic(in proteus) fot adding lm35, the buttons are now in portd(porta.ra0 for lm35) and i maked the right setting for activating analog imput, But i dont know where in program of clock to add the thermometer sequence. i’ve tried tu use external interupt orTMR0 fot interupt routine but didnt work. Videodrome? were in program can i put the thermometer sequence? is something else to add? yes..i have tried and it is working..thank you…but,how i want to combine my motor and led program with this clock? for your example, i want the led on for 5 seconds and then the motor is moving for 10 seconds when the clock is at 8:00 a.m, 1:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m ?? Do like this…void interrupt() print the value on videodrome, display; you can also do it without using interrupt.. just use if conditions …and splitting the delay…(to avoid interruption in the lcd display)

SMall delay, 100ms. thus when the time is reached.. led will be ON for about 5 seconds (50x100ms) but i want to use this to combine it as i said before?? and the button to set,up and vs nurture nhead, down still doesn’t working after i change the delay of button.. TRISD = 0; // PORT B as output port. PORTD = 0; // Set RB0 to high. Delay_ms (10000); //10 seconds delay. // To turn motor clockwise. Delay_ms (1000); //1 seconds delay. PORTD = 0; // PORTB = 3. // To turn motor anticlockwise direction. PORTD = 0; // (3=0b00000011) // To turn motor clockwise. Delay_ms (1000); //1 seconds delay. PORTD = 0; // PORTB = 3. // To turn motor anticlockwise direction.

PORTD = 0; // (3=0b00000011) I already said that .. you should split the delay of videodrome essay motor rotation as I indicated in nature nhead wilson essay the previous algorithm.. Essay? otherwise the time updation process will be interrupted.. You can download the program and uni bonn dissertation, proteus files through the videodrome, above download link.. i download it but i need hexfile pls send the hexfile only to my mail please. hi sir! thats a nice project, #128578; sir how can i identify if my rtc is really working or damaged. i did ur project and it really works, but on the second time around, i cannot set the important, corresponding time, the switches are not working and videodrome essay, my rtc became very hot.. Essay The Movie? what should i do. Hello, all the program files including the videodrome essay, hex file is present in the downloaded zif file.. I thing your circuit might have a short circuit… Please recheck the whole wiring……… Note that the you should press and essay, hold the switch for some time (less than 500ms) to work… hi sir! for 5v supply can i use (4) 1.5v battery.

use a 5.1V zener diode OR. put two 1n4007 diode in series to drop excess voltage.. I am planning to buy pic compiler which compiler you suggest mikro c or Hi tech c. my first project using your code is working well, thanks a lot. sorry can the hex file work for microcontroller 16f877 because i cant get microcontroller 16f877A here. Videodrome? thanks. Try after rebuilding the code by brave new world by aldous changing the microcontroller to pic 16f877 in the mikroc project settings.. Thanks for your feedback.. I think your display is damaged.. try replacing with another.. Give me code in videodrome mikroBasic please,….f. Sorry, I haven’t yet used mikroBasic.. i want to display the numbers from 1 t0 1000 in pic16f690 in uni bonn dissertation LCD but it is not displaying.can you give some ideas to work with ascii characters. sir,, i wrote the program you give to me…is that need to wrote if(8:00:00) after clock program or any specific column? for example. when i run, the error said 260 406 ‘)’ expected, but ‘:’ found .. can you explain more details to videodrome essay, me..

That errors are simple syntax errors….. Nature Vs Nurture Pudd Wilson Essay? check syntax errors in your program…… and all the essay, code should be written in that while loop… not outside it… even though it is nature vs nurture pudd, not a syntax error… I need your suggestion to make my project success, In my project i am using PIC16F72, monitoring(RB0) a signal from RF transmitter and videodrome essay, its comes once in 10Sec of 1 Sec width. I need to run my code until RF signal present. If RF signal not received with in essay degree important 15 sec code should not run further.

How can i use the interrupts in this case. how can i get the videodrome, code. Good Job, I hope for you the best ^_^. i can not get the code. sorry i dont know how to do that, can you help me and send me the hex file… [emailprotected]

Sorry for new world by aldous essay the delay in videodrome replay.. Uni Bonn Medizin? I was busy .. I hope that mikroBasic should also have built in function for interrupt.. You can download it at above download link…. It was not working for videodrome essay some days.. Nhead Essay? Now the problem is solved..

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.. Thanks for videodrome the feedback.. Nature Pudd Nhead Wilson Essay? #128578; You can download it at above download link…. It was not working for some days.. Now the problem is solved.. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.. Please try it yourself…. 1. Open the MikroC Project. 2. Go to Project Edit Project.

3. Videodrome? Change the MCU name to essay on roots the movie, 16F877. Now your new hex file will be generated.. honestly i dont know how to use micro c, i use pic c compiler, i try download micro c am having problem with it, if u dont mind doing this project for videodrome essay me on a pcb board i want to brave new world huxley essay, buy it and defend it for my final year project by december ready to pay all the cost.. The Download button just takes me to essay, the profile page. #128577; Please try it now.. we have some server problems… Still not working. Any chance you could just email me the essay on roots, code, please? I want to down load the file also and the button up doesn’t work, help me please or send it to my email . Thanks alot the the link work succesfully ^_^ Sorry… now we have a lot of server problems… please try now… .. If it is not working… give me your mail id.. I will mail you..

sorry for the inconvenience caused.. Thanks for videodrome essay the feedback.. Sir, DS1307 ,It needs 5V to it’s Vcc pin. Can you said for me practically ,at the uni bonn medizin, first switch on videodrome, to the curuit what will be displayed? thank you very much for your help. Hello.. please try it .. it is simple.. Just download mikroc pro.. from essay, and try.. Videodrome? Now we can ship projects only to India.. only to india? please i will pay the shipping fee….i dont mind the cost…i need it very urgent…

When did you need this?? northern cyprus, close to turkey….i need it by uni bonn medizin january 3… Sorry… I am very busy… Try searching for someone near to you… Give the above circuit diagram and codes to someone who have experience with project development…. i cant find one please help me. Sir I didn’t get the logic behind Changing HOUR mode and AM/PM indication.

Will you elaborate, please . DS1307 can work in 12 or 24 hour mode… you can set it.. When it is in 12 hour mode… you need to specify AM or PM. Krishnappa Gururaj please can u help me build this project on pcb i want to buy it from you..thanks.. sir, I would like to videodrome essay, ask some help about setting the on roots, time in the ds1307 using keypad, can you help me sir? and also to be displayed in the LCD. Sir, I’m asking help from you. i’m a graduating student but my problem is my thesis. it is a time based project.. Videodrome Essay? i would like to ask some help that deals with time and dekanat dissertation, uses pic16F877a. thank you. I’m sorry but i felt weird when i looked the program and tried to videodrome essay, extract the procedure of setting hour mode and AM/PM.I didn’t get case:1 for brave new world by aldous huxley set_count and condition(year=50) in case :6. I urgently need help ! Hello, we don’t have time to do projects for each and everyone commenting here… If you have any doubts related to videodrome, above article.. Pudd Wilson? ask us.. DS1307 is a BCD clock.. but .. C operators are decimal.. Videodrome? that steps are used to convert decimal to bcd.. and the if conditions checks for upper and lower limits of hour… similarly in case 6 it checks for upper and lower limits of year … not year=50.. Nature Nhead? it is year=0x50. Could you elaborate ,please ! I still feel confused around if-else condition in case 1 for set_count . Sir, i would like to know how to generate a PWM signal with duty-cycle adjustment according to real time. Can i use the essay, DS1307 RTC??

It is difficult to explain.. please see the datasheet of DS1307… and see the hour register…… All bits of hour register are not used to medizin dekanat, indicated the value of hour… Yes you can use it… use mikroc’s PWM functions to generate pwm… See our pwm tutorials.. PLEASE IS THERE ANY VIDEO TO WATCH ABOUT THIS PROJECT? ok, but it will be better if theres a video, for better illustration….so i can follow the videodrome, video… I will try to uni bonn medizin dekanat, include it.. in future projects.. SORRY I WANT TO ASK IF LCD HAVE ANY COMMAND THAT IS INCLUDED IN THE DIRECTORY. LIKE IS THERE ANY LCD HEADER FILE IN THE DIRECTORY? AND ALSO I WANT TO KNOW IF THE TWO CAPACITORS ARE 4MHZ..(4 MEGA HZ) please from the essay, schematic above am seeing one 10k variable resistor, three 10k resistor, and two 22k resistor, but from morgan super size, what you implemented above i mean the videodrome essay, picture you took above, am seein more than the number of resistors theirs one additional resistor am seeing in uni bonn medizin the picture please can you tell me why and how comes? You needn’t any header files..

Those functions are predefined in the MikroC Pro Compiler.. Essay? .. You may change the crystal frequency in the MikroC Project Settings.. 1. 10K resistors are used as PULL UP resistors… When the switch is not pressed.. the input pin of PIC will read it as HIGH… When the switch is huxley, pressed it becomes LOW.. 2. 10K Variable Resistor is essay, used to uni bonn medizin dekanat, adjust the contrast of the LCD. 3. 2.2K resistors are used as the PULL UP resistors for I2C Bus.. SCL and SDA are open collector outputs.. ok 8mega for both ds1307 and pic right? what is 12c bus is it the same thing as ds1307? and also u connect a resistor to pin1 of the pic what is the value? also i dont see any capacitor connected to the pic and videodrome essay, also no crystal connected to the ds1307.. nop….

8MHz for pic and 32.768kHz for degree DS1307. The crystal of DS1307 is very small… It is hidden below a wire. I2C is a serial communication interface… thank you very much the project is working perfect…..but if i switch of the power and on it again the clock starts from the default, but it shouldnt bcos of the ds1307, or am confusing the function of ds1307? please can u send me the code to [emailprotected] i want to write a report about videodrome essay this…pls. Hi Ligo, first of all this is a very good project, well done.

I have one problem with it. When I want to bush a button, or just put my finger close to the circuit, the essay, time and date values from DS1307 changes to “?”.on the videodrome, LCD. The fix datas from PIC stays stable(“Time”,”Date”). Morgan Super? I try almost everything, but I could’nt solve this problem. The clock is running well and the LCD shows good values, until I don’t put my hand close to the cicuit. But when i tap the gnd somwhere it’s get stable. Do You have some advice, or tip?

hie there you have a nice working code, may you please add uart interface to essay, let the user correct time using the vs nurture, computer…..please sir. how is 0x68 followed by 0=D0? I converted your code for use on videodrome essay, my PIC32MX795F512L chip but all I get is ? for time and date. I have RTC2 with 1307 RTC on SDA1 – RA15 and SCL1 on RA14. I’m not using the EEPROM so there should not be a conflict. The Movie? I have RA14 and RA15 pulled high. I am using a mikroElecktronika Fusion 7 development board. // LCD module connection EasyPic Fusion V7 PIC32MX795F512L. sbit LCD_RS at essay LATD9_bit; sbit LCD_EN at LATD10_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at LATE4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at LATE5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at LATE6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at medizin dekanat dissertation LATE7_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISD9_bit; sbit LCD_EN_Direction at TRISD10_bit; sbit LCD_D4_Direction at TRISE4_bit; sbit LCD_D5_Direction at videodrome essay TRISE5_bit; sbit LCD_D6_Direction at TRISE6_bit; sbit LCD_D7_Direction at TRISE7_bit; // End LCD module connections.

unsigned short read_ds1307(unsigned short address) unsigned short r_data; I2C1_Write(0xD0); //address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for write, 1 for new world by aldous huxley read) 0x68 followed by 0 –0xD0. I2C1_Write(0xD1); //0x68 followed by 1 – 0xD1. void write_ds1307(unsigned short address,unsigned short w_data) I2C1_Start(); // issue I2C start signal.

//address 0x68 followed by direction bit (0 for essay write, 1 for read) 0x68 followed by 0 – 0xD0. I2C1_Write(0xD0); // send byte via I2C (device address + W) I2C1_Write(address); // send byte (address of DS1307 location) I2C1_Write(w_data); // send data (data to be written) I2C1_Stop(); // issue I2C stop signal.

unsigned char BCD2UpperCh(unsigned char bcd) unsigned char BCD2LowerCh(unsigned char bcd) int Binary2BCD(int a) unsigned short set_count = 0; I2C1_Init(100000); //DS1307 I2C is the movie, running at 100KHz. CHECON = 0x32; // Prefetch cache pic32mx. AD1PCFG = 0xFFFF; // Configure AN pins as digital I/O pic32mx. Lcd_Init(); // Initialize LCD.

Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CLEAR); // Clear display. Lcd_Cmd(_LCD_CURSOR_OFF); // Cursor off. hour = hour + set; hour = hour 0b11100001; hour = hour ^ 0x20; else if((hour 0x1F) = 60) write_ds1307(5,month); // write month 6 June. year = year + set; write_ds1307(6, year); // write year. hr = hour 0b00011111; ap = hour 0b00100000; Lcd_out(1, 6, time); Lcd_out(2, 6, date); Hey man, can you please modify the code to essay, run in 24 hour mode? because i don’t know how, i am not good on essay degree important, software, only hardware. Thanks. please give me codding for digital clock using pic 16f877a and essay, ds1307. Thanks for the program.

I want to edit it and put three buttons to make an alarm, but each time I add a piece of code, the LCD flashes with date and pudd wilson, time words without showing any date or time or doesn’t show anything at all. so is there something I should do to make adjustment to the code or where should I put the new code segments in videodrome such a way that it won’t affect the original code and will allow the medizin dekanat, user to videodrome essay, enter the alarm time he wants. thanks in advance. we can implement this on pcb? Sir,I m trying to evaluating your thesis, build this code in microc ,but it showing that variables t2 and videodrome essay, t are eliminated by optimizer and even i dump yhe code in my controller ,it is just displaying the names time and date,nothing more than this,please help me sir. why this , hr = hour 0b00011111; is used bcs second minute directly taken pls explain.pls be kind enough to write comment difficult functions i am continuosly following your tute. Check the super size, datasheet of DS1307. Essay? You can see that last 5 bits of HOUR memory are only used to uni bonn medizin dekanat dissertation, represent magnitude time in 12 hour mode.

is it necessary to use 2.2k as pull ups. im using 10k resistors….i hav a problem that my lcd,,its not working properly. one row of blank rectangular blocks are displayed. Essay? what is the problem. I request to share the software code at [emailprotected] . You should use 2.2K or 1.8K pull ups… otherwise RTC reading will not work properly… That is not the reason for LCD black boxes… Make sure that LCD connections are correct.. and vs nurture wilson, try adjusting contrast adjusting preset. You can download it above. I used 33K. Videodrome Essay? It was worked without problems. Good day sir. Pls can you help me explain this part of he code. its not clear. hour = hour + set; hour = hour 0b11100001; hour = hour ^ 0x20; else if((hour 0x1F) = 0x00) hour = hour | 0b00010010; hour = hour ^ 0x20; write_ds1307(2, hour); //write hour. I have a problem with this code.The problem is when the time is greater than 20 , it restart from 0 . Please help me with this problem.

Time greater than 20 means ?? This is medizin dekanat dissertation, 24hr format . So , I want to mean greater than 8PM. Please help me to check AM or PM . Check the bits of hour register. I hope that the following link will help you. It has the videodrome, register map. It is already in the above project. How can I modify this code for PIC18F4550 using MickroC 2013 v6.0. I can modify connection according to new world, PIC18F4550,So Please suggest me Code modification according to PIC18F4550. I hope that it will work fine with 18F4550 if you rebuild the project after changing the device in essay mikroc project settings. Just connect it as per the pin names… SCL SDA … RB etc.

Hi Sir, can you please tell me what is RV1(resistor) and connection for pin 3 (VEE) of essay degree LCD. Hi, thanks for your programming. I am looking a circuit, that can control a particular device ( ie: home light) on particular time every day like alarm with long duration. Can you help me with your programming ? It is for adjusting contrast of videodrome LCD. Sorry, It is impossible for me to do programming for each and evaluating your, everyone helping me. If you want to hire me, please drop a mail to [emailprotected]

Hi Ligo George, thanks for sharing your programming. After using your code found something abormal . After time of 12:59:59 PM ,it become 13:00:00 PM (actual must be 01:00:00 AM). Seen like setting hour part need to do something (put bit 6 of DS1307 to high for 12 hour mode). hour = hour 0b11100001; hour = hour ^ 0x20; //need to modify here. hour = hour | 0b01100000; // or just add this line. Thnx for essay such an awsome work. Evaluating Thesis? But has anyone noticed, the essay, last digits cannot be set to essay degree important, 15 (for 2015). it goes to 14 and videodrome essay, and down again. Please help. hi, could you tell me what rv1 is thank you, is it a variable resistor.

Hi, is uni bonn medizin dekanat dissertation, it possible to do the essay, coding in mplab, thank you. Hi can you elaborate on uni bonn medizin, the I2c bus. How does it come into essay picture while implementing hardware ? It is for uni bonn dissertation adjusting the contrast of the LCD. Yes, you can easily convert it to essay, MPLAB. You may make use of our I2C libraries for that. I2C is a standard digital communication technology/protocol. I don’t understand what is your doubt ? I am working on pic18f45k50 with rtc ds1307zn+ and i want to display date n time . the above code is working well in proteus but when same program dumping in hardware its not showing any thing on essay important, the screen . Please let me know the modifications to videodrome essay, be done in code and hpw to brave huxley, set the time n date automatically as i have not provided any switch. If it is videodrome, working in proteus, it should work in hardware without any problems. Check the pull up resistors of I2C bus. Use 1.8K or 2.2K. make sure the hour register(2) in ds1307 starts in 0x40 for 12 hours mode. because this code above only your works in videodrome 12 hours mode.

i want this program in c language to use in brave MPLAB with HighTech-C compiler… Ok, that is right. This is for MikroC Pro only. How to modify code to give time stroke; say at 10 it give 10 stroke/beeps at 2 it give 2 beeps . Can I use 7 segment LED in place of LCD? IF yes give detail. I am facing a problem, after 11:59: 59 AM when changed to videodrome, 12:00:00 PM it displayed 12:00:00 AM. After 17:59:59 AM the display shows 00:00:00 PM. Please help me. hi PRATIK PANCHAL. Hi they sir Ligo George!! your code was awesome :)) I would like to morgan super me essay, ask if this code can use in PIC16F887 using same code or need to modify?? hey….what if I use 2 MHz crystal oscillator for the RTC?

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