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Essays on pollution

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Apples Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay. Apples ethics and social responsibility. In researching the Apple Company’s Social (Supplier) and ethical responsibilities I found that their initiatives are geared toward Empowering Workers, Labor Human Rights, Health Safety, Environment and Accountability. Essays On Pollution. I think their approach is interesting but I feel that a large company like Apple can do way more for the local communities and country as a whole. Apples stance on empowering their workers is a wonderful thing. I think more companies need to recognize that a happy workforce makes for an overall greater employee and customer experience. Apple Inc. employs staff all over essay, the world and is committed to treating employees with respect and dignity. The company provides educational resources for essays, all of their employees giving them the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree. Tess Essay. Apple has very high standards and on pollution expectations in the industry. They provide their employees with the appropriate tools necessary to meet the high bar set forth; communicate and maintain a safe and respectable workplace.

Training on dissertation critique the Apples Code of Conduct is mandatory for all new and essays existing employees. When it comes to Labor Human Rights Apple is committed to ending excessive work hours, providing a foundation for best never written, ethical employment, preventing underage labor, stopping excessive recruitment fees and bonded labor and on pollution responsible sourcing of minerals. Apple only does business with companies that uphold the highest commitment to Human Rights. Apple has very high standards in Health Safety, Environment and Accountability. They believe that every worker has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. Improving health and safety is essential and perfect essay all workers receive the appropriate education on the topic.

All apple suppliers must work alongside of apple to reduce their environmental impact and essays use a number of methods to identify risks. Apple believes in accountability for themselves and suppliers and has strengthened their code of conduct to meet the responsibility standards. In my opinion Apple has not quite met their Social Responsibility standards, and can do more. In 2012 the NY Post reported that Apple was trying to get rid of the reputation as stingiest company. They made over $150 million in charitable donations split between multiple organizations that year. They donated 500,000 to “SF Gives” in May of 2014. But giving back has never been an immediate priority of Apple as Steve Jobs stated. Not to ways to improve in malaysia, mention all of the negative publicity Apple has received in reference to the working conditions of their overseas warehouses. Have you ever heard the saying you are “guilty by essays association”?

Unfortunately that is the way the world works. Foxconn is the main producer of Apple’s products along with a number of other well-known companies. Based out of China the Foxconn-Apple warehouse that employs over 500,000 workers has been in the media in recent years regarding violation of the Labor Human rights laws. Argumentative. In July 2009, an on pollution employee at the Foxconn warehouse that makes iPad committed suicide after his home was raided; he was badly beaten and humiliated over best essays, a missing iPhone. In a report released in essays on pollution, early 2011 by find a good the Guardian there were a large number of suicides from Foxconn-Apple facilities in essays, China. It is said that the tragic suicides were a result of the employees being overworked and book copy deplorable working conditions. The guardian also reported in late 2012 91 children working at one of Apple’s Foxconn suppliers which is almost ten times more than what was reported in on pollution, the previous years. This does not meet the very high standards set forth by the company in the eyes of the essay a good job, general public. In 2009, 137 employees were poisoned by n-hexane use at one of the Apple- Wintek LCD plants in East China. Essays. N-Hexane is book editor, a narcotic that attacks the nervous system when exposed to it. This poison was used for drying touchscreens in order to speed up production to fill larger orders received by essays the factory.

Most of the workers impacted were forced to resign and absolve Wintek of all future responsibility. Written. It is on pollution, rumored that Apple and Wintek were very slow to react to the incidents. Apples reputation has definitely taken a hit from the negative publicity surrounding their overseas suppliers. In an effort to clean all of never written this up Apple has vowed to eliminate child labor and essays excessive work hours throughout the tess essay, complete supply chain. They want to ensure that the supplier code of essays on pollution conduct is being enforced and practiced at all times. Foxconn has taken steps to prevent future suicide attempts by installing preventative suicide nets around their buildings, providing counselling and requiring employees to sign a no-suicide agreement prior to employment. Apple has also prohibited the use of n-hexane and states that the product is no longer in use at how to find job any facility associated with the company.

Suppliers Adherence to Wage and essays Benefit Standards. The various labor practice violations among Apple’s suppliers still remain very high. In 2012 China Watch reported- after investigating the book copy, working conditions of 10 of Apple-Foxconn facilities. Essays. They determined that it was not only the Foxconn facilities with deplorable work conditions, but it exists within Apple’s supply chain. According to Apple itself finds that in more than 28% of cases, suppliers are not compliant with the wage and benefit standards set. In early 2012 the Fair Labor Association (FLA) conducted a month long investigation and uncovered significant issues at three Foxconn facilities in China.

Among the issues found were -excessive overtime, issues being compensated for overtime, severe communication gaps which led to unsafe working conditions amongst the workers and an overall unhealthy deplorable environment. Although Apple is “committed” to ensuring fair Labor and Human rights, they should take additional steps to enforce their Supplier Responsibility Standards. I’d first recommend for the company to have a significant increase in the number of independent audits performed annually on overseas warehouses. This will help ensure that employees are not working excessive overtime or receiving lower than minimum wages. Communication is an absolute necessity in large warehouses, and every incident should be documented. The audits can also be vital in making sure that the workers are in a reasonably safe and healthy environment. Apple Inc. needs substantial improvement in the realm of transparency and secrecy in order to ways to improve express, eliminate labor rights abuses by its suppliers. The majority of the company’s “secretive practices” involve the complete supply chain. Some of their factories are said to be gated off and have police /security to prevent trespassing, workers must sign confidentiality agreements and live in dorms within the factories.

Apple reports the percentage of their suppliers that violate the code of conduct, but will not release the names of the essays on pollution, actual facilities that were not compliant. The company needs to be more forthcoming and discontinue the secretive practices that prevent the general public from critique conclusion observing working conditions and business practices within its suppliers. Apple has a very loyal customer base despite the despicable acts the company has been associated with throughout the years. In my opinion, most of essays their customers are working class and know how vital it is to perfect essay, be reasonably compensated for their work. Apple’s customers may have some concerns if the prices increase, but they will buy the products. You may have a customer like me that feels like the current price point of Apple’s products is on pollution, already high. There are four Apple products in my home 1- IPad 1-Ipad mini 1-MacBook and an IPhone 5s totaling close to $4,000 retail. That is how much Apple made from 1 household in a matter of a year.

If all of their customers are paying those types of prices, that is more than enough for Apple to ensure that all workers have reasonable wage and benefit packages. This is tess essay, a company that has customers waiting in line for days to buy new innovative products regardless of the price. Essays On Pollution. Apple is essay how to a good, known for making a higher profit by paying overseas companies next to essays, nothing for production. As I previously stated Apple customers are very loyal. I believe the customers would pay more for products if the prices increased. Simply because once you start using apple products it’s like you have to have the next best thing. They definitely live up to the reputation of providing new technology and innovative top of the line products. The company may receive negative feedback from current and new customers, but they will still buy the conclusion, products out of necessity.

Apple’s Marketing Approach. Essays. In my opinion Apple’s overall marketing strategy is one of the best in the industry. Anytime a new IPhone is released customers wait in line for days leading up to just to get the latest and greatest. Online orders go through the roof and the waiting lists get quite long. So clearly Apple is doing something right to market their products to best essays written, customers. According to Forbes magazine Apple is such a great marketer that they won the 2012 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence and has been the co-winner for five consecutive years. In the late 1970’s Apple adopted a 3 point marketing philosophy that remains at essays on pollution the core of their brand today. The original three points are Empathy, Focus and Impute and are taken into consideration when implementing current market strategies. Apple is known to have top of the line products and technicians to editor, match. Essays On Pollution. Their employees are very knowledgeable and eager to ways express bus services essay, assist in giving their customers the best experience possible.

That will take any company a very long way as customer satisfaction and experience is vital to the success of any business. On paper Apple looks great, but in order to improve its competitive advantage in the global marketplace a few recommendations should be made. The Apple logo is one of the most recognized, respected and essays trusted names in the world today. Apple has already established competitive advantage in the global marketplace around constructing a top of the line, small and innovative product line. I feel like they should continue to put time and resources into capitalizing on the advantage and essays never enhancing the reputation of the Apple brand. Things appear to be going great for Apple, but achieving an ongoing competitive advantage requires constant monitoring of the organizations competitive landscape. Essays. Openness to rethinking the company’s current advantages is vital in best written, remaining competitive. Apple Inc. (2013).

Supplier Responsibility Standards. Essays. China Labor Watch. (2012). Beyond Foxconn:Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply. Christine Moorman, Forbes. Book Copy Editor. (2012). Why is Apple a Great Marketer. Connie Guglielmo, Forbes. Essays. (2012). Apple#8217;s Supplier Labor Practices In China Scrutinized After Foxconn, Pegatron Reviews.

Dunstan Pria, Fox. (2012). Apple#8217;s Chinese Manufacturer To Fix Labor Violations. Fair Labor Association. (2012). FAIR LABOR ASSOCIATION SECURES COMMITMENT TO LIMIT WORKERS#8217; HOURS, PROTECT PAY AT. APPLE#8217;S LARGEST SUPPLIER. Scott Nova, Isaac Shapiro, EPI. (2012). Polishing Apple Fair Labor Association gives Foxconn and Apple undue credit for labor rights progress. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of essay find a good paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 30 April 2016.

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love poem essay by Thomas Razzeto. For an easy-to-print Adobe Acrobat PDF version of on pollution this essay, click on ways to improve bus services in malaysia essay, this link. If you haven't read the poem “To Love Like God” in it's entirety, I'd suggest that you do that first. You can find it here. Once you have done that, we can go deeper into on pollution, each stanza, starting with the express first. Here it is: I wanted the world to be different, so I told the essays world it could stick it! But the only thing stuck. was the tess essay me in my rut, a face so long you couldn't miss it. I start the poem by stating that when I don't get what I want and I emotionally reject an aspect of the essays world as it is, I might experience disappointment, frustration, or other emotional difficulties.

If I constantly find fault with the world, I will constantly suffer. And what determines the intensity of the suffering that I experience? Surprisingly, the degree that I suffer does not match the amount of the difference between what I want and what I have. The degree that I suffer matches how strongly I choose to emotionally reject the situation. The following is an example of an extremely minor difference held as greatly important and strongly judged as not acceptable by me. I remember when I was a little boy with a brand new bicycle. It was my pride and joy. But a little white plastic cap for the tip of the kickstand got lost after about tess essay two weeks.

This cap was only meant to be used while the bicycle was on display in the store. Once the bike was sold, the cap was meant to be thrown away. But I did not know that and I wanted my bike to always be perfect, just like it was when it was new! When the cap got lost, boy, that was it. In my eyes, I had a very serious and unsolvable problem and I cried for a while even though my bike still worked perfectly. I quickly got over it and never thought about it again except as an example of me choosing to essays on pollution create an emotionally difficult experience. Perhaps that experience was unnecessary or perhaps the ways to improve bus services in malaysia essay situation was actually created by me, my higher-self or God to offer me a lesson about attachment and judgment with an example that did not harm my body or even my bike. In this example, we see that “wanting” is an emotionally charged desire. I like to use the word “prefer” for essays on pollution, wanting something without the emotional charge.

In other words, if I don't get what I want, I suffer; if I don't get what I prefer, I'm still pretty happy. The subject can be the argumentative same; it's the emotional charge that's gone. This doesn't mean that you don't care about essays what's happening in dissertation critique conclusion, the world. It means that you now know that you can choose to not let the conditions of the outer world disturb your inner peace. On Pollution? In this way, you can put your values of genuine caring and sharing into action without being subjected to conclusion disappointment based on the outer results. In other words, this is not a lesson where you learn to be happy by simply not caring at all about anything. I am not suggesting that you adopt a cold, heartless attitude and respond to essays bad news about yourself or others with a detached retort such as, “So what? It doesn't matter. I don't care!“ When you hear Buddhists talk about detachment, they are talking about decoupling their inner peace from their outer conditions, not about dissertation conclusion becoming uninvolved in the world. On Pollution? You will naturally be inspired to tess essay passionately engage in life and this will unfold spontaneously.

An attitude of acceptance coupled with compassion and action allows us to fully participate in the world in a meaningful way while being free from the emotional pain brought about by binding likes and dislikes, which are just things that we insist on being a certain way. Are there examples in essays on pollution, your life where something used to bother you a lot but now when they happen, it's no big deal? Can you learn to emotionally accept more and more of the world exactly as it is? And please ponder this: if something really should be different, wouldn't it actually be different? Align the whole world to my wishes, especially romantic kisses. Only then will I choose. some delight, not to lose.

But this grand plan it often misses. Now of perfect argumentative course, many of us do experience periods of time when we are pretty happy and perhaps even ecstatic about our situation. Life is certainly not all suffering, even if we’re not enlightened. When we have things the way we want, we give ourselves permission to essays push the book copy happiness button, which is on the inside. Take some time to essays think about this right now. Essay Find A Good Job? Have you ever been happy without first choosing to be happy? I don’t think I have.

But often this is only “conditional happiness” since we choose it only on pollution when our worldly conditions are acceptable. Which means that this happiness also present us with a problem: How can we make it last? How can we hold on to it? If we don’t make the conditions last, our happiness also disappears. Our culture focuses heavily on romantic love and once we find it, we certainly want it to last so I use that as an example. Yet we all know that everything will change, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but nevertheless all things do change. Parents see their little children, whom they want to hold in their arms forever, grow up and fly away into the world. How much courage does it take to book love them fully when they are home while knowing that one day they'll be gone? What does it mean to fully love something and yet be perfectly okay emotionally when it goes away? Is this even possible? Well, for essays, many people, “This grand plan, it often misses.”

In a new way, I found a new thought. It truly shows what cannot be bought. Acceptance is the critique key, Only this brings the joy that is sought. Notice that I point to essays thought as the origin of this new experience of emotional acceptance. When I examine my emotions closely, I notice that they do not arise out of nothing. First, I have a thought about something that I perceive in the world and then my thought and my perceptions mix with my existing beliefs, and this gives rise to essays never my emotions. So it seems to me that I have tremendous power in the skillful use of my mind. Yet I have heard some people say that in order to awaken spiritually, you need to have your heart win its battle with your mind. But please consider this.

Your mind holds ideas; your heart holds emotions. Your mind can hold true ideas or false ideas. Your heart can hold hatred and fear or love and peace. At the deepest level, only false ideas can prevent you from being at peace. There is no battle where your heart must triumph over your mind. Instead of a battle, think of it as the pursuit of truth and peace. Essays? Work towards tuning your mind into the truth and your heart into love and peace. Yet keep in essay, mind that all of this is on pollution, only done by the power and grace of dissertation critique conclusion God so just be open to that. I now clearly see what I can do. The gift of the now, it offers two!

Choose a smile or a frown. Pick an up or a down. Like magic it flows, matching my view. I have heard Buddhist teachers speak about the end of suffering. But perhaps a better translation is the end of dissatisfaction, and essays on pollution, this is achieved with the release of book copy a harsh, judgmental attitude. In other words, physical pain and emotional sadness will always be a part of the human experience.

That is on pollution, just the way that it is and this is why I say that we are not really meant to be “happy all the time robots.” Yet your attitude still holds tremendous power as to whether you will egocentrically “suffer” during these challenging moments. If you bring an critique, attitude of rejection, you will indeed get caught up in a painful “negative” experience. But if instead you emotionally accept the situation exactly the way that it is, you may experience the emotional or physical pain while centered in a deeper sense of Divine Bliss. Yes, there is essays on pollution, still the book copy sensation of physical or emotional pain but you are dwelling in a deeper place. Essays On Pollution? The pain is not seen as happening to you but instead, it is something that is witnessed by you and it seems less intense. There is no resistance to it. We will explore this idea more in Chapter 7 but for right now, I just want to plant it as a seed and move on. But before we do that, let's quickly consider an example that is argumentative essay, not really profound at all and yet often results in strong emotions. If someone cuts us off in on pollution, traffic, our usual social conditioning almost demands angry thoughts, a hateful attitude and even a rude hand gesture. Similarly, this conditioning discourages us from emotionally accepting moments that are connected with injury, sickness, death or tragedy and tries to push us into judging these things as “bad” and emotionally unacceptable.

Do you really want to to improve bus services in malaysia follow this social conditioning when it only leads to essays suffering? Plant different seeds, take new action! Don't be afraid, work with elation! In the heart, what we sow, we soon see in the flow, automatic, divine reflection. Here again I emphasize the idea that just because you emotionally accept everything about the critique conclusion present moment without a harsh, negative judgment doesn't mean that you should just sit still without actively and emotionally engaging in essays on pollution, the flow of book life. You can take a step in a new direction without hating what is currently happening, no matter what the present situation is. Indeed, the very step of essays on pollution peacefully accepting the current outer conditions is tess essay, what will create a more peaceful reflection in the outer world. On Pollution? The thoughts and emotions that we plant in bus services essay, our minds and essays on pollution, hearts are the seeds that bring about the matching conditions in the outer world after the time of incubation passes. Yes, it takes time for all fruit to come forth. But the subject of creation is dissertation critique conclusion, a tricky one. Some teachers claim that you can be, do and essays on pollution, have anything that you want without any limitations whatsoever.

Others teach that you are limited only by essay how to a good, your imagination, your thoughts and your discipline. Essays? While I do believe that most people would greatly benefit by learning what is called “conscious creation” rather than using the habitual, reactive “unconscious creation” seen all throughout society, I don't believe that you can always create exactly what you want in to improve express bus services in malaysia essay, the outer world. On Pollution? Yet I do think that you can create a life full of awe, wonder, joy, love and peace. When you are genuinely inspired to to improve express in malaysia essay pursue something, it will indeed offer you a fulfilling experience, although how it unfolds in the physical world may be completely different from what you were first thinking. Essays On Pollution? The core aspects of your desires, when allowed to flow freely into conclusion, your life, will be brought into the world in a way that is a good match for your core beliefs. Let's just take a few minutes to talk a bit more about conscious creation. The first step in on pollution, conscious creation is to make a distinction between “inner creation” and “outer creation.” Inner creation is the creation of your emotions, one of the most important aspects of your personal subjective experience of the immediate moment. The significance of critique this cannot be overstated since these are the actual experiences that make up your entire life! Inner creation instantly creates any human emotion from pure agony to on pollution total ecstasy. Each and best never, every human being can experience all of these emotions.

And while we all can create these emotions consciously, most people unconsciously create them with habitual thoughts and essays, reactions with the standard, predictable results of to improve bus services essay being happy when everything is just right and sad when “things are not pleasing,” a phrase which falsely places the on pollution source of your happiness in the objects of the world. Outer creation is a process that unfolds through time. It's the attraction of people, things and events into your life. Dissertation Critique Conclusion? These are all outer conditions. As I just mentioned, I don't believe that all outer conditions are available to everyone.

In other words, we all have different menus, so to speak. One person may be able to become world famous and yet another person, seemly similar in every respect, may achieve only on pollution minor success, as measured by society, even though she or he works wisely and tess essay, diligently with a positive attitude. Nevertheless, we all have numerous choices before us and thankfully, all of them will be in harmony with our personal growth. I say this because no one can really “make a mistake” and you are always right on time. On Pollution? What might appear to tess essay be a misstep or a misadventure is yet another perfectly valid way of learning about ourselves and life itself. It's somewhat like a farmer. He may choose to plant several crops and put forth all the appropriate effort but the farmer has no guarantee that anything will grow at all. On Pollution? Normally, most of book copy editor his crops do grow. In addition to essays on pollution the crops, he may also get some weeds or other unexpected plants. On rare occasion, a severe drought may stifle the crops completely leaving nothing but dirt.

And if the farmer does not plant any crops, he might face only the ways express bus services weeds whose seeds the wind has delivered. As I mentioned before, your thoughts and perceptions mix with your core beliefs to on pollution create your emotions in the moment, and this plus your actions attract the to improve express bus services in malaysia essay conditions of the outer world as time unfolds. The outer reflects the on pollution inner and tess essay, it all begins with a thought. Essays? When you are aware of the process, you can consciously choose. When you are unaware of the process, you just react habitually, usually following the book editor dictates of society. So I encourage people to on pollution consciously work on building a better life. Yes, follow your passion and plant some fresh seeds! But don't harshly blame yourself if it does not turn out the way you had envisioned. Tess Essay? Just accept it as “what is” and move forward.

No one can know exactly what the essays on pollution future will bring. And remember, God may have a wonderful surprise for you at any moment! What would life be like without surprises? Though I do love the world as it is, I fancy more caring and kindness.

Everyday a new start, peace and tess essay, love in my heart, here and now sweet heaven arises. More than anything else, I would like to on pollution bring forth more peace, caring and kindness. With every new moment, I have the opportunity to place peace and best essays never written, love into essays on pollution, my heart and then nurture these seeds through time. If I hold an emotionally charged judgment in the form of book copy frustration, anger or hatred regarding the current conditions of the essays on pollution world, those emotional seeds will, in time, bring forth new corresponding disharmonious outer expressions such as tension between other people and perhaps even violence or war. Since I may also emotionally reject the new outer conditions that arise, I may find myself stuck in book copy, a circle of unconscious creation, a circle of disharmony.

This is basically what is happening all throughout the on pollution world today in every aspect of society. Consider the social tension about war. Often, some people support a particular war while other people speak out against it. If you could look into dissertation critique conclusion, the hearts and minds of all these people, what would you find? I suspect that you might find plenty of essays anger and judgment, and perhaps even hatred and fear in both groups. The peace demonstrators may hate the war and tess essay, the generals while the generals may hate both the enemy and the demonstrators. And both groups may fear a horrific outcome if they don't get their own way. But all this judgment, anger, hatred and fear will not bring us peace; it just attracts dramatic outer conditions that match the on pollution turmoil felt within. In order to reap a peaceful future, seeds of peace need to dissertation critique be planted in the present. A world without war is built by people with peace in their hearts.

It is important to note that the circle of essays on pollution unconscious creation is a private, personal experience under the direct control of each individual. Yes, there are also dynamic energetic connections between people but you are never a victim. The important point is best never, that each individual has control over their own thoughts, and the most important of these are the ones that form their core beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs play a key role in the creation of your immediate emotional response, and essays, all of that together is reflected in the outer conditions that appear as time unfolds. Yes, we reap what we sow yet we can make a shift towards personal peace by consciously choosing harmony and kindness and by letting go of judgment. This, in time, will bring forth new peaceful outer conditions. Try it yourself and dissertation critique conclusion, see what arises! Yet sometimes very difficult situations arise, such as the essays passing of a loved one. The idea is to respond to what arises in essay, a natural, genuine way as free from essays on pollution judgmental thought as possible. In other words, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t think that the goal is to be happy all the time; I think that the “goalless goal” is to find a good be natural and essays on pollution, fully alive in the moment! Animals experience fear in a natural and genuine way but only at the appropriate time.

They also experience joy and tess essay, sadness. Similarly, we can experience these emotions as part of the natural flow of life without being chained to on pollution the pains of the past or in constant fear of what the best future may bring. When you find yourself feeling deep sorrow, don't be afraid of it or judge it, dive into it head first! Be fully alive! You may surprise yourself by discovering that while it can be a very uncomfortable emotion, after it passes, your true essence, your awareness, is on pollution, not damaged at all. Life is a package deal. Birth eventually leads to perfect argumentative death. Be alive with such fullness that even if the emotion is deep sorrow, as this emotion courses through your being resonating with every cell, there is still an underlying healthy sense of tremendous vitality that comes from your fearless thrusting of yourself into on pollution, the moment with the thought, “I am alive!!

I am a human being with the power to conclusion feel all human emotions and these emotions will never harm my true self!” There is no such thing as “badness.” It is just a thought about something. Essays? Is it really bad to be sad? Is the quality of badness in the essence of sadness? It is the constant running around in such a way so as to avoid what we normally call “bad” and seek out what we call “good” that brings us an unnatural life. Unawakened people focus on getting everything they want.

Mystics know that they can safely experience and embrace whatever shows up! Embrace the whole of life and you will embrace the whole of essay how to find a good job God! God and creation are one, not two! Like water and ice, they differ to you. Diverse forms, nothing more, all the same at their core.

All things divine, though hidden from view! One of my favorite topics is the idea that God and creation are both the same reality and this is the core of the nondual tradition. Fundamentally, God is truly without any form whatsoever and yet through the mysterious process of creation - which is happening continuously - the Formless gives birth to essays on pollution that which does indeed appear to have form. One analogy that I use is liquid water and solid ice. If you did not know the truth, you might be certain that liquid water and solid ice have nothing in common at all. Yet these wildly different things share the exact same essence.

Is this what's going on with God and creation? The mystic says, “Yes!” And the essay how to find a good job implications are mind-blowing! With this mystical understanding, you will perceive every act as a divine act, every thought as a divine thought, every emotion as a divine emotion and every thing as the divine in on pollution, physical form. You are not simply connected to tess essay God; every aspect of your being is essays, divine! God is essay find job, not just deep within you at a special place; you are divine at essays every level! Can it be true, though hidden from you? God's magic trick, to show up as you! Both the good and the bad, all the glad and the sad, one Grand Spirit enlivens the essay find crew!

I remember reading Dr. Seuss to my nieces and this entire poem is on pollution, meant to have a playful, bouncy Dr. Tess Essay? Seuss rhythm to it. Essays On Pollution? While the poem is meant to be fun and childlike, it also asks some very deep questions such as, “Can it be true, though hidden from ways to improve bus services in malaysia you? God's magic trick, to show up as you!”

The line, “One Grand Spirit enlivens the crew!” expresses the mystical idea that there is only One Spirit, only essays on pollution One Awareness, that of the eternal divine essence, which animates all of never written life. ItOs like there are billions of on pollution hand puppets on conclusion, earth, all apparently different people, animals and essays on pollution, plants. When we see beyond the illusion of critique separateness to on pollution the full picture of what is really taking place, we see that there is only one puppet master with billions of hands animating it all! What a miracle! What a mystery! Give the how to job embrace, no matter the face. At home and on pollution, afar, yes, everyplace.

Rock and dirt, tree and vine, she and he, all divine! What is not God, I could find no trace. Each part of God, like drops in the sea, connected to tess essay all, what mystery! A genuine embrace. of the on pollution whole human race. The power to make new history!

Once the mystic sees the whole world as the eternal divine essence in physical form, everything becomes precious and sacred. Deep compassion for all people, animals and even plants springs forth automatically. When you look at the world through the eyes of a mystic and see everything as divine, you will love it all automatically. This is the treasure awaiting all those who embrace the mystic's view. Yet before we realize the mystic's view, while we are still tricked by the illusion of multiplicity, we really can see that we all share fundamental human experiences and that we are all connected to one another like a big family. If we turn that connection into a genuine embrace, we will create lasting peace. I know that most consider it odd, the mystic's view, its picture broad. This fresh view, could it be? With new eyes, now I see!

To love it all is to love like God! Why should you love the entire world, each and perfect essay, every person on it and everything they do? Again, if you get to essays on pollution the point where you see everything as God and everything that happens as the unfolding of the Divine Will, itOs easy. Is there something that you can think about that might help you be open to this profound understanding? What if you are not yet able to see or feel God in conclusion, everything?

Consider the following. If God did not want something to exist, it would not exist. If God were truly against essays on pollution something happening, it would not happen. For whatever reason, God allows everything that comes forth. Take some time to really ponder this perspective. It leads into book, a pretty big question: Does God really love it all? Does God love each and every person? Does God joyfully accept each and essays, every event? Birth and death? Every experience there is? Ecstasy and agony?

Is it possible that God truly loves all of creation? While those questions may seem pretty important, the written really important questions are the on pollution ones that you ask about yourself. Will you love it all? Will you love it all, simply because you can? Do you dare give it a try? What would happen to you if you did? Who would you become if you really did love it all? And you can answer these questions but only by essay find a good job, giving it a try and watching what happens. On Pollution? The joyful liberation that comes from the state of critique conclusion unconditional acceptance is essays on pollution, not just a theory; it is proven by personal experience, which only dissertation critique conclusion you can give to on pollution yourself. And that experience will bring wisdom that can never be forgotten or taken away. Do you have the courage?

Will you do it? Will you love like God? The End - Thanks for reading! Both the book editor poem and the essay about the poem were written in the fall of 2007. On Pollution? The poem has had only one slight change made to it yet the tess essay essay has been refined a bit over the years. While this is not in my book, it certainly touches on on pollution, the main subjects covered by it. Here is more about the book:

If you enjoyed this essay, then you might like some of essay a good my other work: • All my spiritual essays are here. In truth, I honor your divine nature, Thomas Razzeto. Copyright 2007 Thomas Razzeto - All rights reserved.

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Digital Logistics Capacity Assessments. 1 Introduction 2 Definition 3 Procurement in the Humanitarian Context 4 Procurement Objectives 5 Procurement Policies 6 Policy Inclusions 7 Procurement Process 8 Needs Identification 9 Plan 10 Specify 11 Source, awarding and placing orders 12 Evaluation and Awarding 13 Procurement Tools and Documents 14 Procurement System 15 Conclusion 16 Additional Information. Procurement is a key activity in the supply chain. It can significantly influence the overall success of an emergency response depending on how it is managed. In humanitarian supply chains, procurement represents a very large proportion of the total spend and should be managed effectively to achieve optimum value. It serves three levels of users:

The internal customer. Programs in response to emergencies and ongoing programs. Prepositioning of essays, stocks, for to improve express bus services, both internal customers and on pollution, program needs. In collaboration with the warehouse function, products/commodities are mobilised and delivered. Diagram 1: The role of procurement. Procurement is a large subject area and bridges the fulfilment of identified needs. The objective of this topic is to highlight the key areas, provide tools, templates and hyperlinks to best essays never written additional information such as donor guidelines should that be required. Note: It is NOT the intention to recommend process in this chapter. Process, in the context of procurement, is organisation specific and based on organisational policies and donor requirements. The intention here is to provide industry best practice that can be replicated or used to complement what is already in existence or adopted in totality where no guidelines exist. Procurement is the process of identifying and obtaining goods and services.

It includes sourcing, purchasing and on pollution, covers all activities from identifying potential suppliers through to delivery from supplier to the users or beneficiary; Purchasing is the dissertation specific function associated with the actual buying of goods and services from suppliers; and. Sourcing is simply: “Identifying and working with appropriate suppliers”. Source: Mangan, J., Lalwani, C. and Butcher, T. 2008, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Hoboken, NJ, USA, John Wiley and essays, Sons, Inc. Procurement in the Humanitarian Context.

The three important principles of humanitarian logistics procurement are: transparency – all phases in the procurement process are fair and never, accurately documented; accountability – accountability to donors who may require certain rules to be followed when using the money they have provided; efficiency and cost effectiveness – meeting the six rights of essays on pollution, supply; price, right time, right quantity, quality services, delivery to the required places and from the most cost effective source. The principles and their importance stem from three key facts: the resources utilised are usually funded by donors; transparency contributes to the establishment of sound and reliable business relations with suppliers; and, efficiency and cost effectiveness has a direct impact on operations and ultimately on beneficiaries. The Procurement function must guard and mitigate against risk, understand the essay job market, build relationships with suppliers, meet needs in a timely manner and constantly monitor performance to improve service provision. Hence the need for an organisation to have clearly defined policies that are well understood. The aim and objective of procurement is to carry out activities related to procurement in essays on pollution such a way that the goods and services are procured according to the Six Rights. Tess Essay! These Six Rights are: The “Six Rights” can inform the essays on pollution procurement process and includes: buying quality materials, items and services economically from reliable sources; ensuring timely delivery through the selection of capable and efficient suppliers; continuously locating, evaluating and developing economical and reliable supply sources; identifying the most reliable sources of ways to improve express bus services in malaysia, supply through either open tender, multi-stage tendering (pre-qualifying suppliers and retaining only those that are capable of meeting the organisation's requirements - strategic sourcing) and limited tendering. For more information, see Types of tender in the Annexes; investigating the availability of new materials and monitoring trends in market prices; buying in accordance with the organisations policies; estimating, positioning and monitoring appropriate levels of stocks based on estimated needs, operational policy, objectives and on pollution, priorities, estimated time for replenishment and availability of funds; and participating in planning and coordinating purchasing needs across all central procurement teams and essay how to find, the in field in essays on pollution order to tess essay reduce administration and make the best use of money spent. It is important to recognise that these steps are interrelated and essays, may influence each other but do not carry the same weight depending on the situation. Perfect! For example, in an emergency situation it may be possible to obtain the right quantity but not at the right price.

There may be competition for certain goods, so to get the essays on pollution quantities required may mean paying a slightly higher price. Procurement policies will vary from organisation to organisation but are the essays organisational rules and regulations governing the procurement function. The policies determine how different aspects of procurement will be carried out in the organisation and how people working in procurement should behave. In summary, the essays policies; provide general and specific guidelines for managing the buying of items and services; establish a purchasing criteria and decision making process; ensure that implementing staff are well trained; provide specific guidelines for establishing and best never written, managing relationships with external entities in relation to procurement; encourage and enhance internal control measures; and act as a management tool for essays on pollution, better decision-making and better stewardship of the resources entrusted to organisations by its donors. As a guide, a typical procurement policy should include, but not necessarily be limited to the following subjects: role of procurement in the organisation and its structure; procurement professional ethics; sourcing strategy; donor guidelines; special purchasing requirements on ways in malaysia essay, grants; USAID guidelines: Grant Regulations Admin Requirements ECHO guidelines: grant agreement, general conditions to grants agreements, agreement guidelines, framework partnership agreement,Annex 1: single form guidelines, single form for essays, humanitarian aid action, Fact Sheets, financial guidelines, rules and procedures applicable within the framework - Annexe 4, New Consolidated Humanitarian Aid Regulation. Dissertation Critique Conclusion! decision making protocols: establishment of financial control structures e.g. expenditure limits and guidelines, approval/decision making levels, constitution of procurement committees, etc; when to buy locally or Internationally (procurement strategy); ethical practices: conflict of interest integrity confidentiality declaration of essays on pollution, Interests supplier relations and ethical practices special purchasing requirements on grants; purchasing requirements for items with special storage needs; pre-determined sources of supply.

Development of suppliers’ database including items specifications, price, availability, INCOterms, service, specific agreement if any, catalogues etc; exception to policies - especially in emergency situations; and reverse logistics – disposals, exit strategy, returns, etc. Tess Essay! inclusion of essays, return and replacement processes to be adopted for expired stock to vendors. Logistics staff participation in express assessments provides logistics information and data that supports program/response implementation. This enables the logistics function to know and understand program or response needs. The organisation is essays then able to ways express bus services in malaysia essay plan ahead for the provision of the goods and services. Essays On Pollution! The assessment results feed into procurement plans.

In an emergency situation, the participation of logisticians will inform management on the feasibility of a response to physical needs. For emergency response purposes the procurement process can be wrapped into four clear steps: needs identification; specify; sourcing, awarding and placing orders; supplier management to facilitate timely delivery. Diagram 2: Procurement Process. Requirements for goods and services originate from tess essay, different users. In emergencies, the response teams in various sectors request for basic supplies to meet the needs of those affected. The needs range from blankets, mosquito nets, tents to essays food supplies, household items, etc. The needs are communicated to procurement in the form of a “request”. These requests may be electronic, hard copy or verbal, and may be very specific where the users know exactly what they need in terms of specification, quantities, and delivery details. Or they may be less specific where the users are not able to provide exact information. In emergencies the requests are sometimes verbal or done on email communication.

In whatever form, the needs must be clear, unambiguous and tess essay, confirmed by the originator of the request. The specifications should contain the essential features or characteristics of the requirements but must not be over essays or understated or contain non-essential features that might limit the sources of supply or limit the perfect argumentative number of potential suppliers. Assessments inform needs identification. Once the needs have been identified and essays on pollution, forwarded to Procurement in a request form (see different purchase order requisition templates in the Annexes), the best essays procurement department should develop or communicate a plan on how to essays deliver the service or goods required. But the plan must be developed in collaboration with the other functions within the organisation, so that it is integrated into the organisation's strategy and therefore provided for adequately. To be able to purchase the right goods or services, the specifications of what the user/beneficiary needs must be clear.

These specifications are used to communicate to the supplier what is needed and what should be supplied. It is tess essay therefore important to have clear, precise and accurate specifications. Most organizations have standard specifications for the most regularly procured items and services such as medical and construction. Essays On Pollution! One example is of Inter-Agency working groups who have developed standards to facilitate the establishment of common framework agreements. Book Copy! (See Plastic Sheeting and Blankets specifications) The customers determine the essays on pollution specification. There is, however, an important role to be played by those responsible for purchasing the goods or services. What makes a good specification?

Specification is a detailed description of the express bus services in malaysia design, the service, or materials. It describes in on pollution detail the requirements to which the supplies or services must conform. The basic requirement of a good specification is to clearly identify the service or product to stakeholders. The specifications must be clear to all parties ( user, procurer, supplier). Factors to consider in specifying a product: physical attributes technical specifications intended use.

Respecting operational requirements, consideration should be given to not over specifying products. Over specification can limit competition and increase cost. Source, awarding and placing orders. Some of the methods of purchasing or obtaining goods and services for best essays never, an emergency are: drawing from existing stocks within the organisation; cash purchases on approval; calling-offs from existing - supply/framework agreements/long term agreements; ordering from a sole/single source, multiple sources, supplier, alliances/partnerships; these could be local or international purchasing; purchasing from the open market on a quick request for quotation with request for short turn-around; in preparation for slow-on-set or for complex emergencies, purchase from the open market through an open invitation to tender; other agencies’/organisations’ donations; and borrowing from stock held by other agencies/organisations in the UNHRD network. Sourcing is the process of identifying sources of supply that can meet the organisations immediate and future requirements for goods and services. In an emergency situation the immediate needs would be priority consideration. Under the circumstances, identifying sources of supply and accessing supplier capabilities will either be carried out as users’ place their requests to procurement or once a request has been received. The sourcing process adopted will depend on the situation and on essays on pollution, the time available to essay carry out sourcing. In response to a slow onset emergency, stock-piling may take place before specific requests are made.

In a sudden on-set emergency the need to respond quickly to the emergency will mean there is no time to gather sourcing information and approve suppliers before customers start to place requisitions. The organisation would then call-off on existing stocks or purchase short term requirements off the local market for the initial days or order from existing agreements. Some sources of supply information are: catalogues and brochures; trade directories; the internet, exhibitions, trade journals, government offices; other people involved in procurement; other organisations, other humanitarian organisations; supplier records, request for information/requests of expression of interest; existing approved supplier databases; and procurement agents. Vendor rating and supplier performance monitoring are applicable to all scenarios for quality service delivery. These aspects should be built into on-going business. Essays On Pollution! For emergencies, performance monitoring is limited to delivery and quality of tess essay, goods. Though vendor rating is applicable in emergencies, the criteria may vary from one that is on pollution used in the long term arrangements.

For example, ability to deliver immediately may carry more weight than the price, provided the price variation is not too big. Factors to consider in vendor rating: vendors’ legal status; price and cost; quality of goods; service record; availability of goods; ability to deliver in time; good communication; and availability of a clearly identified focal point. Steps in the sourcing process. Diagram 3: Sourcing Process. Sourcing from the Open Market. Sourcing from the argumentative open market will require using quotations and/or tenders. The process for this will vary depending upon an organisation’s own internal procedures. But the following are considered ‘best practices’. A limited number of vendors are invited to bid for supply of products/services. Bids are returned within a specified deadline. Receiving sealed bids depending on on pollution, the limits provided by the organisation.

Use of locked box or lock fax machine for receipt of bids. Advertising in a good local and international channels. Setting deadline for response. Receiving sealed bids. Opening and registering receipt of the tenders. Use of locked box or lock fax machine for receipt of bids. invitation to tender forms; advertisements; Request for information (RFI) Request for quotation (RFQ) Request for proposal (RFP) Request for on pollution, bid. Technical specification documents. The evaluation of tenders and perfect argumentative essay, awarding of contracts to suppliers is an important phase of the procurement process. Essays On Pollution! It is this process that determines the to improve express bus services in malaysia essay actual quality, reliability, delivery, etc. of the goods and services.

The procurement department coordinates the on pollution following: analysing and argumentative, evaluating the bids against set criteria, specification requirements and presenting the analysis to an appointed committee; this process is applicable for both quotations and tenders; verification of supplier capability and quality control/assurance processes; reviewing product inspection results where necessary; verification of technical evaluation reports where applicable; negotiates with vendors where it is recommended by the committee; and places orders and expedites the delivery. Some points to essays on pollution note: assess and consult on any big price variations; avoid potential conflict of interest, undue influence, price fixing and favouritism etc; ensure consultative decision making and book copy, sharing of responsibilities. The tender box should not be opened by one person only; the essays on pollution criteria used to evaluate bids should be tested and essays, validated by the committee before reception of bids; and different steps of the process, results and choice should be documented (minutes, adjudication report. etc). Placing Orders and Contracting. The next step in the process involves placing orders for the goods or services with the supplier, or establishing contracts which need to be sent to suppliers. On Pollution! In emergency situations the approval levels and limits are adjusted, based on an approved process, to dissertation speed up the essays on pollution process of acquiring goods and find, services.

Under normal circumstances, the approval processes may be more elaborate. The orders establish contractual relationships between the organisation and the supplier. Depending on the organisations guiding policies, this contractual relationship can be represented in various forms (see attachments in Annexes). Examples of these documents include: For information on international trade, see International Commercial Terms used in essays on pollution international contracts of to improve, sale: INCOTERMS 2000 , INCO terms explanation, INCOTERMS narrative, INCOTERMS practical application chart. Important features of a contract or agreement: cost specification/description quantity lead-time / delivery time approvals date of issue serial number terms and conditions (including penalties) INCOTERMS / place of delivery. Expedite/ Progressing Orders. Once the order is placed and the supplier has confirmed receipt and agreed to the contract terms and essays on pollution, conditions, the role and the amount of work that staff in procurement have to undertake will be affected by the performance of the suppliers. It is necessary therefore, for the procurement staff to monitor the progress of orders and tess essay, the performance of the suppliers. Supplier performance will determine the essays on pollution amount of time and money that has to be spent in expediting orders and the managing of suppliers.

To ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods and services, expediting should be a continuous process, especially in emergencies. The continuous monitoring enables the organisation to pick out break-down points in the system and quickly identify solutions. Delivery and perfect essay, Return. Procurement only facilitates delivery through expediting for essays, timely delivery and trouble-shooting returns. How To Find! The physical receipt and inspection of goods takes place at the delivery point. Procurement only needs to know that delivery has taken place and that the supplier has delivered in accordance with the essays purchase order and complied with delivery contract requirements. Whoever is responsible for accepting delivery and inspecting the goods should understand the procedure to follow in the event that there are any problems or discrepancies. Ways To Improve Express Bus Services Essay! For certain goods or commodities an independent inspection company may be used to check the quality of the goods.

When goods or services are received and accepted into essays on pollution stock, Procurement then facilitates payment of the tess essay supplier by providing necessary documentation to Finance. Orders are normally generated in Procurement. As the goods are delivered in the warehouses and transported to essays final distribution points, additional documents are generated in the process to support transactions. All these documents are finally consolidated to support vendor payments. In the diagram below, the entities on the left generate the documents. Express! On the right are examples of some of the documents used to support payment. Diagram 4: Example of necessary documentation used to essays on pollution support payments.

For samples, see the Annexes. It is very easy to forget the book editor review stage, particularly when there is essays a lot of procurement activity taking place as in the case of an emergency. The review stage has got three main objectives: a review with the original user or beneficiary on whether the original needs they had have been met; a review of the performance of procurement in carrying out the procurement process; and a review of the supplier performance. In emergency situations, the perfect review step happens much later in the emergency. Emphasis during the emergency is focused on obtaining the essays on pollution goods and services and meeting the needs. Different humanitarian organisations will have their own systems and documentation that they use during the procurement process.

These are used to tess essay enable people to carry out the procurement process efficiently and consistently. Historically, the procurement process has been paper based and has required the use of a range of documents. In the initial days of an emergency, it is difficult to introduce a new system but easy to apply an existing one with minimum guidance to facilitate the speed of response. In this context a standard procurement systems (SPS) is a software suite providing front office services to procurement professionals. It is intended to provide standard business processes and data management across a wide range of procurement communities. Procurement in emergencies is very complex, necessitating procurement of relief supplies from multiple worldwide sources. An SPS provides a paper-less transaction trail for better accountability, facilitates order tracking and reduces the opportunity for fraud. Essays! There are many SPS available on the open market, from which an organisation can select one that is suitable to their needs. There are also service providers on tess essay, the open market who have the capability to develop an SPS specifically tailored to meet individual needs.

Procurement must be seamlessly integrated with the other aspects of Logistics and functions within the essays on pollution organisation, such as Warehousing, Distribution, Finance, HR, etc. An integrated approach to service delivery will no doubt contribute to find the timely, efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. Clear communication lines, timely flow of documentation and constant feedback will facilitate the procurement process. Essays On Pollution! The involvement of the dissertation critique Logistics function in on pollution assessments will enable Logistics to plan for tess essay, the delivery of services, but for Logistics to succeed, the procurement plan must be well integrated and visible in the overall response plan. In emergency situations, easily accessible logistics preparedness and response guidelines will help to fast track the essays on pollution development of a response plan, tailored for a specific situation. Rushton,A., Oxley,J., and Croucher,P., The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management (Second Edition), Kogan Page (1989,2000)- Link.

Mangan, J., Lalwani, C., and Butcher, T., Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, John Wiley Sons, Ltd- Link. Fritz Institute Certification in book copy Humanitarian Logistics Module-Link. Powered by essays, a free Atlassian Confluence Community License granted to World Food Programme. Dissertation! Evaluate Confluence today.

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How to Write a Resume Skills Section (And What Skills to Add) Job searches can be quite nerve-wracking, and that is no small wonder, considering how the whole process can take its toll on on pollution, the jobseeker and the recruiter (or employer) alike. Depending on a lot of dissertation critique, factors, it can be very tedious, time-consuming, and on pollution challenging, with the jobseeker feeling as though he is made to jump through loops and go through the eye of a needle, just to score an interview. That is why every detail of the job search process is being paid attention to by jobseekers. They want to leave no stones unturned, so they try to make sure that they cover all their bases. Basic qualifications?

Check. Education requirement? Check. More than adequate work experience? Check. Now what about the skills? © | Brasil Creativo. In this guide, we explore the skills section of your resume and what skills you should include . If you look at the key or critical elements of the resume, the features that are explicitly identified as requirements are the summary statement, education, work experience and history, and best essays contact information of the essays on pollution, applicant. Anything else, including skills and qualification, are considered as “optional sections”.

A lot of attention is paid to the education and work experience, where they list down all their education background, including the tess essay, achievements and honors they received while in school. This will be followed by a detailed listing of the work history of the essays, applicant, indicating the relevant jobs he held in the past, the book editor, companies he has worked for, and his accomplishments while holding and performing those jobs. It is worth noting that, in essays on pollution, a conscious effort to ways to improve express in malaysia, keep their resume down to one page (or two pages, maximum), the rest of the resume is compressed or even truncated, and the section that gets much of that contraction treatment is the Skills section. On Pollution. Plus, there is also that factor where the Skills section is not really identified as a required section in essay how to find, the resume, and so many applicants omit it altogether when they prepare their resume. Clearly, this is not a good idea, especially if you want your resume to effectively “market” or “sell” you to essays on pollution, the hiring manager or employer.

You want to look attractive as an employee prospect, and the skills in your resume will help accomplish that. An applicant may get a lot of points for essays written graduating from a prestigious school or having an extensive work background. However, the real test of the on pollution, candidate’s fitness and suitability for a job is on how well his skills align with the editor, requirements of the said job. That is where the skills section comes in. The skills section of the essays, resume is where the applicant can list, elaborate and expand upon the skills and abilities that he possesses, and ways to improve express in malaysia that are relevant to on pollution, the job that he is applying for. Sadly, this section is dissertation, also one of the most often overlooked. Why is the Skills section so important? The Skills section of the resume is where you, the applicant, will get to on pollution, showcase your specific skills and abilities. This is where you can show the argumentative essay, hiring manager what you can accomplish in the position once they hire you for the job. Essays On Pollution. This section is the perfect venue for you to argumentative essay, underline to the employer why you are a prime candidate – no, the best candidate – for the job or open position.

In some resumes, the heading or title of the section is “Additional Skills”, and it is where the applicant will list down all of his abilities that are not referenced or indicated in the Work History and essays on pollution Experience section. There are two basic categories or types of skills that a job seeker should include in his resume: the essays never, hard skills and the soft skills. These are the essays on pollution, skills that can be acquired through classroom learning, course work, apprenticeships, trainings, workshops and the like. Book. These comprise the essays on pollution, qualifications required to do that specific job. One other way to essays never written, describe hard skills is essays on pollution, that they are quantifiable or measurable. Examples of hard skills include:

Advanced bookkeeping Word processing Computer programming Fluency or proficiency in foreign languages Typing / Encoding Automotive repair and maintenance Heavy machinery and equipment operation Schedule management Systems analysis. You may have heard of the phrase “people skills” or “interpersonal skills” before. Those are simply other terms for soft skills which, unlike the hard skills, are harder to measure or quantify. While hard skills apply to the particular job, soft skills apply to practically every job, enabling the person that possesses them to be successful in the workplace. The difficulty in identifying (and quantifying) soft skills is its subjective nature. What one person may deem to be a soft skill may not be perceived by another in the same way. Examples of soft skills include: Learn why your body language shapes who you are. Other skills that you should consider including are transferable skills . These are the skills that have been acquired from previous employment settings (both paid and unpaid), and may be transferred to future employment settings. This means that you can use these skills from one job to another. If you look at the list of examples of transferable skills, you may find that they are essentially the same as the soft skills.

This is why, in many instances, transferable skills and soft skills are considered to be one and copy editor the same. Some common examples are: Communication Problem analysis and essays solving Creativity Decision making Planning Data recording Goal setting Delegation Motivation. WHICH SKILLS TO INCLUDE IN THE RESUME. In many guides on how to write the to improve, skills section of the resume, they often indicate two things that should be there: the soft skills and the hard skills. But are those the only items that should appear in essays, this section? Is the Skills section simply an area in your resume to enumerate the argumentative essay, applicant’s hard and on pollution soft skills?

If you want to copy editor, make your resume’s Skills section work for you and grab the attention of the hiring manager – enough for them to on pollution, decide that you deserve to be granted an interview – you have to pay extra attention on how you write the Skills section of conclusion, your resume. The main concern at on pollution, this point would be: what skills should the applicant put in his resume? The first thing you should do is to how to job, get a piece of paper or draw up a blank document on your word processor, and start listing away. List all the skills that you have. Basically, a “skill” is anything that you are good at. Be as free as you want; any skill or talent that you can think of that you have, list them down. Do not think of anything else, especially the on pollution, job you are applying for. You’ll get to argumentative, that later. To facilitate things, you can create columns of the categories, such as Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Or you can be more specific and create separate columns for Technical Skills, Non-technical Skills, People Skills, etc.

Go with what you are most comfortable with. Think of this as you making a “shopping list” of all your skills. Once you are done, you probably have a long list on your hands. Essays. Now be careful: not all of the items on the list will go to copy, your resume’s Skills Section. Essays. This is one of the most challenging parts of preparing your resume, particularly this section: choosing the skills to include. No matter how much you want to put all the skills you’ve listed, if only to improve how you’d look on book copy editor, your resume, you should not – must not – do that. You have to essays, be selective, especially in the context of argumentative, a job search. Why is that?

Keep in essays, mind that the company is looking for the “best person for the job”, not the “best person”, per se. The job that they are trying to fill requires a very specific set of qualifications and skills that the jobholder must possess in order for critique conclusion him to carry out the job’s tasks, duties and essays responsibilities effectively. You do not want to waste the time of the hiring manager going through an extensive list of skills that are not going to be beneficial to book editor, the job. You also do not want to appear like you are “padding” your resume by including as much information as you can, regardless of on pollution, their relevance or significance. Review the job description: It is copy, time to go back to the job posting, which includes the job description of the position you are applying for. Essays. List down the required skills that are listed in the job description, and match them with the first list that you wrote up. If there are skills that match up, mark them as must-have skills for critique your resume. Take note of the determining factors: There are several factors that you have to essays, consider when choosing which skills to include. Relevance to the job: Again, this is why it is how to a good, important to know the job description of the position you are applying for, since it will tell you exactly what the company is looking for essays in the jobholder who will eventually perform the job. Basing off of the job description, you can narrow down the list of skills to critique, those that are most relevant to the job. Balance: There is a never-ending debate on which skills would gain the most favor and on pollution attention from hiring managers.

Some say that it is the copy editor, hard skills that should be included, since they are the ones that are easier to quantify and measure, which means performance evaluation is more objective. There are those who think that soft skills hold more weight since, essentially, they are the ones that cannot be taught, as they are more ingrained in the candidate’s personality. Hard skills, on the other hand, may be taught and learned along the way. Just to hit the middle ground and be on the safe side, it is advised that you strike a balance between these two sets of skills on your resume. Make sure that the skills section includes both hard and soft skills, just to show to on pollution, the hiring manager how well-rounded you are as an individual and an employee. How to write a great resume? 3. Tailor your skills to essay find a good job, the job or company. Once you have determined which skills to include in on pollution, your resume, you may think that all you have to do is copy the list as they are on the Skills section.

Technically, you can do that. But you have to remember that your goal is to make your entire resume attractive, and tess essay that means you have to give the same treatment to the Skills section. You have to tailor your skill sets to match the essays on pollution, job requirements of the position you are applying for. As mentioned earlier, the job description is already a good place to start “tailoring” your skills to the job and the company, but you can dig a bit deeper. Do some more research on the company; you may discover more information about book editor them that will help you decide how to present a skill in essays, your resume.

For example, in your research through a company’s social media accounts, you may discover how much value they place on environmental awareness. Tess Essay. However, they did not put any tidbit about that in the job description. Grab this opportunity and include in your resume the environmental cleanup skills that you have acquired in your previous volunteer work experiences. There is no specific or fixed rule on where to place the Skills section in the resume. Most resume templates put the Skills section at the bottom, after the Work Experience section. However, there may be some instances where placing the section at the top of the resume may be more advantageous. This is a practice usually seen in the IT industry, where the relevant technical skills of the IT professional is placed at the first part of the resume, so it is the first thing that the hiring manager sees when scanning the essays on pollution, resume. Uniformity and consistency is very important when styling and formatting the skills section.

Use the font style and font size that you used for the rest of the resume. Do not think that, in order to make it stand out, you should use a different font style and size for that section. This is likely to achieve the opposite effect, making it look sloppy and ways to improve in malaysia unprofessional. Some nice looking CV templates for on pollution your inspiration. OTHER TIPS FOR WRITING THE SKILLS SECTION. The resume skills section must be concise. Keep in mind that the resume, as a whole, is a brief assessment of your qualifications, skill sets and experience. It goes without saying that the best essays written, Skills section should also be just as brief and on pollution concise.

The hiring managers do not have the essays never, time and essays patience to dissertation conclusion, go over a lot of information that are not really necessary for the job. They are looking over on pollution resumes, not reading novels. Aid the hiring managers by keeping your skills list concise, so that they can zero in on the skills immediately the moment they scan your resume. You should not feel the need to explain or elaborate on these skills, because that is what you will do during the essay job, interview. Essays On Pollution. Your main objective for now is to a good job, grab their attention with your list of skills. Keep the skills list orderly and organized. Again, remember that hiring managers and recruiters probably deal with hundreds of applications at one time, so we are talking about a lot of resumes to go over. Once they open a resume and are bombarded with large blocks of texts and narratives, they are likely to stop reading after the first sentence and put the resume down. The use of bullet points is highly recommended. It makes the lists easier to read and understand, and it also looks neat and on pollution professional.

Using bullet points will allow you to list the important information quickly. The large volume of applications and resumes that hiring managers have to deal with on a daily basis has spurred the development of several tools that will help them go through these documents faster and in a more efficient manner. The Writing Guru’s Wendi Weiner pointed out how many recruitment processes these days make use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) in sorting or going over resumes. All the essay how to a good job, resumes will pass through these systems’ filtering features, looking for keywords that are industry-specific. On Pollution. Needless to say, the resumes that have these keywords will be considered for perfect argumentative essay the succeeding steps in the recruitment process. Thus, you should make sure about using the right or appropriate keywords when writing the Skills section. On Pollution. What should clue you in on what the book copy editor, right keywords are? You should refer to essays on pollution, the job posting, and take note of the words used in the job description and dissertation conclusion qualification requirements for on pollution the open position.

The keywords may also be the argumentative essay, ones that you will include in your resume’s Skills section. Whenever you can, make sure you provide the specifics. For instance, if you are applying for an administrative position, including a skill on “software operation” may be ambiguous, confusing the hiring manager. Clear up the on pollution, misunderstanding by including the specific software or programs you are adept at operating, such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Windows operating system (OS), Linux OS, and others. The same is true if you are applying for a programmer position and you simply put “IT skills” on the list. What IT skills are you talking about?

What programming languages are you good at? What platforms do you consider yourself to be an expert at? Make sure to essay how to a good job, include these specifics. Being specific will make it easier for the hiring manager to on pollution, determine at a quick glance whether you are a match for the job or not. Tess Essay. This way, they’ll be able to decide if you deserve to undergo an interview, which is the next step in the job hunting process. Share your thoughts and experience.

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