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Mail resume envelope

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Budget Management Analysis Essay Sample. Budget management analysis is used by mail, Chief Executive Officers, (CEO’s), and managers to assist them in determining whether or not the outline for an research, resources at hand are being used efficiently. An organizations budget is mail resume most generally yearly or quarterly and may be based on a financial committee’s decision. Some budgets, such as healthcare budgets, are planned around the previous year’s budget, variances, and economical factors. No matter how sound a budget is, there will be variances due to regiment situations such as lack of nursing staff and use of nursing agency staff can create huge variances in a budget. This paper will inform the reader of some strategies used to manage budgets within forecast. It will inform the reader of five comparisons of expense results with budget expectations.

The paper will inform the reader of some reasons for variances, strategies to use that may enable results to equal expectations, and lastly, three benchmark techniques. A budget is important to any organization because it, for lack of a better term, is the financial blueprint of the organization. Every organization must have a budget to resume envelope help guide cost and improve on financial areas that are weaker than others. Financial planning takes form as a budget. Legal Studies Essay. Most budgets are yearly based and necessary to meet a company’s goals. One strategy to manage budgets within forecast is strategic planning. Several techniques can be used in the attempt to maintain accurate budget adherence.

The first strategy is to ensure that the budget is mail resume aligned with the strategy of the organization, (Nayeb, 2011). This allows management to identify the regiment, priorities of the organization and mail resume envelope identify if the studies, goals of the organization are being supported. Envelope. The second strategy is to boost the norman the right, correctness of forecasting and planning. Strategic planning can be helpful in managing budgets because it helps get everyone on the same page. A mission statement that explains why the resume envelope, company exists and what plans need to be carried out in order to achieve these financial goals involves everyone in the organization and is beneficial to large companies. Plans and for an expository research goals are analyzed and thought up based on a thorough assessment of the organization and the external environment, (Evans, 2000). Another strategy is to enhance the organizations agility in budgeting and review. It is important to review a budget so that mistakes can be found and corrected.

A budget with errors is a disaster waiting to happen and allows for unplanned emergencies. Finally, it is important that the financial team brainstorm and come up with the best solutions for the organization to bring the company to its full potential earning level. Mail Resume. With proper planning, organizations often expand at outline expository research, a fast pace and turn a lucrative profit. A budgets forecast is based on sales, this meaning how well the company did the year before by comparing profit to mail envelope loss. In order for a budget to stay within forecast, sales, production, material expense, and the previous year’s financials must all be taken into account. Solution Involves. Labor is also plays a big factor in mail envelope staying within forecast. One example where the budget may show variances is when the use of agency nursing is used as opposed to norman the right to die essay regular nursing staff. Agency nursing is very expensive and resume envelope can bust a budget wide open. Cousins The Right To Die Essay. A second example is the necessity to stay within a budgets forecast. Production and mail resume envelope labor go hand-in-hand; this means if productivity is down then labor costs should also be down. If productivity is down and 54th labor cost remains the same or increases, the company will suffer by not staying within said budget parameters.

A manager must keep a close eye on these things and staff according to patient census. If hospital patient census is resume down then nursing labor expense should also be decreased. This is where a good manager will keep their eyes open for the number of patients being discharged as opposed to the number of staff on the clock. The third budget variation can occur with supply expenses. This can go either way. Supply expense can go up if there is a patient on the floor that requires extensive wound care supplies and maybe they do not have health care insurance to reimburse the hospital.

Another factor can be if nurses are not properly billing patients for inventory used. Many times the billing process is broken on 54th regiment, hospital floors and the unit ends up covering the majority of these expenses out of their budget. The money spent on covering unbilled supplies could be used in a more beneficial way, such as to envelope buy new equipment or raise nursing staff salaries or even give bonuses to increase staff retention. The fourth budget variance is due to a more common problem and is errors. Errors in the budget can be because it was not examined closely enough and reviewed by each member in the financial organization. Mathematical errors can be detrimental to a budget if overlooked. For this reason, it is imperative that the budget be reviewed and reviewed again.

A simple mathematic error can become very problematic and is harder to correct than it was to make. The Right To Die Essay. The fifth budget variance is simply not taking into account for mail resume envelope, unexpected events. There should always be a reserve available for disasters that occur. This can be compared to a person’s own finances and that they should have a savings account on hand to use for unplanned expenses. If there is bowdoin college not a reserve, an organization will more than likely have to apply for a bank loan and high interest rates can be hard on a company’s budget when it comes time to begin repaying the loan. Occurrences that impact a company’s budget should not have a negative outcome on mail resume envelope, the day to day operations of the company (Nayeb, 2011). Regiment. Again, this is why having a reserve is crucial. Internal benchmarking can be used and shared among the resume, financial team to discuss ways in the past that have proven successful for the company (Stroud, 2011). Internal benchmarking can be used for small companies when comparison data is college not readily available (Stroud, 2011). Competitive benchmarking can be used to see how well a company stacks up against its competitor. Strategic benchmarking is used when a company wants to compare itself to other companies nationwide.

This type of benchmarking is most useful to hospitals because of mail envelope such competiveness and the desire to obtain magnet status. Hospitals often use this type of hemophilia essay benchmarking to continue their road to excellence. A well thought out and planned out budget can make or break a company. When dealing with healthcare, anything can happen; this is why it is crucial that budgets be error free and followed down to resume the last cent. Deviating from a company budget can result in bankruptcy or high interest loans to repay. By looking at the previous year’s budget, it can help determine what changes can be put in college essay question place to avoid financial outcomes and ways to mail resume envelope increase productivity. A well planned budget always allows for financial reserve to cover events that are not controllable. A reserve in capital helps a company to not deviate in cousins the right essay the day to day operations because of unexpected financial obligations. A good budget allows for budget variances and has enough reserve to cover these variances so the company does not face financial ruin or financial distress. Evans, Matt. #8220;Excellence in Finance Managment.#8221; . N.p., n.d. Mail Resume Envelope. Web.

26 Nov 2012. . Nayeb, N.. #8220;Forecasting vs. Budgeting: What#8217;s the Difference.#8221; Bright Hub. N.p., 08 2011. Web. 26 Nov 2012. Is this the perfect essay for outline for an research paper, you? Save time and order Budget Management Analysis. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Budget Management Analysis.

Organizations in today’s ever-changing global market make use of budgeting to help measure performance, plan, and control its business operations. Organizational leaders make use of flexible budgets to help take#8230; Analyzing the mail envelope, Master Budget. A master budget is essay a summary of a company#8217;s plans in which specific targets are set for sales, production, distribution, and financing activities and that generally culminates in a cash#8230; Manage Budget and Financial Plans. Planning a Budget Davis Service Group is mail resume envelope a large public limited company employing around 17,000 people. Its shares are quoted on cousins essay, the London Stock Exchange.The business is mail envelope based on service#8230; Cash budget is a inputs and outputs of a business or a individual over a long period of time (e-conomic, 2013). A cash budgeting is relate to a organisation’s plan#8230; Budget is an norman essay estimate of costs, revenues, and resources over a specified period, reflecting a reading of future financial conditions and goals.

One of the most important administrative tools, a#8230; Within the Budget Schedule and Proforma the factory Total Overhead for FY 9 is resume $481,798 with the Depreciation value listed as $150,000. Total depreciation for FY 6, 7 and 9#8230;

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Shy People Essays and Research Papers. 2013 . Neat Vs. Sloppy In Suzanne Britt's Neat People Vs. Mail Resume. Sloppy People and for an research Dave Barry's Batting Clean Up and envelope Striking Out both author's examine just complicated human relationships can be considering how many types of personalities are out hemophilia there. They both share certain literary elements, but differ immensely. Dwele , Edgar Allan Poe , On That Point 1148 Words | 3 Pages.

Suzanne Britts Sloppy People vs Neat People. “Neat People vs. Sloppy People ” appears in Britt’s collection show and mail tell. Mingling humor with seriousness (as she often does), . Britt has called the book a report on her journey into “the awful cave of self: You shout your name and voices come back in exultant response, telling you their names.” In this essay about curtain inescapable personality traits, you may recognize some aspects of your own self, awful or otherwise. For a different approach to studies essay a similar subject, see the mail envelope next essay, by Dave. Automatic waste container , La-Z-Boy , People 961 Words | 3 Pages. other peoples emotional distresses.

We try to feel sympathetic towards the essay situation or the person. When empathy comes into play we try to . solve the problem and take the mail resume other persons perspective on the problem. An empathetic person feels what the other person is norman the right to die feeling and why. One can be empathetic towards fictional situations and resume characters. Empathy is an emotion that we strive to satisfy even if it means risking our lives or being very uncomforadable. Hemophilia. Empathy is an emotion shown in people as young. Affect , Emotion , Empathy 1324 Words | 4 Pages. Ironically People Love Celebrities.

Ironically People Love Celebrities Abdullah Khalid Sweileh American University of Sharjah John F. Kennedy once said, There is always . inequality in life. Some men are killed in a war and some men are wounded and some men never leave the country. Life is unfair.I remember when I was out with my friends to the movies, and resume the subject of celebrities salaries popped up. We were arguing about celebrities wages and whether they are overpaid. All of my friends agreed that stars are overpaid except. Celebrity , Failure , Failure rate 1416 Words | 4 Pages.

27 Traits Of Successful People Is it really possible to become a successful person in just one day? I actually believe you can become a . successful person in just one second. Why? Because to be a successful person you only 54th massachusetts, have to change your thoughts and start to think like a successful person. Your have to program your brain to respond differently to mail resume situations that it was previously refusing. But how exactly are successful people made and how do they think? I’ve read and studied a lot of books. Complaint , Is the glass half empty or half full? , Optimism 1272 Words | 4 Pages. Solving My People Puzzle: Phase 1 Anthony D. Whorley November 9, 2013 PACO 500: Introduction to Pastoral Counseling . Instructor: Dr.

John Hobbs Liberty University Abstract Solving My People Puzzle Phase 1 involves discovering my personality. This paper will bring to light how I operate through the descriptions that are provided, throughout this paper. Part of this assignment, I had to submit a survey to solution at least two of the people who knew me best. For the Love of God , I Feel Loved , Personality psychology 1591 Words | 6 Pages. ?How to Handle Difficult People – A Tao Perspective How to resume deal with difficult people . “To subdue the hemophilia enemy without fighting is resume . the highest skill.” — Gichin Funakoshi, father of modern Karate “The Chinese call it Chi; the Japanese, Ki; the Indians Prana – it is the life force, and it is incredibly powerful…it can’t be explained adequately except to those who have already experienced it, but it’s one of the very few willable miracles.” — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 19-time NBA All-Star, describing how. Bruce Lee , Gichin Funakoshi , Jeet Kune Do 1276 Words | 5 Pages. Critical Analysis Of Suzanne Britt’s Neat People vs Sloppy People. Britt’s Neat People vs Sloppy People Byron Davis Regis University College for Professional Studies “Neat . People vs Sloppy People ” by Suzanne Britt is for an research paper article relating the sloppy people to being morally supreme to neat people . Resume Envelope. Britt explains that in her experience neat people are lazy and mean.

She states that this is outline for an expository research directly related to how they excuse the little messes of the world, and cold heartedly throw them in the trash can. Mail Envelope. Britt cites many instances in which sloppy people are the way. Feeling , Love , Moral 778 Words | 4 Pages. Person-Centre Care for Older People. Introduction The number of older people who are requiring for acute care services is ascending as the essay population ages (Peek et al, 2007, . Traynor, Brisco amp; Coventry, 2005, McCormack, 2002). As reported in McCormack’s (2002) research, the mail older people , represented 12.5% of the population, is 30% of all hospital discharge and hemophilia essay 46% of mail envelope all hospital bed days.

Wherefore, the outline for an research largest users of health care are older people with chronic complex diseases and disability contemporarily (Peek et al, 2007). 1922 , Health care provider , Hospital 1688 Words | 5 Pages. ? The 5 People You Meet in Heaven Author: Mitch Albom Character: Eddie – The protagonist The main character, the story revolves around . him. Mail Envelope. He was killed on his 83rd birthday and when he awakes he was already in heaven taken on journey to meet the legal studies 5 people whose lives intertwined with his in many ways which he never expected. Eddie’s Father – The Antagonist. He was a belligerent drunk and not very supportive or caring towards his children. Mail. Marguerite – Eddie’s wife whom he loved very much. Death , Grammatical person , Life 726 Words | 3 Pages.

Only People Who Earn a Lot of Money Are Successful. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Use specific reasons and for an expository research paper examples to mail envelope . support your answer. Essay. Definitely, I do not totally agree with the statement of title. However, the wealthy people are indeed a successful group. So let me discuss what the success includes, and then to get a conclusion. First is money.

There are too many examples to tell, such as Bill Gates, Dell, the mayor of New York and more and more. Nobody doubts. Celebrity , Health , People 2025 Words | 5 Pages. What Kind of People in a Team Could Be More Efficient. to achieve goals in a team. It demonstrates the strongest rival argument people of mail resume envelope different characters accomplish goals more efficient, strong . points with explanations and examples for my view, and then argues the possible gaps in my paper, finally draws a conclusion to for an research paper sum up my proposition.

Section 2: Research and Select the Strongest Rival Argument Topic Choosing and Initial Proposition Topic: what kind of people in a team could be more efficient? Initial Proposition: team with like-minded. By the mail Way , Communication , Motivation 2259 Words | 7 Pages. ?Famous people and their privacy Like most children, you and I probably once fantasized about being famous when we were older. Whether it’s . mesmerizing thousands with music, or having a star role in an action movie, being a famous celebrity is something most people in North America covet in at least one point of their life. But famous people are always persuaded by photographers and reporters, which destroys their privacy, and massachusetts thesis enables the public to know the daily life of every celebrity. Celebrities. Celebrities , Celebrity , People 781 Words | 2 Pages. Self-Concept Paper The definition of mail resume self-concept is, the legal essay mental image or perception that one has of oneself. If someone were to ask a person how they see . themselves most people would answer with a positive answer; people usually don’t look deep down and mail analyze their true self, negative and positive. Many factors such as the hemophilia essay environment we live in, our parents and friends contribute to mail envelope how we see ourselves.

This paper will tell how I perceive myself, who I am becoming, and what I am afraid of. Lebanon, Tennessee , Mind , Need 1268 Words | 3 Pages. full-text database: National Newspapers (Proquest), create a lecture (with citations) which includes the college essay following: Describe an entertainment poll or survey. . Analyze the number of people who participated in the sample compared to the number in the population. Most news articles will not provide information on the number of people surveyed. Resume. In this case critique the college validity of the results. (Be sure to resume cite the article which must be from National Newspapers -ProQuest) NOTE: There is a research Guide in.

Bibliography , Citation , Opinion poll 778 Words | 3 Pages. riposte: What about the essay race factor? Are white Americans really ready to elect a black man as president? It’s a recurrent refrain among Democrats and mail envelope even . some hopeful Republicans. As Andrew Kohut wrote here, “56 percent of Democrats believe that many people will not vote for outline for an paper, Mr. Envelope. Obama because he is black.” With the first ever African-American presidential candidate, race is certainly the great unknown of the 2008 campaign, but there is significant empirical evidence to suggest that Mr. Hemophilia. Obama’s skin. African American , Barack Obama , Democratic Party 1725 Words | 5 Pages.

Good Things Come in envelope Small Packages In today’s society the media sets the social norms and expectations that communities follows. People are . constantly changing the way they look to a problem solution involves fit these social standards and attempt to develop a resemblance to the perfect models and mail resume envelope stars they see on television. They compulsively buy designer clothing as well as the latest and greatest technology in a desperate attempt to essay conform to the social norms. But how do you acquire essentials that cannot be bought. Dwarfism , Form of the envelope Good , Human 1183 Words | 3 Pages.

This is an expository essay on 54th massachusetts regiment the short story Wyoming: The Solace of mail envelope Open Spaces, by Gretel Erlich. The essay is about how people in bowdoin college essay Wyoming are like compared to people who live in mail envelope the city. Wyoming, not just a barren state, but the home of a community The solitude in which westerners live makes them quiet (Erlich 209), but this does not mean . they hide from human contact, for example, the people of Wyoming. There people , in one way or another, keep in contact with each other and outline for an research paper they keep in mail resume envelope touch with reality. In the short story, Wyoming: The Solace of Open Spaces, Gretel Erlich writes about the tight community in Wyoming.

Although they are separated geographically, they are not. Community , Eamonn Holmes , People 1085 Words | 3 Pages. Physical characteristics are peoples first image of you and cousins essay are usually what people would use to describe who they are, These . include your height, weight,hair colour, eye colour, sex,age,skin colour and facial features. Mail Envelope. An example of someones personal characeteristics are Cheryl cole has brown hair, Brown eyes and is female. Emotions: Emotions are inner which means that they arn't as obvious to 54th massachusetts regiment thesis other peole as your physical characteristics but that doesnt mean that people carnt work out your emotions. Belief , Eye color , Identity 928 Words | 3 Pages. what you once lived for. Your personality transforms into one that is not your own and you become frustrated with life. Mail. As I walk the halls at school I . Hemophilia Essay. observe the interactions of all the people . With most everyone it is the same. They are insecure and develop many misconceptions about their peers. Resume. Too many people attempt to form opinions on those around them without enough real insight of who that person is.

Most forget that others have issues outside of what it might appear, and the situation may. 1982 births , 2002 albums , 2004 singles 965 Words | 3 Pages. as some people see it an offensive name to describe people , the name is not the only thing that has caused a controversy also the . people that this name applies to. Hence there have been many definitions of this word to try and make it more euphemism. Kuper (2003) agrees that this term causes a lot of debate. Hemophilia Essay. He argues that however most people prefer the word indigenous because it’s more euphemism than the term native and primitive, he also points out the fact that the name of the resume people that are.

Botswana , Bushmen , Central Kalahari Game Reserve 2043 Words | 5 Pages. Are Famous People Treated Unfairly by the Media? Should They Be Given More Privacy, or Is the cousins the right to die Price of Their Fame an Invasion Into Their Private Lives? Are famous people treated unfairly by envelope, the media? Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of essay their fame an invasion into their . private lives? Many girls want to be as beautiful as Paris Hilton and many boys want to be as popular as David Beckham.

Who doesn’t want to mail resume envelope be a celebrity? They have all the things that common people can dream of, fans, designer clothes, luxurious cars, and the list goes on. Their lavish style of living keeps them in the eye of expository research public and mail resume envelope media. As a result. Actor , Celebrities , Celebrity 821 Words | 3 Pages.

The Navajo People Gloria Burkart ANT 101 Instructor Megan Douglas November 19, 2012 The Navajo People The Navajo or . Dine, creation is the story of their origin through a series of emergence through a series of different colored worlds. Norman Cousins To Die Essay. The Navajo people were hunters and gathers that began herding sheep and mail resume goats as a main source of trade and outline research paper food with meat with the influence of resume Pueblos and the Spanish. The Navajo were largely hunters and gatherers, until they had contact with Pueblos. Apache , Native Americans in the United States , Navajo language 1899 Words | 5 Pages. issues left by regiment thesis, the former government, Nelson Mandela wants to reunite the people in South Africa and to erase black and white races . divergences. In order to do so, Mandela is convinced that using sport could unite the resume envelope whole country. Cousins To Die Essay. That is why the leader will assign Francois Pienaar, captain of the national rugby team, the mission of envelope winning the rugby World Cup.

Through supporting this team, we can see little by little that people start to communicate with each other again, to support each other, and. 1995 Rugby World Cup , Black people , Leadership 1505 Words | 4 Pages. ¹ 9 1. : “The British / American / Canadian People : A Social Profile”. Legal Studies Essay. British nation is considered . to mail resume envelope be the most conservative in Europe. Studies Essay. It is mail envelope not a secret that every nation and every country has its own customs and traditions. In Great Britain people attach greater importance to traditions and customs than in other European countries.

Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. The best examples are their queen, money system, their. British Isles , British people , Britons 1126 Words | 3 Pages. Successful People To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and a problem solution Stand and Deliver by Ramon Menendez and Thomas Musca are two similar stories where . the main characters are both very determined. They both want to make a difference and resume envelope are both very confident men. A Problem Solution. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch, the main character, is a white older man that is a lawyer. During the mail resume envelope book, he has to defend a black man who was charged with raping a white woman.

During that time period, black people were seen by the. Black people , Education , Race 1406 Words | 3 Pages. and the country has few natural resources. 54th Regiment Thesis. But the discovery of petroleum in mail resume envelope 1959 injected huge sums of money into Libya's economy. The government of Libya . used some of this wealth to improve farmland and provide services for the people . Almost all of Libya's people are of mixed Arab and hemophilia Berber ancestry and mail are Muslims. Until the early 1900's, Libya consisted of three separate geographical and historical regions. Legal. It became a united, independent country in 1951. Libya's official name is the mail envelope Great. Algeria , Berber people , City 685 Words | 3 Pages. The Tswana People Tswana is the hemophilia essay name applied to a number of resume groups who all speak the regiment thesis same language and share similar customs but have separate . names.

Tswana are defined as a member of the Bantu people inhabiting Botswana, western South Africa, and neighboring areas. They are also called Batswana or Bechuana. The language Tswana is defined as the Sotho language of the envelope Tswana people and is a Bantu language. It may also be referred to as Setswana or Sechuana, and it was the first Sotho language. Africa , Bantu languages , Basotho 1963 Words | 6 Pages. Do Not Judge a Person by their Appearance. tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on their character when we first observe them. Being in school, this always . Studies Essay. happens.

No matter if a person has the sweetest personality, if his or her appearance is mail resume not good people judge them on only that fact. There have been many circumstances I have run into when someone is judging another person. In third grade there was this girl named Candi. A Problem Essay. She was the sweetest girl in my class, but because she had red hair she got made. English-language films , Humans , Judgment 911 Words | 3 Pages. applying the correct terminology Introduction The Yolngu indigenous people make up one of the oldest cultures on earth, stretching back . more than 40,000 years and envelope make up more than 50 clans, each has its own country, they have with twelve different dialects and many ceremonies that are all concerned with acting out the stories and lore’s of the ancestral pasts which is quite different to western life in 54th Australia. The Yolngu people divide themselves into two basic divisions, or moieties, called Dhuwa. Ceremony , Culture , Culture of resume envelope Australia 1042 Words | 2 Pages. The Igbo People The Igbo people were a highly religious and close knitted community, at least when it came to college essay question their own . Envelope. particular clans and research tribes.

They relied heavily on their farming and mail resume looked upon the strongest farmers as those blessed by studies essay, the gods and resume envelope carrying a good chi (Achebe, 17). By the late 1800’s however, the Igbo people came into contact with British colonialism and college essay question soon their culture and beliefs began to spread thinly among the few who remained true to their gods and superstitions. Bystander effect , Chinua Achebe , Colonialism 1171 Words | 4 Pages. The People of the Philippines by mail resume envelope, the Philippine Tourism Promotions Board 1 The Filipino is basically of a problem essay involves Malay stock with a sprinkling of . Resume Envelope. Chinese, American, Spanish and Arab blood. College Question. The Philippines has a population of mail resume 70 million, and it is hard to hemophilia essay distinguish accurately the lines between stocks. From a long history of Western colonial rule, interspersed with the visit of merchants and mail resume traders evolved a people of a unique blend of east and west, both in appearance and a problem involves culture.

2 The Filipino. Asia , Emilio Aguinaldo , Filipino language 1187 Words | 4 Pages. traditions, beliefs and ceremonies that have been handed down from generation to generation. Their cultural background and beliefs have been infused . throughout their people and they take pride in making sure that their story and experiences are known throughout all of their cultural members, young and old. The background of the Navajo people , including their primary mode of mail resume subsistence, their beliefs and values (including the use of essay medicines and ceremonies for rituals), gender relations as well as economic. Gender , Gender identity , Gender role 2319 Words | 6 Pages.

RACISM ESSAY Racism is one of the world's major issues today. Mail Resume Envelope. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in outline expository research our schools . Mail Envelope. workforces, and hemophilia anywhere else where social lives are occurring. It is obvious that racism is bad as it was many decades ago but it sure has not gone away. Racism very much exists and it is about time that people need to start thinking about the instigations and solutions to this matter. Many people believe that it depends on if a person was brought into resume, the world as. Affirmative action , Anti-racism , Black people 2141 Words | 6 Pages. [Name of the Writer] [Name of Instructor] [Subject] [Date] Ainu of Japan Introduction The indigenous people of Japan and solution essay Russia . are called Ainu. Ainu is also referred as Aino, Aynu and Ezo in ancient text.

The history showed that they spoke Ainu language and other varieties of mail envelope languages. They lived mostly in massachusetts regiment thesis Hokkaido, the Kuril Islands, and envelope Sakhalin. The people who still called them Ainu live in those regions. The exact number of the population of Ainu is still unknown. There are. Ainu language , Ainu people , Hokkaido 1920 Words | 6 Pages. like a younger man. People will hardly guess he is studies 42 years old. His voice is very soft and resume envelope quiet; the necessary volume to be heard in a . regular conversation, and never trying to get someone’s attention, almost 2 appearing to be a shy and quiet person.

Neat as a hospital room, and always smelling manly and clean is one of the things that I like the most about him. His nails and teeth always clean. Legal. He cares about people he loves. Always trying to mail resume envelope support and help people to overcome a problem. Brown hair , Interpersonal attraction , People 849 Words | 3 Pages. John Ziker’s, Peoples of the outline for an Tundra, provides a detailed accounting of the lives of the mail envelope Dolgan and Nganasan tribes living in the northern . region of Russia. His purpose is to massachusetts study the resume changing economic systems and the reactions to such changes, primarily after the fall of the Soviet state. Further study was focused into the continuing isolation of the hemophilia Dolgan and Nganasan communities by soviet control, taxation on property and goods, control of mail envelope how and when these goods were exchanged, and how the. Collective farming , Nganasan people , Russia 2482 Words | 7 Pages.

Where has our common courtesy and respect gone? Lionel Wijesiri When music and courtesy are better understood and appreciated, there will be no war. . (Confucius) Most of us belonging to pre-Gen X ( people who are 60+ of age) will agree that both young and not-so-young amongst us have become less considerate and hemophilia essay more selfish than they used to mail envelope be few decades ago. Norman To Die. We know it through personal experience, and resume we know it through published studies. By performing a kind act, one makes the world. 2005 singles , Etiquette , Fork 1401 Words | 5 Pages. ? Seeing is not believing It is universally acknowledged by hemophilia, people that seeing is believing , this old saying WAS once rooted in my . beliefS. But since I saw a movie called Jane Eyre ,I have changed my mind . PAUSE. In the movie, Miss Jane Eyre said ,PAUSE Do you think because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little ,I am soulless and heartless?'’ PAUSE. These words touched my heart and helped me to see things FROM another point of view, so today, I HAVE come to a new conclusion PAUSE that. 2001 albums , Belief , Believe 850 Words | 3 Pages.

Jadine’s uncle and aunt in the novel can be seen as representative of envelope one of the hemophilia essay tar pits for resume envelope, Jadine. Hemophilia. They do not accept all black people . Envelope. equal in massachusetts regiment thesis the community in which they live because they employ racial hierarchies. Ondine sees herself as the only woman in the house (209), while Sydney notes more than twice that he is a Philadelphia Negro, “the proudest people in mail resume envelope the race” (61). They seem to have a clear vision of what they want for Jadine their niece. As the story progresses, though, it becomes. African American , African diaspora , Afro-Latin American 2706 Words | 7 Pages. Representations of Africa 23 October 2012 A Man of the People : Conflict in Independent Nigeria Independent Nigeria witnessed increasingly . abominable conflicts arising at hemophilia both the social and political level. At a time when “the national question“ was at the top of the government’s agenda, the search for resume envelope, political power, namely at the regional level, stymied any progress.

How could a “national identity” be established when the massachusetts regiment people identified themselves primarily based on their ethnicity? Without. Chinua Achebe , Conflict , Igbo people 1201 Words | 4 Pages. discrimination of black people and white people. the past, this book cannot be written in a thin book. This thick book is full of his great experiences that wanted to be read by mail, many people in . the world in the right to die order to let everybody know the mail resume envelope disasters of racism. This racism affected Richard Write a lot and he had to adapt to the environment that he was in, although he didn’t know how he should act in front of white people in the beginning of the story. There are not many examples in the beginning of the story since Richard was a little boy, and he.

African American , Black people , Miscegenation 951 Words | 3 Pages. million trafficked annually across international borders. For An Research Paper. These people mostly women and children are not willful in the endeavor nor are they . well taken care of (Goodman, 2010). Many times traffickers recruit these people by envelope, leering them to legal studies essay a promise of wealth or safety. Many times they are kidnapped and mail resume held hostage for the rest of their lives. Bowdoin College. The disgust I have for the monsters that twist their wreckage careers; trafficking these people is undeniable. Slavery is mail resume wrong in every sense of the meaning. Abuse , Ethics , Human 1168 Words | 3 Pages.

The Language of Friendship: an Analytical Essay. Whether one uses gestures to create nonverbal messages or can verbally express their ideas, they are contributing to the worldwide epidemic of communication. . Norman Cousins Essay. Communication is one of the most important factors of mail envelope relationship building. Without two people being able to convey feelings and emotions to one another, the essay connection cannot prosper. Mail. Thankfully, communicating with my best friend Sarah has always seemed like second nature. Sarah and I have been best friends for almost 5 years now. We met. Best Friends , Communication , First-person narrative 2376 Words | 6 Pages.

emanates not from selfishness but rather from the sense that current welfare programs are unfair. It is not that we begrudge the hemophilia deserving poor an equitable . Mail Envelope. share. It is that we feel hardworking taxpayers are being duped by too many welfare cheats, people who could work but who choose not to essay in an mail attempt to essay get something for nothing. The solution to this problem, in the authors' view, is not for social policy-makers to advocate more altruism toward the poor--which they deem unrealistic--but rather. Attribute , Economics , Human 2723 Words | 7 Pages. One thing that was certain was the diasporas within the history of the Hmong. The exquisite ethnic group faced long-lasting challenges as they fought for mail resume envelope, . their independence and tried to maintain their lasting existence. History has long dated Hmong people from ancient times as early as 3000 B.C. (Faderman, 2). Hmong or Hmoob is also known as “Miao” or “Meo,” although, the term “Hmong” is more suitable.

A Hmong scholar stated that the term “Miao” is actually a derogatory term meaning “barbarian,” given. Hmong American , Hmong language , Hmong people 2498 Words | 7 Pages. People are people Autumn Heather Lundy Concorde Career College Friday, July 12, 2013 Prepared for MS Hill Multicultural . competence is the ability to outline for an paper appreciate, value, interact with and benefit from difference cultures. Cultures are group with a common outlook. They may be racial or ethnic; male or female; of a certain sexual orientation belief or age (job readiness, 2013, page 104). You will always see in this world multicultural competence because every judges everybody. Before I was born.

Black people , Extermination camp , Nazi concentration camps 882 Words | 2 Pages. Task 2 The Indigenous people – they are the holders of unique languages, knowledge and envelope beliefs and of practices for use of natural . resources. Cousins To Die Essay. In addition, they have a special relation to their traditional land. Their land has a fundamental importance for their cultural survival for them as a people . Mail Envelope. Indigenous people hold their own diverse concepts of development. The development is based on hemophilia essay their own traditional values, visions, needs and priorities. At least this is how it used to be for the. Australia , Culture , Indigenous Australians 884 Words | 3 Pages. before characteristics and mail behaviors displayed by an ethical person is contingent on a variety of things from settings to moral development and a person’s . 54th Massachusetts Regiment Thesis. individual characteristics. Removing aforesaid circumstantial situations, ethical and unethical people have inherent qualities and attributes. Everyone fancies themselves as unique individuals.

People’s characteristics such as personalities and values are particular to them. A person’s values, basic convictions of what is right and wrong, and personality. Coffee , Company , Ethical leadership 2654 Words | 10 Pages. thing as a person without a personality. Mail. Some people may not have very extroverted characteristics; this means that they have a . Cousins The Right To Die Essay. shy or colorless personality. Now its time for me to define my personality. Who am I? What events in mail my life influenced the cousins the right to die person that I am today? Well I guess it started when I was born.

The first few seconds that I peaked my head out of my mother's womb into mail, a huge place I now call the essay world. I was in a room with people surrounding me and caring for my every need;. Meaning of life , No Such Thing as Vampires , People 1338 Words | 3 Pages. Unit 372 1.1 Why is resume it important to outline research recognise and respect an individual’s heritage? Because peoples heritage is part of their . culture. The more you understand about it the more you understand the person and the reason they do some of the things they do.

You have a heritage and resume envelope it is why you were brought up with the 54th massachusetts beliefs and standards. You want people to respect that, so you should give the same respect. It’s also a part of mail envelope history which has helped us evolve throughout this world. Legal Studies Essay. You. Abuse , Affordable Health Care for America Act , Alzheimer's disease 1996 Words | 6 Pages. journey of success are major deterrents that most young people cannot overcome. Among the various obstacles faced; apathy, lack of confidence, . and poor planning are the most substantial. Apathy, better known as laziness, is a prevailing character trait found in resume the vast majority of legal young people , which ultimately limits their success.

Young people have a tendency to mail envelope want far more than what they are willing to work for. In other words, young people will not give their best effort, which results in very. Ageism , Goal , People 751 Words | 4 Pages. have those couple of people that completely deny that they are competitive. Why? Oh right, because you definitely don’t care that you did not . get an A on that test, or that “the other guy” got a promotion and you didn’t. Whether it is outline expository grades, promotions, or sports competition is all around us. As I said before, it is mail resume natural to have it. In my opinion, it’s healthy because without competition in our society, people wouldn’t strive to a problem be where they are.

Because of competition, people tend to try harder. Competition , Form of the Good , Human 939 Words | 3 Pages. Do You Prefer Spending Time Together or Alone? People’s standard of living has risen greatly than in mail the past. Moreover, many people pursue higher standard of living by 54th regiment, working more and . Mail. earning more money and lead a busy life every day for that. For that reason, people are now more aware of studies essay important of how to spend their free time from hectic routines. The way of spending free time can be usually divided into two major sections, which are spending time with people and spending time alone. As for me, I would be on mail the side of spending time alone. Hobby , Leisure , Money 1881 Words | 5 Pages. Paparazzi: When Is It Too Much Information. ENG 101 Kelsey Johannsen April 22, 2010 Paparazzi: When is it too much Information?

Imagine if you will living in a world were everyday you are . constantly followed by people taking your picture, asking personal questions, and research harassing you day and night. Everything about you is being judged by everybody. Your weight, the clothes you wear, and resume even your relationships with others are being watched. You feel like you’re a zoo animal. Involves. Locked in a small box, crowded by pointing and loud strangers. Celebrities , Celebrity , Ewan McGregor 1851 Words | 5 Pages. Villarroel 1. What is meant by mail resume, diversity? It’s the different religions that live in outline for an the same community.

2. Describe the mail resume community you live in. Bowdoin. . Highlight some of the resume variations you may observe in terms of: In my community, we have all sorts of people from different age who comes from different ethnic and cultural background. Most of the houses are semi-detached, that are privately owned and some have been converted into essay, flats with young couples and single tenants. The older generation lives in. Discrimination , Equality , Individual 736 Words | 7 Pages. modest lift style and pursues happiness the envelope right way. Outline Expository. I think most people believe happiness is bought in a store. People . overestimate how much pleasure they’ll get when they buy luxurious things. Envelope. We really don’t need all these extravagant luxuries around use.

Are they necessities of life? Are they just things to bowdoin college show one’s vanity? Or are they just trying to resume envelope keep up with the Jones sort of speak. College Question. There are different classes of people ; welfare, working, middle, and upper class. The welfare classes are. Consumer theory , Consumption function , Economics 1316 Words | 5 Pages. Unit 52 Level 3 Health and Siocial Care. are over resume, 17,000 people under the age of 65 who have dementia. The assessment, diagnosis and provision of appropriate care and treatment for hemophilia, . younger people with dementia, pose particular challenges. This is partly because their numbers are small and therefore dispersed geographically, but also because their life circumstances are likely to be different to those of older people - they may still be in work, have young families and have mortgages to pay. It is important that younger people with dementia.

Dementia , Experience , Humans 1465 Words | 4 Pages. What Are the mail Major Conflicts Between Virtues and Utilitarianism ? are debated and change person to person. The means justify the ends ? the ends justify means ? In the first place, according to . Hemophilia Essay. Philippa Foot text whose name is Virtues and Utilitarianism , utility encourges people to do the resume envelope wrong thing ‘’ if right action is taken to be that which producers good states of affairs,whatever these are supposed to norman be ; and then utilitirianism becomes synonymous with consequentialism’’(Foot, 1979. Consequentialism , Good and evil , People 688 Words | 3 Pages. What Trust and Respect Mean and How It Should Be Earned. What Trust and Respect mean and how it should be earned Respect as defined by the ARMY values is defined as, “treat people as they should be . treated” I believe that this is true but that there is more to it than that. Mail Resume Envelope. Respect to me is about doing what is asked of you without back talk or argument, talking to someone as they should be talked to i.e. if someone is in a greater position than you treat them as such (stand at parade rest, etc.) Respect is a very important quality that we are taught.

2009 singles , All That You Can't Leave Behind , Meaning of life 1086 Words | 3 Pages.

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Administrator Plus Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Samples. The academic resume writers at A+ Resumes for Teachers write education job search documents. Extensive teacher resume, CV curriculum vitae, and cover letter / application letter samples are listed for you to review. We write teacher resumes and mail resume envelope, CV curriculum vitae that are results-oriented, accomplishment-based, and loaded with relevant educational keywords. Legal Studies? Incorporating the correct information is vital to mail resume envelope, gain the upper hand over your competition. Many school teacher, principal, and higher education resumes and CV curriculum vitae are scanned using ATS (applicant tracking systems). This means that your teacher resume will need to include the right academic focused keywords in order to pass the system. The precise writing of accomplishments and college essay, showcasing the resume envelope, correct academic leadership and massachusetts thesis, teaching skills in a resume is mail envelope, what makes resume writing an art. Education Resume and hemophilia, Application Letter Samples for Teachers and Other Educators. It’s a critical tool to your academic job search €“ don’t underestimate what results it can get for you. Click on mail resume left side bar to reveal:

Examples of teacher or educational leadership resumes Matching cover letter / application letter CV curriculum vitae and resume samples in regiment, PDF format Corresponding application letter / cover letter in resume envelope, PDF format. These sample resumes and bowdoin college essay question, cover letters for educators will give you an insight into the quality of envelope, documents we develop. Please note that the styles you see in these samples are not the only ones we use. You will notice the teacher resumes we display here are not heavy infographic resumes. Infographic resumes look nice, but you must also be concerned about research paper applicant tracking system software. If your resume will be scanned by an applicant tracking system, you will want a straightforward format so that it can be scanned easily. Infographic resumes can interfere with the scanning system, so if you want one, you may need a second resume version to use for the scanning systems. At A+ Resumes for Teachers , we can create a resume to resume, your liking; just let us know your requirements.

Each client is unique, so we review each client's accomplishments, career history, obstacles, requirements, and goals to create a presentation that best illustrates their specific strengths and expertise. Our Sample Teacher Resumes and 54th massachusetts, Cover Letters Are Accomplishment-Based and Visually-Appealing. Notice the mail envelope, varying use of color, borders, icons, and testimonials? The visual effects will make your resume stand out above the competition. On the other hand, we also have paid very close attention to detail when it comes to: Resume Profile or Summary Areas of Expertise or Core Competencies Education and Credentials Teaching Experience or Relevant Work Experience Professional Development Professional Affiliations €¦and the other key areas needed to essay, land you that teacher or administrator job interview!

The sample cover letters for teachers and administrators that we have created show you just what is needed to get the reader to pick up and read your resume. In addition to ensuring the cover letter matches the resume, we have incorporated and highlighted all the key aspects an interviewer is looking for in a teacher candidate or administrator candidate: Education and resume, Credentials Teaching and bowdoin college, Administrative Experience Instructional and Educational Leadership Expertise Hard and Soft Skill Sets Greatest Strengths Passion, Enthusiasm, and Determination €¦all finished off with an invitation for the reader to contact the job applicant. Now you will see why we make the mail, guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Peruse through our list of sample higher education instructor and administrator documents below. Even if you are applying for the position of art teacher, look at the resume samples for elementary teacher, ESL teacher, preschool teacher, and educational consultant. 54th Regiment? If you find a sample academic resume, CV curriculum vitae or cover letter that just calls out to you, let us know!

Your teacher resume and cover letter are what will sell you as a potential academic job candidate in your absence. You need those two documents to get the resume envelope, reader to pick up the for an research, phone and call you for an interview. Make sure they make an mail, incredible first impression to sell your value! If you like, you can review educational leadership resume writing tips with sample accomplishments.. Studies Essay? Since our inception 16 years ago, A+ Resumes for mail envelope Teachers has helped thousands of academic professionals worldwide to secure education jobs and advance their careers quickly and with less stress. Let us help you open doors you never thought possible to secure the future you desire. Massachusetts Regiment Thesis? We can do it! We have helped educators worldwide €“ even in the toughest job market or with the biggest career obstacles. If you want to know more about Candace Alstad-Davies, please review my about resume me page.

From that page, you can review testimonials and frequently asked questions. Hemophilia? 101 A+ Classroom Management Tips will help you deal with everything from organizing your class to knowing how to answer interview questions. A real teacher#39;s little helper. You#39;re about to discover astonishing secrets you can use to cultivate maintain a well-managed disciplined classroom. no matter how unruly your students have been in the past! 50 Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom - Are you needing to implement more technology-based activities and methods but don#39;t know how to resume, go about it? Then this easy to understand comprehensive eBook will be a useful resource. Not only will you gain great, in depth tips and techniques, but this will also help you to become adept at using a multitude of college question, effective and envelope, cutting-edge modern teaching methods. Find out legal more.

A+ Resumes for resume envelope Teachers 2001 - 2017. Sign-up to receive free career tips and strategies.

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Dissertations, Electronic Dissertations, and Copyright. Please note that perhaps not all faculties offer all options. As a book with a publisher (the doctoral regulations require a certain number of copies published). As a journal article As a cumulative dissertation (submission of some peer-reviewed articles; the doctoral regulations of envelope, your faculty state whether a cumulative dissertation is solution possible and mail resume, whether it has to be published again as a complete work). Hemophilia? As printouts from a printing service (the doctoral regulations require a very high number of printed and bound deposit copies). As electronic dissertation:

Theses on resume the publication server can be found world-wide, are freely accessible, re-usable, and long-term preserved. Besides, you don’t need as many printed deposit copies. Legal Essay? To publish the dissertation electronically is possible at envelope all the faculties at the University of Regensburg (see the respective doctoral regulations). The doctoral regulations at the Faculties of Natural Sciences I-IV for example require the supervisor’s written consent to an electronic dissertation. Studies Essay? Please check also any copyright and licensing issues before publication to avoid any conflicts with third party rights: If you wish to additionally publish your thesis with a publisher, the latter must have agreed to an electronic publication by the University Library (see also question 11). It is not possible to change the documents after publication! 2) Are there any formal requirements for the thesis? It is important not to use spiral binding for your printed copies but adhesive binding. The copies must be printed on permanent wood-free and acid-free paper.

Apart from resume that there are no further formal requirements by the University Library for the printed deposit copies of outline expository, electronic dissertations. Information as to formal requirements by the faculties can be found on the faculties’ web pages, in the doctoral regulations, or at the examination offices. Mail Resume? In particular the design of the title page often is legal studies specified (e.g., with the resume envelope university’s logo or seal). Norman Essay? Medicine and economics for instance want deposit copies in mail resume DIN A5 format. Black-and-white printing is acceptable only if it does not influence readability and comprehensibility of the thesis (for instance, of norman cousins to die, figures or graphics), i.e., if the color has a purely aesthetic function. When submitting an resume envelope, electronic dissertation, the PDF version, on hemophilia grounds of envelope, citation, must be identical to the print version!

Printing out the PDF file guarantees that the formatting of printed and electronic version is legal studies identical. Only the CV required by mail some faculties (e.g., medicine) can be omitted for reasons of data protection. In this case, please replace the CV with blank pages so that the pagination of the PDF and 54th massachusetts thesis, the print version is identical to mail resume envelope the end. The files uploaded to the publication server must be free of password protection or encryption and must allow printing and studies essay, saving. For cumulative dissertations we recommend to include the mail accepted manuscript version of the articles, if not stated otherwise in the doctoral regulations. Bowdoin? Most publishers allow including an article in a dissertation, but not the publisher’s version. Resume? Please see questions 10 and question 11 regarding cumulative dissertations. 3) Which official forms do I have to submit? This depends on your faculty, see the doctoral regulations. Legal Studies? The forms are either available at the examination office, at the faculty administration, on the faculty website, or as an appendix of the doctoral regulations.

If you need to defer the publication of your thesis, you additionally have to submit a form of mail resume envelope, your faculty with the cousins the right essay request for postponement of publishing your thesis on the Internet. Resume? This is hemophilia only possible in resume justified cases, e.g. for pending patent procedures. For your electronic dissertation you also have to essay submit the signed form “Abgabe elektronischer Publikationen” ( submission of electronic publications ) along with your printed deposit copies and the other forms of your faculty at the thesis department in resume the central library (see last question for contact information). With this form, you grant the University Library the right to store your document electronically, to make it available in public data networks, and, if necessary, to convert it into other data formats. Outline Research? This right also applies to envelope the German National Library and, if required, to the special collection libraries.

Furthermore, you affirm that you have checked any copyright and licensing issues and that the essay elctronic publication does not conflict with any third party rights (i.e., if you want to mail envelope additionally publish your thesis with a publisher, the latter must have agreed to hemophilia the electronic publication by the University Library). Also, you declare that the envelope doctoral committee (Promotionsausschuss) has approved the publication of your thesis, and that the electronic version is essay identical in form and content to the approved original version. In the mail resume “Upload” stage of the workflow on the publication server, you can find different versions of the studies form “Abgabe elektronischer Publikationen” which vary in the rights of resume envelope, use you grant. We recommend to use the expository paper Creative Commons license CC BY or CC BY-ND. You can find detailed information on Creative Commons licenses on resume our legal information page. In exceptional cases (e.g. for cumulative dissertations), you should either choose publishing license for publications including print on demand (with this license you allow interested readers to 54th massachusetts regiment thesis buy a printed copy of your thesis which will be printed “on demand” for this reader by a library service), or publishing license for publications excluding print on demand. Please print out one of resume, these forms and hand it in at the thesis department in the central library. 4) How many printed and bound deposit copies do I have to hand in if I publish my dissertation electronically?

The library needs 5 (law just 3) printed and bound deposit copies. It depends on the doctoral regulations if you have to submit any further copies for essay, your faculty. The philosophical faculties and law need no further copies; business and resume, economic sciences, the natural sciences, and medicine need one copy for hemophilia, the faculty; Catholic theology needs 2 copies. 5) How do I deposit my thesis on mail resume the publication server? It takes about ten minutes to create a new document on the publication server.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions! It is rather self-explaining but here are some hints so that you can submit your work without problems: For the deposit on the publication server you should have prepared the outline for an paper PDF, at envelope least 3 keywords, the title in German and English and an abstract in German and English (with a maximum of 5000 characters). The translations don't have to legal be exactly the same as the German versions; for the translated abstract some sentences would be sufficient. The content descriptions are necessary so that the work can also be found with English search terms respectively that non-German-speaking scientists can also get an overview of the mail envelope work. Publication format for your electronic dissertation is PDF. For reasons of long-term availability, no protected documents are allowed, i.e., your file must not have any password protection or encryption, and it must allow printing and duplication. Besides it's important that deposit copies and PDF are identical (conten, page numbering etc.) The PDF file is essay uploaded to the review area on envelope the publication server which is not publicly accessible. After the entry is essay question reviewed by mail the library team, it is published, unless you have submitted an additional form of your faculty with the request for postponement. Essay? After publication changes are no longer possible!

To deposit your thesis on envelope the publication server, you have to studies essay “register” (only the first time) your computer center account, see the menu on mail resume envelope the left, and then “log in” with the account registered. For a guest account please ask Mr. Schmidt, phone 0941 943-3904, email Go to “Manage deposits” on bowdoin question the left-hand menu and click on mail resume the “New Item” button on hemophilia the top of the page. Choose “Thesis of the resume University of Regensburg” (not Thesis) as item type.

Always click on outline expository research paper “Next” for the next step. Fields with a red star are mandatory fields and must be filled in. Enter your first name and mail resume, family name as it is written in massachusetts regiment your dissertation. RZ user name and ORCID (a uniquely identification number for scientists) are not mandatory. The contact email address must still be valid for a longer period of time. Enter title, first name and family name of your first referee as stated in the dissertation. If you have been paid by a project or if your thesis is published in a series, please indicate this in mail envelope the corresponding fields. Studies Essay? Superscripts, subscripts, Greek letters, etc. can be copied into the title and mail resume envelope, abstract fields as Unicode characters (you can find some frequently used special characters for copy and paste on this help page). Legal Studies? When coming to the date, choose “Publication” as the resume envelope date type.

The thesis department of the library will enter the cousins the right essay exact date here when publishing your thesis; until then you can choose the resume “?”. 4. 54th Thesis? Institutional Affiliation, Subjects, Upload. After specifying one or several corresponding institutions and subjects, you get to the “Upload” stage where you can find different forms for envelope, publishing licenses. Essay? Choose one of them , sign it and mail resume envelope, hand it in at college the thesis department in the central library. Mail Envelope? We recommend choosing the CC BY license. Detailed information on CC licenses can be found on hemophilia essay our legal information page.

Now you can upload your electronic document to the publication server. Mail Resume Envelope? If there are difficulties (e. g. the upload doesn't work or is too slow), just give us a call. Into the fields below (you may need to click on “Show options”) please enter: “Format: PDF”; “Visible to: Anyone”; “License”: your chosen Creative Commons license or Publishing license for publications including/excluding print on outline for an research demand, respectively, if you don’t want to allow ohters to reuse your work; “Language”: the mail resume envelope language of your thesis. In the last stage, by clicking on “Deposit Item Now” you can transfer your record to the review area where librarians will check it before publishing. Depositing your thesis on the publication server is already possible before your thesis defense. The dissertation will not be published before you have passed your doctoral examination and outline for an expository research, you have submitted all the necessary forms and deposit copies (please submit forms and deposit copies to the library after your thesis defense only; a short notification is recommended ). 6) How can I log in to the publication server if I don’t have a University account any more? If you don’t have a University account any more, please ask Mr. Schmitt or Mrs.

Lang, phone 0941 943-3904, email, for a guest account. 7) I want to publish my dissertation at a later date. In justified cases (e.g. for pending patent procedures) you can postpone the publication of mail resume envelope, your thesis. For this you have to norman cousins to die essay sign the resume corresponding form of your faculty. Bowdoin Essay? On the publication server, please refer to the postponement in the “title” field by mail writing “Freigabe zum …” in front of the actual title.

Thus the librarians will immediately see that the document should not yet be published. You should upload the PDF file as explained in question 5, and hand in legal the deposit copies and the forms at the dissertation department at the central library (see last question for contact information). After the mail resume envelope librarians have reviewed the document, the outline expository paper faculty administration gets an acknowledgement of mail, receipt and will then issue the doctoral certificate. The printed copies won’t be passed on to the other departments and the electronic version won’t be published until the massachusetts regiment thesis release date. Please note: The thesis must be published within a certain period after the doctoral exam, depending on mail resume your doctoral regulations. Norman Cousins The Right To Die? Exceeding the deadline results in losing all rights acquired by mail envelope the doctoral candidate through the examination. In the Faculties of Natural Sciences I-IV, medicine, biology, law, and economics, postponement is possible for norman the right to die essay, one year at most, in Catholic theology it is two years at most, and in resume envelope the philosophical faculties three years at most. 8) Can I deposit my work on the publication server when it is norman cousins the right already published by a publisher?

The additional release in an institutional repository is also called “secondary publication”, “self-archiving” or “green road to open access” . The benefits thereof are an increased visibility, world-wide findability by search engines, easy and free access , and hence the works can be better used . In particular, the authors benefit from resume envelope higher citation rates . Through easy access to bowdoin college research results, the general public can achieve a higher level of knowledge and see what research is done with taxpayers’ money. Mail Resume Envelope? Scientists can reuse research data and build on the results . Thus, they can avoid duplicate research and for an expository research paper, science will become more efficient . Mail Envelope? Documents deposited in essay a repository (whether institutional or disciplinary) are long-term archived , i.e. they can still be read in decades and can be found and mail envelope, cited under the same DOI or URN even if the 54th regiment thesis scientist changes the institution. If you have published your article or book open access under a Creative-Commons-licence , you did not transfer the copyright to mail resume envelope the publisher or the journal. In this case you can continue to use your work as you like, so you can also deposit it in a problem involves a repository, e.g. on the Regensburg publication server. Releasing a work by a publisher usually means transferring the exclusive rights to mail resume envelope the publisher.

Whether a secondary publication is possible or not is massachusetts regiment typically specified in mail envelope the author’s agreement or on the publisher’s website (often under the outline expository headings “Authors’ Rights”, “Copyright Transfer Statement”, “Copyright Transfer Agreement”, “Consent to Publish”, “Copyright – Permissions”, “Manuscript Guidelines”, “Ethics”, “Guidelines”). The SHERPA/RoMEO list provides an mail envelope, overview about the rights journals grant their authors in their standard agreements. It classifies each journal into one of four categories: whether self-archiving of preprints and massachusetts regiment thesis, postprints (“green” RoMEO journals), only of preprints (“yellow” RoMEO journals), only mail resume envelope, of postprints (“blue” RoMEO journals), or no self-archiving is allowed. Some publishers (e.g., Springer, Wiley, Elsevier) offer the RightsLink service of the Copyright Clearance Center to essay get permission for a secondary publication. To do so, choose your article on resume the publisher’s website and click on the link “Request Permission” (or similar). For An Paper? You will be redirected to the “Copyright Clearance Center”. Resume Envelope? RightsLink der Frankfurter Buchmesse is legal essay also an mail resume envelope, online platform for the automated trade with reprint rights, representing e.g. Hanser, Thieme, Carlsen, and BasteiLubbe. If you transferred exclusive rights to the publisher just temporarily and bowdoin college essay question, this time limit has already expired, a secondary publication is resume envelope possible without consulting the publisher.

If you transferred non-exclusive rights in perpetuity to for an expository research paper the publisher, you can also additionally deposit your work in a repository. If the mail resume primary publication appeared in a periodical (neither in a monograph nor in an edited volume) under German copyright law, there is another exploitation right according to UrhG § 38 (1): If your work is published after 1 January 1995 and if there is no written contract or the publisher refers to the statutory rules, it can be made publically available after one year, since the exclusive rights then change into 54th massachusetts regiment thesis, non-exclusive rights. For research results financed with public funds which have been published in periodicals, the copyright law allows secondary publication after one year under certain conditions since 1 January 2014 (see UrhG § 38 Abs. 4). If you did not yet sign a publishing agreement for your primary publication, you should retain the mail right to publish a freely available electronic version. Some publishers might insist on an embargo period. If a secondary publication is not possible , you can also deposit the metadata without any full text on the publication server. Thus, your scientific work is visible and you can easily create a list of all your publications. Further information to German copyright law and a problem solution essay involves, secondary publication rights:

9) How to retain the resume rights for secondary publication when the thesis work is not yet pubished? The answer to this question is cited from Spielkamp, Matthias: Zweitveroffentlichungsrecht fur Wissenschaftler: Geltende Rechtslage und Handlungsempfehlungen. This work is published under a CC-BY-ND licence which does not allow translations, so it is available in German only. „Bei noch unveroffentlichten Werken wird es in der Regel so sein, dass der Verlag der Autorin einen Vertrag vorlegt. Dann ist zu prufen, welche Rechte die AutorIn an mail, den Verlag abtreten soll und welche Absicht die Autorin hat – ob sie z.B. A Problem Solution Essay Involves? das Werk direkt nach Veroffentlichung in der Verlagspublikation offentlich online zuganglich machen mochte, oder etwa erst nach einem Jahr. Dann muss die Autorin mit dem Verlag aushandeln, welche ausschlie?lichen Rechte fur welche Nutzungsarten und welche Dauer an resume, den Verlag gehen und welche bei der Autorin verbleiben sollen. Unter welchen Umstanden der Verlag sich auf eine derartige Verhandlung einlasst bzw. Norman The Right To Die? wie Erfolg versprechend diese Verhandlungen sein werden, hangt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab (Prominenz der Autorin, Aufwand zur Produktion des Buches, Verhandlungsgeschick der Autorin). Dazu kann daher keine generelle Aussage getroffen werden. Vielmehr geht es darum, die denkbaren Vorgehensweisen zu skizzieren, mit denen eine Autorin dem Verlag gegenuber treten kann. Mail Envelope? Sie kann zum einen Passagen aus der Textvorlage des Verlags streichen, die ihrer Absicht im Weg stehen, ihr Werk moglichst bald nach Verlagsveroffentlichung open access zu stellen. Zum anderen kann sie dem Vertrag einen Passus anhangen, der ihr dies ermoglicht, einen so genannten Vertragszusatz.

Die Plattform beschreibt den Vorgang so: Autorinnen und Autoren verandern Verlagsvertrage, die ihre Rechte auf eine Hinterlegung ihrer Publikationen auf einem Dokumentenserver einschranken, indem sie Ausdrucke wie exklusive Abgabe aller Rechte ebenso wie weitere einschrankende Formulierungen deutlich durchstreichen. Ein Begleitbrief sollte auf die Anderungen aufmerksam machen.* Hier ist jedoch zu beachten, dass Vertrage sich nicht nur von Verlag zu Verlag und Publikationsform zu Publikationsform unterscheiden, sondern mitunter auch von Autorin zu Autorin. Norman Essay? Kleinste Veranderungen konnen gro?e Wirkung haben – oder eben auch nicht haben. Mail? Das bedeutet nicht, dass Autorinnen davor zuruck scheuen sollten, selbst Anderungen vorzunehmen, doch es ist wunschenswert, dass – wenn moglich – auch eine im Urheberrecht versierte Juristin einen Blick auf die Veranderungen bzw. Outline For An Paper? das Ergebnis wirft. Mail Resume Envelope? Das kann die Hausjuristin der Universitat oder des Forschungszentrums sein (wenn vorhanden und verfugbar), aber auch eine externe Juristin, was jedoch ublicherweise mit Kosten verbunden ist. Eine Alternative kann ein so genannter Vertragszusatz sein.

Durch ihn werden, wenn er juristisch solide formuliert ist, Nachfragen bei Expertinnen uberflussig. 54th Massachusetts Thesis? Das reduziert Komplexitat und Kosten. beschreibt es wie folgt: Alternativ zu Streichungen fugen Autorinnen und Autoren dem Verlagsvertrag einen Zusatz bei, um sich so das einfache Nutzungsrecht fur die Onlinenutzung auf einem Non-Profit-Dokumentenserver vorzubehalten. Resume Envelope? Dieser Zusatz muss vom Verlag gegengezeichnet werden, um Rechtsgultigkeit zu erlangen.

Der bekannteste und wohl auch anerkannteste Vertragszusatz ist das SPARC Author’s Addendum. Hemophilia? Es wurde durch die Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) entwickelt, einem Zusammenschluss von Bibliotheken in den USA mit dem Ziel, die Entwicklung neuer Kommunikationsmodelle anzuregen, welche die Verbreitung von wissenschaftlicher Literatur steigern und den finanziellen Druck auf Bibliotheken reduzieren. Das Addendum besteht aus zwei Teilen: dem eigentlichen Vertragsanhang und einer Benutzungsanweisung. Mittels der Copyright Addendum Engine von Science Commons und SPARC konnen Autorinnen und Autoren je nach Wunsch ein Addendum in resume den Varianten Access-Reuse, Delayed Access und Immediate Access automatisch erstellen. Access-Reuse bedeutet, die Autorin/der Autor behalt ausreichende Rechte, um den Artikel neben der Veroffentlichung in einem Verlag unter eine nichtkommerzielle Creative-Commons- oder eine vergleichbare Lizenz zu stellen. Bei dem Delayed-Access-Modell kann die Autorin/der Autor die Autorenversion sofort online bereit stellen, die Verlagsversion jedoch erst nach Ablauf von sechs Monaten.

Immediate Access erlaubt dagegen, sofort bei Erscheinen sowohl die Verlagsversion als auch die Autorenversion online bereit zu stellen.* Neben dem SPARC Autor’s Addendum (SAA) nennt eigene Beispiele fur Vertragszusatze: Der Verlag stimmt zu, dass der Autor das nichtexklusive Recht behalt, eine digitale Kopie des Dokumentes vor/wahrend/nach der Publikation durch den Verlag zeitlich unbeschrankt auf einen offentlich zuganglichen akademischen Non-Profit-Server zu legen. Der Autor verpflichtet sich, das Originaldokument auf dem akademischen Non-Profit-Server zu zitieren. Fur eine Online-Veroffentlichung des Werkes wird dem Verlag ein einfaches Nutzungsrecht ohne Benutzungspflicht eingeraumt. Dem Autor steht es frei, das Werk mit dem Zeitpunkt des Erscheinens als Buchversion parallel kostenlos als PDF-Datei im Internet uber seine Homepage, einen institutionellen Server oder ein geeignetes fachliches Repositorium offentlich zuganglich zu machen.* Auch eine englische Version wird angeboten, fur den – sicher nicht seltenen – Fall, dass ein Vertrag mit einem nicht-deutschsprachigen Verlag getroffen werden soll:

I hereby declare that I do not wish to assign the essay exclusive copyright to (Name des Verlages) but reserve the right to publish the mail resume article in hemophilia full on an open access platform.* Wie bereits oben angesprochen, sollte eine solche Vereinbarung immer vom Verlag / Vertragspartner gegengezeichnet sein, da es sonst im Fall einer Auseinandersetzung strittig sein kann, ob der Vertragszusatz Geltung erlangt hat. Denn rechtlich gesehen muss der Zusatz wohl als ein (Gegen-)Angebot des Autors an den Verlag gesehen werden, das der Verlag erst wieder annehmen muss, damit sich die Autorin auf die Gultigkeit verlassen kann. Wahrscheinlich kommt die Annahme auch dadurch zustande, dass der Verlag den Text veroffentlicht, nachdem die Autorin ihm das SAA zugeschickt hat. Mail Resume Envelope? Dafur muss aber sehr klar aus dem Schreiben der Autorin an norman essay, den Verlag hervor gehen, dass das SAA Bestandteil des Vertrags werden soll. Das wird in der Regel dadurch erreicht, dass direkt bei der Unterschrift und zusatzlich durch ein Begleitschreiben darauf hingewiesen wird, dass das SAA Geltung erlangen soll. Wie Erfolg versprechend es ist, dass der Zusatz akzeptiert wird, beschreibt Mantz wie folgt: Das SAA ist ein vorformulierter Vertragsanhang, enthalt also Allgemeine Geschaftsbedingungen, die der Urheber dem Verlag stellt. Lasst sich der Verlag auf diese Abanderungen des Verlagsvertrags nicht ein, so bleibt dem Urheber nur, auf seine entsprechenden Forderungen zu verzichten oder vom Vertragsschluss ganz abzusehen.

Die Einbeziehung der SAA beruht also auch ma?geblich auf dem Verhandlungsgeschick des Urhebers. (Reto Mantz: Open Access-Lizenzen und Rechtsubertragung bei Open Access-Werken, in: Gerald Spindler (Hg.): Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen von Open Access-Publikationen, Gottinger Schriften zur Internetforschung, Band 2, Gottingen 2006, S. 98) Mantz weist jedoch ebenfalls darauf hin, dass es seiner Einschatzung nach ein schwer wiegendes Problem mit dem SAA selbst gibt. Aus Grunden, die hier nicht naher erlautert werden sollen, sieht Mantz einen Konflikt zwischen den Bestimmungen des deutschen Urheberrechts und den Freiheiten, die der Autorin durch das SAA zukommen sollen – namlich die Moglichkeit zu haben, das Werk auch online open access zuganglich zu machen: Wird das SPARC Author’s Addendum direkt oder in einer wortlichen Ubersetzung verwendet, so resultiert dies in einem Dissens, eine Einigung zwischen Verlag und Urheber kommt nicht zustande. Der Vertrag wird demzufolge nicht geschlossen. Resume Envelope? (a.a.O., S. 102) Um dem aus dem Weg zu gehen, sollten zwei Vorkehrungen getroffen werden. Essay Involves? Zum einen muss das SAA bei Verlagen, bei denen die Vertragssprache nicht Englisch ist, in mail der jeweils gangigen Sprache vorliegen.

Es empfiehlt sich demnach, das SAA vor Absendung so abzuandern, dass eine rechtlich wirksame Einschrankung der zu ubertragenden Nutzungsrechte erfolgen kann. Als dem Urheber zu erhaltende Nutzungsarten konnten die digitalen bzw. elektronischen Verbreitungsmethoden gewahlt werden. 54th? Das SAA sollte fur diesen Fall so abgeandert werden, dass die Rechte nicht fur „jedes Medium“, sondern fur die Verwendung auf „elektronischem Wege“ vorbehalten werden. Allerdings ist in diesem Fall der Einsatz der Creative-Commons-Lizenz nicht mehr moglich, da diese eine Beschrankung auf den elektronischen Vertrieb nicht vorsieht. Die Digital-Peer-Publishing-Lizenz wurde dieser Anforderung gerecht. (a.a.O., S. 101) Fur Vertrage mit deutschen Verlagen schlagt er daher folgende Formulierung vor: Der Urheber erteilt dem Verlag fur die elektronische Publikation nur ein einfaches Nutzungsrecht. Envelope? Er behalt sich vor, das Werk unter eine Open Access-Lizenz, z. Outline Expository Paper? B. die „Digital Peer Publishing License“ zu stellen, die die elektronische Verbreitung gestattet. (a.a.O., S. Mail Resume Envelope? 103)

Mit der Annahme des Vertrages inklusive dieser Klausel durch den Verlag ist ein Vertrag geschlossen, der dem Urheber die Verfugungsgewalt uber die elektronische Publikation erhalt. (a.a.O., S. 103)“ Spielkamp , Matthias: Zweitveroffentlichungsrecht fur Wissenschaftler: Geltende Rechtslage und Handlungsempfehlungen / Matthias Spielkamp. iRights.Lab Policy Paper Series Nr. 1. 10) Can I publish my (print or online) thesis again as a journal article? If your thesis is free of any third party rights (e.g., participating companies), you can submit your work as an a problem solution, article to a journal. Envelope? Publishers usually state that the do not accept articles already published elsewhere. However, most publishers except dissertations from essay question this rule. Some publishers do not accept online theses.

We have gathered some information on mail resume the acceptance of solution essay involves, dissertations as articles from a number of publishers: Information on secondary publication of dissertations as journal articles and on using journal articles as part of a (cumulative) dissertation. 11) Can I use an already published journal article as part of my (cumulative) thesis? Whether your a cumulative dissertation is possible at your faculty can be found in mail resume envelope the respective doctoral regulations. You should also check your author’s agreement whether your publisher allows an question, additional publication as a thesis. Sometimes, publishers differentiate between online and printed theses.

Many publishers allow reusing an article as a dissertation, but often there are constraints whether the submitted manuscript version, the accepted version (after including the reviewer’s comments), or the publisher’s version can be used. Information on mail resume envelope reusing your own publications can also be found on norman the right the publisher’s websites – usually under the headings “Authors’ Rights”, “Copyright Transfer Statement”, “Copyright Transfer Agreement”, “Consent to Publish”, “Copyright – Permissions”, “Manuscript Guidelines”, “Ethics”, “Guidelines”. In case you cannot find the resume information for your rights there, many publishers (e.g., Springer Wiley, Elesvier) offer an automated examination of your request by the RightsLink service of the college question Copyright Clearance Center. To do so, choose your article on resume the publisher’s website and click on the link “Request Permission” (or similar). 54th Regiment Thesis? You will be redirected to the “Copyright Clearance Center”. Then select “Reuse in a dissertation/thesis” and mail resume envelope, you will ususally get a free license to include the original article in your dissertation. RightsLink der Frankfurter Buchmesse is also an online platform for the automated trade with reprint rights, representing Hanser, Thieme, Carlsen, and BasteiLubbe. If you have published your article open access under a Creative-Commons-licence, you did not transfer the bowdoin college essay question copyright to mail resume the publisher and thus, you can continue to use your work as you like. 12) I’d like to use an 54th regiment thesis, illustration for my thesis from mail resume a journal article (or a book chapter) I have written.

Do I have to question ask for resume, permission? Yes, usually you do, since you transferred all rights to the publisher (exception: open access publication). However, many publishers allow reusing parts of your publication in your thesis. 54th Massachusetts Thesis? In case of a book you should check your individual author’s agreement, in case of journals there are standard agreements. Information on reusing your own publications can also be found on the publisher’s websites – usually under the headings “Authors’ Rights”, “Copyright Transfer Statement”, “Copyright Transfer Agreement”, “Consent to Publish”, “Copyright – Permissions”, “Manuscript Guidelines”, “Ethics”, “Guidelines”. In case you cannot find the information for envelope, your rights there, many publishers (e.g., Springer Wiley, Elesvier) offer an automated examination of your request by legal studies the RightsLink service of the Copyright Clearance Center. To do so, choose your article on the publisher’s website and click on the link “Request Permission” (or similar). You will be redirected to resume envelope the “Copyright Clearance Center”. Then select “Reuse in a dissertation/thesis” and you will ususally get a free license to include the original article in massachusetts your dissertation. RightsLink der Frankfurter Buchmesse is also an online platform for mail envelope, the automated trade with reprint rights, representing Hanser, Thieme, Carlsen, and BasteiLubbe.

However, if the illustrations are mere representation of data without any design/editing, you do not need to ask for hemophilia essay, permission, since pure data are not protected by copyright. 13) How can I publish research data to my dissertation? In the sense of mail resume, Open Access we recommend to outline research paper make also research data (e. g. measurement and survey data, laboratory values, audio-visual information, texts, software or simulations) accessible by mail resume envelope the publication server if you have the essay rights therefor. Thus, the data are re-usable and can be cited with an URN or a DOI. The University Library Regensburg archives the data on a long term basis. Research data as supplement to mail your dissertation. If you collected underlying research data to the dissertation and added them as CD-supplement to your printed copies, please upload these data together with your dissertation's PDF to studies the publication server.

The research data will then be stored on envelope a long term basis, made visible and legal, transferred to the German National Library together with your PDF and the appropiate meta data. Therefor create an item with the type Thesis of the University of Regensburg according to question 5. Resume Envelope? When you get to the “Upload” stage, first choose your dissertation's PDF to upload it. Then click on Durchsuchen for 54th massachusetts regiment thesis, a second time and choose the file with your research data. If you have many files, it is recommended to combine them into resume, one or several ZIP archives. Hemophilia Essay? For every uploaded file you can choose additional options, e.g., choose “Data” as content of the file and “ZIP Archive” or “Other” as the format if not detected automatically. Resume Envelope? Especially if you have several files, you should enter a short description for for an research, each file, e.g., “Graphics”, “Measurements”, or the resume envelope like.

Also, you can assign a license to each file that allows re-use of your data – for research data, we recommend the regiment Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) which allows others to mail re-use your data when citing you properly. If you wish to publish research data which was created during the research process and which is not supplement of your printed copies, please create a new item on the publication server. College Essay? The document type usually should be “dataset”. Mail? In the next step, fill in your author name, contact email address, date, keywords, and outline for an expository, projects if applicable, as in the item for the dissertation. An example for a title could be Data to the dissertation “Title of the dissertation” . As a summary you may give a description of the data.

Enter the item ID of the item of your dissertation in the field “Superordinate Entry” (you can find the item ID as part of the item’s URL: eprintid= 12345 or, if the mail resume envelope item has been published already, 12345 ). If your dissertation has not yet been published, you could ask for simultaneous publication of dissertation and data in the field “Comments and outline for an expository paper, Suggestions (to a member of the library)”. More information on publishing research data on the publication server is available on the page Research Data. Mail Resume? If you have any questions or problems with publishing your data, please contact Cornelia Lang, phone: 0941 943-3904, e-mail: Information on CC licenses can be found on our legal information page. More FAQ to the publication server can be found on our help pages. 16) Whom can I ask if I have further questions regarding electronic dissertations, and where can I hand in my deposit copies and forms? Gregor Schmidt or Cornelia Lang. phone 0941 943-3904. Room 525 (take one of the doors on essay the left side at the information center) When publishing your dissertation electronically, please deposit it on the publication server at first (see instructions at question 5) and then submit the mail envelope deposit copies together with the faculty's forms and the library's form (see question 3) after the doctoral examination in our thesis department in the central library. Please give us a short call when you want to come so that we are surely at the office!

Submission is usually possible Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. (a short notification is recommended) or on appointment. Of course you can also send the deposit copies with the faculty's forms and the library's form by norman cousins to die mail to. Hochschulschriftenstelle - Herr Schmidt. Submission at the faculty: Candidates of economics submit their copies always to the faculty. Some other faculties also want their candidates to mail resume contact them before submission.

When publishing your dissertation with a publisher, as a cumulative dissertation, or as a printouts from a printing service, please submit it also to hemophilia your faculty.

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essay on absinthe jewels and shit: poems by rimbaud. an ironic mystic. BETWEEN POETRY AND PROSE. suicide of an alien. londons of the mail envelope mind a holy dog and a problem solution essay involves, a. womb of half-fogged mirrors. the dog from sinope. fools for nothingness: What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset ? asked Oscar Wilde.

Doctors kill more people than 'terrorists' do. a hundred times. more people than. So what's the problem. are those who ask you. only when they really. W hen I first drank pastis , the very smell made me nauseous.

Pastis was created in the twentieth century; the term (an Occitanian word meaning #145;mixture', related to the 'pistou' or pesto of Provence, and also used to describe the original plum-pudding from Guyenne) first appeared, with reference to the drink, in envelope, 1932. It was a substitute for its much-demonised nineteenth-century progenitor: Absinthe. This was a strong, unsweetened spirit of Alpine origin based on the Wormwood family (mainly Artemisia absinthum ), especially the original eighteenth-century recipe of Dr Pierre Ordinaire, later popularised with huge commercial success by legal essay, Henri-Louis Pernod. Envelope! Wormwood is a bitter, 'cleansing' herb, and thus is very good for the stomach and gut. As its name implies, it could shock a tapeworm into letting go. If you feel queasy or liverish, or have drunk too much, to chew a leaf or two of absinthe can work wonders. It was thus a staple plant in mediæval and monastic gardens.

But by legal studies essay, the 19th century, sweetness especially in the form of sugar had polluted and, along with a psychopathic obsession with meat-eating, seriously damaged western diet. Sugar's accompanying ills included diverticulitis and resume, rampant dental caries so serious that the extremely poor, who lived on dark breads and essay question, rough vegetables, could survive for mail resume envelope, a while by selling their teeth to the rich. The absinthe leaf, together with other bitter herbs, was considered inedible, and was no longer used, except by travelling healers, who were victims of police oppression in essay, France, because, like all itinerants, they were thought to transmit sedition against the corrupt rule of Napoleon III. But the tradition of its beneficent properties lingered, and it was added to mail envelope alcohol partly in order to counteract some of alcohol's more deleterious side-effects. It was 'all the outline for an research paper rage' in the 1880s and 1890s, and the French equivalent of the demure British Afternoon Tea was l'Heure d'Absinthe, around 5 pm. Because of mail resume, its potency (real or imagined) consumption was limited to one glass, sipped genteelly. Massachusetts Thesis! But naturally, the temptation to mail 'pub-crawl' was too great for those with miserable lives and outline research paper, little self-control or amour-propre . In the more proletarian establishments, from Le Rat Mort in the Place Pigalle to Le Caveau des Innocents close to Les Halles, poor-quality (probably toxic) absinthe could be drunk unmonitored, as was the less expensive rot-gut colonial red wine from Algeria.

The most noticeable quality of resume, absinthe, like that of norman cousins the right to die essay, its wan successor, pastis, is the cloudiness that occurs dramatically when water is added. Already-sweetened, hence syrupy, alcohols (like crème-de-menthe) appeal only to the most infantile or degraded palates, so the very bitter absinthe was mixed with sugar and water after it left the bottle. Most absinthe recipes included Florence fennel and green aniseed as well as other plant extracts (such as hyssop) to add colour and mail, depth to the taste. The final sweetening was provided by the drinker, who dripped iced water through a sugar cube placed on an absinthe spoon into the green liquor below. Absinthe spoons can still be found in antique shops in massachusetts, France, and sugar cubes remain popular. Absinthe is important in the history of modern art, because the first painting by Édouard Manet to be submitted to the Paris Salon was entitled The Absinthe-Drinker , a painting (possibly a self-portrait) which owes much to Courbet. Presumably the subject (a cloaked rag-picker lurking in the night) shocked people used to paintings of mail envelope, more refined individuals, because it was rejected.

Manet then organised the famous Salon des Indépendants , where the Impressionists and post-Impressionists would exhibit their exciting canvases. Degas' famous painting is hardly more cheerful. The most famous absinthe-drinker is, perhaps Paul Verlaine, who was celebrated for his poetry despite his lack of essay, hygiene, his violent affair with Rimbaud, and mail envelope, his addiction to absinthe. His fellow-drinkers also included the legal studies even less hygienic Bibi-la-Purée and the celebrated symbolist poet Mallarmé. When he despicably (and under the influence of his much-disappointed wife) turned to religion at the end of resume envelope, his life, he blamed his misdeeds and solution involves, his somewhat sordid homosexual adventures on resume, the wicked influence of the Green Fairy , as the 'spirit' of absinthe was dubbed. For An! By this time, absinthe was out of fashion and shortly to resume be banned. One of thesis, his contemporary Oscar Wilde's many fatuous witticisms was : What difference is envelope, there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset ? The highest-quality absinthes were not wormwood-extract plus industrially-produced alcohol, but grape alcohol, or a basic marc to which were added actual distillates of the two kinds of wormwood, with hyssop, fennel etc. To this high-alcohol liquor a maceration of more native European plants (such as Veronica officinalis ) in bowdoin, grape spirits was added, in order to hold its natural green colour.

Such a high-quality product was complex and intense, and mail resume, louched beautifully i.e. turned a lovely shade of pale green when water was added. Van Gogh of course never drank the good stuff, but a cheap and probably nasty product which turned out more yellow (like pastis) than green. Still life with Absinthe, by van Gogh. where the brothers van Gogh are buried. The late nineteenth-century was a time of far greater alcoholic excess in Europe than now; after the phylloxera epidemic, cheap absinthe became more widely consumed than wine in France. Hemophilia! (Whereas in beery Britain, laudanum remained the drug of choice.) As a result, absinthe became the target of 'temperance' movements (aided an abetted by the wine-lobby), who claimed that the thujone contained in wormwood provoked hallucinations and insanity. It can indeed provoke hallucinations - in quantity, and smoked - and hence absinthe leaves can be combined with cannabis buds or leaves in a pipe.

But, since absinthe-drinkers were often syphilitic (as well as tubercular) the symptoms of tertiary syphilis were ascribed to la Fée Verte. Here, the mail resume Green Fairy sits on the table of a Paris brasserie, haunting or encouraging the drinker. It was painted by a true and essay, handsome bohemian from Bohemia, Viktor Oliva (below), and still hangs in a Prague café-bar. Famous crimes, such as the crime Lanfray - the murder by a French agricultural labourer (living in Switzerland) of his wife and children in August 1905 - were attributed to the almost mystical, maddening powers of absinthe - even though the mail resume murderer drank up to four litres of wine a day which he merely garnished with the occasional absinthe. France eventually followed Belgium and a problem solution involves, Switzerland in resume, banning the drink, in 1915 - in the middle of the first World War, probably because it was considered to studies essay sap the energy of soldiers and workers alike.

The End of the Green Fairy - with President Poincaré trampling her body as if she were Marianne, symbol of the Republic. French manufacturers then turned to Pastis, though it only became legal to mail resume envelope produce thujone-free, aniseed-flavoured drinks of 40% alcohol by volume after 1921 - the same year that absinthe was banned in Germany. Recently, however, German researchers working with US and British colleagues to test the norman cousins to die essay level of mail resume, thujone in 100-year-old bottles of absinthe found that it contained relatively low levels of thujone and that the psychoactive effects were very questionable. The scientists said in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that the thujone level in 13 of the century-old bottles they opened averaged 25.4 milligrams per essay involves litre: well below the level of 35 mg of thujone per litre allowed under European Union regulations. The European ban was lifted in 1998, and absinthe is now popular again - in mail, cocktail bars. A Problem Solution Essay Involves! It is unlikely to mail resume dent the popularity of essay, semi-sweet pastis, which remains by some margin the most widely consumed spirit in France - where it outsells whisky, gin and vodka combined. This product played on a coincidence (?) of name. Absinthe was never banned in Spain.

Pernod Fils (who, before the ban, made the best and most well known of absinthes) moved their factory to Tarragona, where they continued producing until the early 1960s. Other versions of it continue to resume be on sale, especially close to college the French border. Some were nothing other than swindles, but others, like the one illustrated below, were 50% by volume (87.5 proof). Resume Envelope! The labels imitated the original Pernod labels. This bottle suggests that it comes from 54th massachusetts regiment, Perpignan, but very small print at the bottom of the label admits that it is a Spanish product. Two ingredients characterise pastis, and both are massively evident in France's biggest-selling brand, Ricard: aniseed and liquorice. There are other flavourings in Ricard, but it's hard to discern them. The aniseed flavour comes from star anise and fennel rather than the more expensive aniseed itself.

Anethole is the key compound surrendered by all three. In addition to mail its intrinsic flavour, anethole is perceived by hemophilia essay, humans as thirteen times sweeter than sugar. One of the mail appeals of the drink is that it appears to be sweeter than it actually is norman essay, - and hence doesn't cloy. By this strict, two-ingredient definition, Pernod isn't a pastis at all but a boisson anisée , since it contains no liquorice; instead, its aniseed flavour is complemented by plants such as mint, coriander, angelica, tarragon (a relative of wormwood) and chamomile, and it is more highly sweetened than Ricard. Pastis 51 was originally a Pernod variant which did contain liquorice in mail resume envelope, contrast to the original, which bore the number 45. Outline For An Expository Paper! Other smaller brands include Sol-Anis, Casanis and Duval (both the mail latter produced in the same factory in Marseille) and the colourless Berger Blanc (now owned by the Franco-Polish group Belvédère).

There are also 'artisanal' alternatives such as Eyguebelle, Jean Boyer and Henri Bardouin . The last of these is the most widely distributed of the three, and claims #145;grand cru ' status - though the notion of the cru or #145;growth' is hard to sustain for a spirit whose main single ingredient is alcohol now derived from sugar-beet. The difference between Bardouin and solution essay involves, its supermarket alternatives is in mail, the complex recipe, containing (according to the company) some 65 different varieties of herbs and spice!. As a result, its taste somehow manages to essay be both complex and bland, and cloys the mail palate. In the south of France, Pernod is regarded as unforgiveably foreign and Parisian; Marseille, Provence and norman cousins to die essay, Languedoc (expecially Perpignan) are the 'home' of pastis. But to mail resume make your own, modern (lower-alcohol) Absinthe Surrogate is cousins the right to die essay, very easy. Mail Envelope! Simply buy a bottle of hemophilia, Casanis, Lidanis (from Lidl) or Duval (which cost little more than 12 euros a litre) and stuff a good sprig or four of resume envelope, Artemisia absinthum leaves or flowers into it, and research paper, leave for a week or so before you start drinking the wonderfully bitter ratafia which will result, and which you can strain and then mix like pastis with ice and water up to 5 times its volume - or just twice its volume if you like the taste of wormwood, as I do.

Or drink it sec (neat) as a digestif. Some sprigs of hyssop will add more character. It will not be noticeably green. Resume! I leave it to your imagination and ingenuity to find an herbal ingredient which will make a pleasing pale green colour. It is college essay question, worth noting that other, more common, plants contain thujone, notably Tansy ( Tanacetum vulgare ) and Feverfew. These can be added to the mix, though the taste of envelope, feverfew is not as clean as that of absinthe.

Common sage also contains some thujone. European Union harmonised laws now ban not absinthe but any drink that contains more than ten parts of thujone per studies million of liquid. This is a tiny amount - a fraction of what absinthe contained in its sordidly-glorious heyday. On no account buy the expensive confections now sold in fancy bottles with devil-strewn labels (some of them made in the real Bohemia) as 'real' absinthe. At best, these are complex flavourings - excellent for ice cream.

At worst, they are sickly parodies, crude and cloying to the palate. The best are 70% alcohol and resume envelope, supplied with droppers - and excellent for question, macerating cannabis-buds (for several months) to produce a drink interesting mainly for those who like to play with herbs and concoctions. A high-class brand called L'Extrême d'Absente (made at Forcalquier in mail envelope, Provence) declares on its label that it contains 'up to' 35 milligrams of bowdoin college essay question, thujone per litre. The very first painting of absinthe may well be Daumier's Smokers - though only one of the two men sitting at a table is actually smoking, The other one has a glass and mail resume, a carafe in 54th massachusetts thesis, front of him, and seems to be somewhat remote from resume envelope, his surroundiungs. He well captures the 'out of it' expression which we nowadays might associate with cannabis or a pharmaceutical drug such as Ecstasy.

As I sip my ratafia de pastis aux feuilles d'absinthe , I will close this page with what I think is by far the most painterly and poetic treatment of a problem solution essay involves, alcoholism via The Green Enchantress: perhaps the mail envelope only great work by 54th massachusetts, Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931), a pastel entitled La lettre et l#146;absinthe , dating from around 1885. It contrasts sharply with the painting by Béraud, at the top of this page, entitled simply La Lettre .